JT II Wins Raptors Rebrand Contest; A Word From RR

A fun couple of weeks have concluded with JT II defeating Clean Cut Huskies 55-45 to win the RR Raptors Rebrand.

A fun couple of weeks have concluded with JT II defeating Clean Cut Huskies 55-45 to win the RR Raptors Rebrand. You can view the high-res JT II design here.  Congratulations to Joey T. He wins a DeMar DeRozan jersey courtesy of Brian Gerstein, and on behalf of RR he gets two tickets to a Raptors game this season.

What I’ve learned from this contest is that there is absolutely no need to change the name of the team. First, many of us have a deep emotional connection with the Raptors and want to see the Raptors succeed after years of paying the dues of being a supporter. Second, a switch to Huskies ignores our recent past, and however painful that is, it must be nursed and remembered rather than forcefully forgotten. The Huskies were here before our time and they need to stay out of view because Toronto basketball is synonymous with the Raptors, not something that existed more than half a century ago. Third, designs like JT II, Fierce, and many others prove that the branding, uniforms, court design, and just about anything else can look great under the Raptors banner provided there’s creativity applied.

When we started this contest we thought we’d get maybe 5 or 6 submissions, but ended up getting many, many more, of which we selected 41. Every entrant displayed a form of creativity which we highly appreciate. Fan favourites like Paw Ball suffered due to being a lower seed in the playoff round, and concepts like Red Huskies, Nanooks, Mounties and others provided food for thought. We really would like to have given every entry some sort of prize but alas, we’re kind of poor so the best we can say is a big THANK YOU!

We’ll definitely reach out to MLSE in whatever way we can and bring their attention to this, but I’m 100% sure they’ve already seen this and have taken something out of it.

You can view all 41 entries, and the 16 that made the playoffs.

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