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  • Slap Dog Hoops

    When I saw it, I was so PISSED because it was obvious that they did not know what they were talking about. What’s worse is that Bill’s favorite, the Boston Celtics, who are expected to be among the worst in the league have not even been mentioned yet in their little countdown–thus showing OBVIOUS bias on his part. Why would they think that Masai would trade Rudy Gay? That season has not even started and Rudy is the Raptors most talented player who helped the Raptors to a 18-17 record after starting 16-31. I seriously hope the raps live up to my expectations of winning 45-47 games just to shut them up.

    • blackjitsu

      The Celtics were mentioned already, and Jalen made fun of the fact that they were not 30th.Bill then pointed out he was a homer. Also, this is Bill’s list Jalen had very little to do with it, he’s just there for comic relief.

    • Dr.Scooby

      …but the Raps have to trade Rudy. Talented or not dude is paid like a franchise player only he plays at sub-all-star level.
      Do you really really really want the Raps to pay Rudy Gay $19 000 000 next season!? C’mon now!

      • Meka Ib

        i say we should wait and see how rudy performs before we make a full out claim that hes not worth at least 15-17 mil

  • joshmantis

    Did you guys here the part (in the first couple of minutes) where Jalen was saying that DeRozen was going to have a breakout year because: “He can shoot the three and has a good handle?” Really makes me question just how “knowledgeable” these guys are. And man, does Bill really hate Toronto, or what?

    • Raptorsss

      As far as American broadcasters go he seems quite sympathetic to Toronto. He says it’s a hockey town (he’s right), that the city doesn’t care about basketball outside of the 20k diehards (couldn’t be more wrong). Didn’t know about the T. nickname, which is fine. Guesses that Casey will be the first to get fired, loves Masai and his low ranking for Toronto is because he expects/hopes that Gay is traded in the season. What really is there to be offended by? He’s much better than the jokers from First Take, TNT, NBATV, pretty much all visiting american broadcasters. He was fine and funny…

      • SR

        Simmons is quite familiar with Toronto because of his Boston (and hockey) background. He respects Raptors fans well enough. He’s looking to be entertaining in this segment and to get a bit of a reaction out of the Raptors die-hards, who he knows are vengeful online.

        The point of all things Simmons is fan perspective commentary, not cold analysis (go to Zach Lowe for that). That he brings his personal sports fan bias to the table is a big part of what he does and it’s quite intentional.

        Jalen was talking spontaneously and clearly didn’t prep for these segments. He brings the player experience/history angle. I was a bit surprised that he thought DeMar could shoot the 3, though. Simmons was shuffling through his papers after that, but I’ll bet he wasn’t about to call that one out in front of the camera. He just kept his mouth shut.

        They were both pretty positive on the state of the franchise and on the city, actually. Especially if you watch the previous videos in comparison.

  • DDayLewis

    Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose are good for commentary, not analysis.

  • The reaction to this reminds me of when ESPN predicted the Raptors would win 33 games last year. Raptor fans were outraged, then they won 34 games.

    I can’t say I disagree with much they said. I do love Bill’s prediction that Gay would go to the Bucks, as that’s almost exactly the trade I proposed after Caron Butler went there.

    And Rudy Gay’s shot chart was AWFUL.

    • Raptorsss

      Yeah, but Toronto thought that Bargs wouldn’t have his worst season in the league last year…but this was a fair analysis.

      • Toronto fans ALWAYS think every player on the roster is going to have a career year. How many fans DON’T think Gay, DeRozan, Lowry and Valanciunas will have career years this season?

        • Louvens Remy

          They’re all gonna have career years and then we’re gonna win the cup!

    • smh

      Also telling how he mentions that VC was NOT treated like a franchise player (by then GM/management)

  • RC

    I think the ranking is based on the fact that Simmons predicted that MU is going to trade Rudy Gay by Jan 15th and that MU’s primary goal this season is to finish in the bottom five. For what it’s worth, he referred to MU as a top 5 GM and called him the first Raptor GM that knew what he was doing. For what it’s worth.

  • André Börg

    I find Jalen Rose hard to listen to. He doesn’t do any research, and thinks he will somehow get by on his personal charisma. But he is not likable.

  • De Mar

    Trady Rudy? ARE YOU ON CRACK?! Keep this guy and build around him and JV, Rudy is our Kevin Durant. Just watch this year he’s going to be top 3 SF in the east.