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7 Responses to “Drake finally a Raptor”

  1. DryDry

    Is this a joke?

    What skills does he bring to the table?

    As stupid as Alicia Keys and Blackberry.

    • GoingBig

      Skillz include being famous, being part of the urban music scene, and being famous and loving the Raps.

      • crab dribble

        drake is the biggest raptors supporter with respect to contemporary “famous/pop culture” celebs/artists since the days with sam l jackson supporting oak man, vc, tmac, boogie williams, and antonio “don’t teach my kids the metric system” davis.

  2. Kujo2020

    This is a cruel joke. I couldn’t believe it when I heard about this yesterday. One of the most hated rappers is now the the global ambassador of the raptors? Really?

    • beaverboi

      Its just like the original Raptors name – try to capitalize on the thing of the moment. I think he’s kind of like Fez or the black doctor from Scrubs – you see them at every major sporting event on the sidelines joking with all the athletes. Who knows, though. Maybe Kevin Durant grew up idolizing VC and Jimmy from Degrassi?? I think Snow would have been a better choice. C’mon, Informer as the intro song SICK!!!


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