Seriously, the game was called on account of a slippery floor; something to do with ice under the hardwood. Really wasn’t anything to talk about, since there was no flow to the game.

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  • Sammy

    Actually there was one thing; Amir Johnson airballed a wide open three-pointer. Could have been reading into things, but it seemed like nobody on either team wanted to play tonight except Gay; he had that “I’m going to drop 36 points” in his eyes

  • GoingBig

    Augustin – I was going to say something but it condensed down to nothing

    • Jerry Garcia

      Don’t give up……..the vapor is lingering

      • jp

        Wat’r you talking about?

  • mike, prague

    Milwaukee scientifically testing the possibility of bringing pucks to town if the bucks leave …
    This game from now on be remembered as: “The Bucks on Ice: The Musical”

  • leftovercrack

    Just start the season already.