Grantland’s, The Triangle, have named former Raptor, Andrea Bargnani, a Triangle All Star. Not sure what that means? Read this…

He’s actually in the same article as Kenneth Faried, who is basically the anti-Bargnani.

My favourite quote:

“Why Some People Don’t Love Him: Well, “people don’t love him” because nobody has any passionate feelings about him one way or the other.”

Wait, what???????

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12 Responses to “Bargnani a Triangle All Star”

  1. Bigfaceless

    Part of me loves how hard some of the Knicks media is acting like there’s a chance Bargs will be anything but a total disaster.

    You’d think after the better part of a decade of this dude’s frustrating play and lack of effort everyone would be willing to give up on this dude.

    I am looking forward to all the I-told-you-so’s I’ll be able to drop on my knick loving friends when this guy, and this whole mismatched offense, falls on its face.

  2. RaptorsFan

    I really hope Bargs plays up to his potential and makes people shut up.

    That being said, how can you say Bargs would suck in the triangle? He never played in the triangle.

  3. Roarque

    Andrea truly does have talent and a natural gift for the game. I hope he finds a coach and a system of play that brings out the tiger in him that we in Toronto only saw fleeting glimpses of over the years. I for one think it’s all about motivation.

  4. Blackjitsu

    I just sent them a scathing (not really, more humorous) email asking them to apologize to Kenneth Faried…That whole Bargnani part is a reach.

  5. Sewerfly

    Check out the look on Bargnani’s face in that picture, I think he is in disbelief.

    • WhiteVegas

      Because we apparently all still care. This blurb mas more comments than the Julyan Stone dunk fail, Terrence Ross Photoshop, and Raptors-Celtics highlights combined. We all want to make sure Bargs still sucks so we can breathe a sigh or relief. Having him play well, and for our nemeisis the Knicks no less, would be a major blow to the psyche of the fan base.

  6. habsfan

    Read that article if you want a good laugh with your morning coffee. It make me spit out my cereal in laughter.


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