Marc Stein is reporting that Masai Ujiri is looking to manage this season much like a bored teenager playing around in NBA2K using GM Mode.

Source suggest that Ujiri is spending “hours upon hour” on the ESPN trade checker rummaging through possibilities of doing stuff, mostly surrounding Rudy Gay. At one point, presumably at 3am after crashing the ESPN server, Ujiri contemplated extending Gay only for Tim Leiweke to splash him with a pail of water, thus waking him up from a 16-hour trance.

The only untouchable according to Stein is Jonas Valanciunas, and that’s only because Ujiri is going through trade possibilities in alphabetical order and V happens to be at the bottom of that list.

These are interesting times for the Raptors, mostly because nobody has any idea what lies next.

RR supports Masai Ujiri in this initiative to make the playoffs because, frankly, we just want to attend a playoff game. It’s just been soooooo long.

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3 Responses to “Masai Ujiri Addicted to Trade Checker”

  1. One relaxed fella

    Hey, nice article, Zarar. Made me laugh. If this ESPN’s stuff is true then another rumour about 45 days that are given to current roster to prove themselves might also be true. If all these speculations are true then Raptors might see some big changes even before 2014.

  2. Usuck Zarar

    you are weakest mind at RR. You really want to see a playoff game? we all do, but this team seems to be destined for 4 or 5 post season games if they make it in, and then it’ll be over. I understand you have season tickets – good for you- I’d rather wait for a chance to cheer for something special. Stop these shitty write-ups and try to find a girlfriend dingus


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