Sleek (1) vs JT II (5)


The logo I designed is flawed, but it was my inspiration moving forwards. I thought it would be nice to bring back the old Raptors text (for nostalgic purposes more than anything, and to commemorate our 20th year). I have also submitted a more subtle, minimalist design that I think fits in nicely with what the rest of the league are doing.


Vote: Sleek vs JT II

Fierce (2) vs Boost (6)


Canada’s NBA team requires a more fierce and professional identity to ignite a fan-base with renewed optimism for the future.


Raptors is an already well-established brand. It just needs small modifications in the logo and image to give it a boost/upgrade that it needs to make it a winner’s team! So, my focus was to make it SERIOUS and FEARSOME-POWERFUL. Take the Raptor’s funny looking body away, make the pupil disappear, sharper and much more dazzling font used, highlights and shadows to make a serious remark. View the full suite of logos here (PDF).


Vote: Fierce vs Boost

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  • mike, prague

    Sadly, I can’t vote for JTII just because of its alternate 2 jersey

    • Steve

      I’m the opposite. In my opinion, all the other designs in this contest borrow heavily (very heavily) from previous and current Raptors/Huskies designs, logos, and colour schemes. That blue city jersey may echo Golden State’s city jersey a bit, but it sure stands out here.

      It also connects the team to the city they actually play in. The Raptor is still a pretty random mascot for a Toronto sports team.

      • mike, prague

        Either I didn’t understand you or you didn’t understand me. I love the blue jersey and say that it is top three in the contest. All, is a strong word you used there. The none alternate jersey copy current jerseys heavily (not saying that that’s a bad thing…)

        • SR

          I misunderstood you, then.

          “All” isn’t too heavy at all (I actually thought twice about using it). I’m pretty sure every other jersey in this contest does borrow heavily from existing past/current Raptors/Huskies unis and logos. Most of them add small tweaks – changing the look of the Raptor’s head, moving a stripe, adding a claw mark slash, etc. That blue city jersey is, in my opinion, the most original look on here.

          I’m not saying that’s even good or bad – it depends on what you’re going for with the “re-brand.” Most designs are not going for a complete departure, more of a re-imagining of existing designs and logos.

          • mike, prague

            We share the same opinion.
            Still think that “all” is still too strong of a word though.
            Looking at all the submissions that made the playoffs, you’re actually almost right though. All the Raptor logo are a carbon copy of what was already with some make-up (except maybe fierce and operation skeleton), out of the Husky ones at least 50% were unique and totally independent from any previous husky brand.

    • Tom

      I consider JTII alternate 2 to be the best design in the whole competition. It should be primary. Alternates should use the same elements, but blow them up a bit.

    • K.J.P

      A little too American for me. But I like the rest so I voted.

  • Kombat99

    The more I see, the more I realize we can’t quit on the Raptors name. ‘Feelin FIERCE. Very fresh, and the cut of the jerseys make the torso look more sculpted.

  • SR

    I can’t vote for Sleek – too much of this in that logo:

    Favourite concepts here are the blue alternate jersey and the embossed original Raptor on the back of JTII. You could transfer that to any number of uniforms.

  • Wiley

    Sleek needs a home jersey

  • arsenalist

    I love the home jersey in Fierce. Not sure about the claw scratches in the alternate.

    • Mack North

      I disagree. I love that element… Really feeling the centre court logo as well as the claw scratched T logo.

  • Sprechen

    Sometimes I wish there was a neither vote option, as in the first choice here. I think Boost got a poor draw but is better than Sleek or JTII and more deserving of making the next round.

  • drg

    Sleek has more potential with a brand and a logo. Sleek needs to add a home jersey, change the alternate and fix the logo a little. Alot of flaws but the away jersey is awesome. JTII is mostly just a jersey concept imo, without much brand or logo. The alternate jersey is pretty good though.

  • Ion66

    Agreed, “Boost” got a bad draw in this one. On a side note, the JT2 alternate 2 jersey doesn’t have nearly enough condos in it. My personal 2 choices for a name re-brand wold be the Toronto Wiggins, or the Toronto Condos. Toronto Cranes (With a building cane logo) would also be awesome, but the building boom might not last, much like the relevance of “Raptors”, 20 years after Jurassic Park.

    • mike, prague

      Condo’s? really? … I’m 100% people would start making fun of the name by adding and m to the end of it …

      • Ion66

        Say it with me……..Saaaaaaaaarchasm……….Sar…caz……mmmmmmm. I thought “Toronto Wiggins” was a dead giveaway there. 🙂

        • SR

          You forgot to

        • mike, prague

          Saaaaaaarchaaaasm … ok think I got it thanks.

          Lol I’m such a dope head 😀

  • WhiteVegas

    JTII should redo his designs to all match the awesome Alternate 2 jersey and I think it would win the contest. As is, I don’t really care for the other 3 jerseys in the design. Gonna hurt it in round 3 if it makes it there.

    • Kombat99

      While interesting, red, white, and blue screams Montreal Canadiens and USA to me.

      • WhiteVegas

        I don’t like it for the color scheme, but the awesome design with the Toronto Skyline (which reminds me of the sweet Nuggets jerseys with the rockies on them). No idea why he didn’t use that design on the other 3 jerseys. Without it, they are pretty bland and not very different from the current jerseys.

  • Andre Julian Ward

    Sleek is just beautiful .

  • Shadow Of Christ

    This Huskies fever has to stop… PLEASE!

  • Shadow Of Christ

    I think Fierce and JT II are the 2 best designs for a refresh… I hope if one of them win, that RR sends it to MLSE for consideration

    • Nilanka15

      Win or lose, I think RR could send 4-5 designs to MLSE for serious consideration.