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Recap of Raptors v. Knicks (Return of the Bargs)



The best time to write about the NBA is in-between lecture slides about microeconomics. Here are my dilapidated thoughts from last night’s preseason match between the New York Knicks and the Toronto Raptors.

Tyler Hansbrough: Not so tough, it turns out


Proof after the jump.

Go download the Hardwood Paroxysm season preview



200-plus pages of snarky, funny and insightful NBA preview gold. At least, I assume, as last year’s was awesome. It just came out at midnight so obviously I’m not through it yet. There are sections for each team, league-wide pieces and some really cool art, too. Hardwood Paroxysm has a lot of really great writers   …Continue Reading

Morning Coffee: October 21st Edition


Austin Daye's diet paying dividends

Hansbrough for 6th man of the year; maybe his toughness is special? … Casey is whipping the boys back into a defensive mindset … Seems like all Daye needed was a new diet

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