13 Responses to “Tyler Hansbrough: Not so tough, it turns out”

  1. DryDry

    I am hating liking Hansbsororougough.
    It’s really f’ing me up because I used to despise him.

    • 26pasteur

      you will become accustomed to TYLER eventually if you are a true RAPTORS fan. he’s a great kid that’s beloved by his fans and has done many positive and selfless things in indy; last year, he was a finalist in support of the community there. yet, if it causes severe symtoms, don’t like him. he’s got enough of us fans to compensate for the inevitable haters. btw, GO RAPTORS!

  2. hotshot

    Tyler gets a pass on this one, Metta is certifiable crazy and things could have escalated very quickly (Malice at the Palace anyone?!) which is why you become extra nice if you accidently bump into a crackhead on the street.

  3. tonious35

    I think Tyler is using his head. Why start a fight with Metta WP and potentially getting decapitated in a pre-season game?

  4. Gerald

    Yeah, he walked away and Metta Peace got a tech…Hansborough is a tough guy with brains. Metta, not so much.

  5. 26pasteur

    blake murphy, what do you think he should have done? behavior like
    artest exhibited in the past does not translate into toughness. rather,
    it translates into very negative public relations for the player and
    team. the PACERS in the past few years, coinciding w/TYLER’S time in
    indy, btw, have mostly recovered from the damage done to their
    reputation (= fan support) when artest was not yet a man of “peace” and
    had a habit of going into the stands to attack fans w/whom he had
    issues……………………..TYLER is the epitome of
    toughness. he’d probably get his butt whipped by most opposing players
    in the league since he’s not a brawler, but he’d rise from his pool of
    blood, wipe it off his face, as he did in his senior year at CAROLINA
    when the dookie gerald henderson tried to decapitate him, hit his free throws , and finish the game. that type of attitude, fortitude, and behavior denote toughness for most mature fans.


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