So it turns out The Raptor will be replaced for the year by Stripes, a black-striped Raptor in a black jersey. He’ll wear the jersey number 13 and 14, to signify that it’s a one-year thing.

According to The Star (and a painfully awkward video), “Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment will turn to Stripes, a black-clad version of the mascot generally considered the best in the NBA.”

No worry for fans of the original though. “The franchise plans to follow the mascot’s rehabilitation process through the season with a series of videos during games — Stripes was getting some tips during an afternoon workout at the Air Canada Centre on Tuesday — and the team plans to introduce The Raptor during Wednesday’s home opener against the Boston Celtics so fans can pay a proper tribute.”

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  • DDD

    sounds cool

  • ibleedpurple

    sounds like an evil version of the Raptor.. digging it

  • Why is Doug Smith on the mic? Ugh…

    • 2damkule

      assuming his rightful (and now, official?) place as the mouthpiece of the team?

  • OscarG

    Dark (side) Raptor 🙂

  • Dougie Gilmoura

    Such an awkward Video…haha chicken??? okie doug.

  • The_Superior_Spider-Mon

    is doug smith racist?

    • Andre

      doug smith swears he knows everything…