Alex Kennedy from Hoopsworld said this:

Here are 10 things that will happen before Nash gets traded to Toronto:

  1. Rob Ford resigns
  2. TV show Friends makes a return with Chris Rock cast as Rachel’s love interest.
  3. DeMarcus Cousins wins an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress
  4. Phil Jackson returns to coach Olympiakos
  5. Bryan Colangelo becomes GM of the Leafs
  6. Canada beats Spain in the Soccer World Cup Finals
  7. Sam writes a full post without a grammatical error
  8. NBA advanced statistical analysis produces something of value
  9. The TTC connects the airport and downtown using a subway line
  10. A white guy is spotted in Brampton

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  • hotfuzz

    “A white guy is spotted in Brampton”

    • This is so true.

    • photoman

      Same could be said of Markham… lol

    • Dutch

      Same could be said about anywhere in the GTA really. I thought I saw one on halloween but it was a asian with his faced painted white as a zombie…

  • Adriiian

    We need him. He could fill the play making hole beautifully.

    • 2damkule

      is your flux capacitor broken?

  • Oakley

    Would you do it if it involved getting rid of Gay’s contract?

    • Oakley

      I just did a look at all the American sites and the Lakers fans were saying they would do it only if they got Rudy Gay back lol. Please let this happen. The Lakers management is under pressure to provide star power in LA… Ujiri would have some cap room to cause some real damage.

      • Andre

        Nash for rudy gay would be the funniest thing ever.

      • WhiteVegas

        Only a few ways to structure the trade unless it’s made bigger.

        Gay for Nash, Blake, and Meeks works. But the trade makes a lot more sense if Lowry is involved too. No sense in having Nash and Lowry on the same team.
        Gay and Lowry for Nash and Gasol works. Makes a bit more sense for both teams, but I don’t really see the need for this from Toronto’s end. Nash may sell some tickets and build a little interest, but I’d rather get back some draft picks or young players for Gay and Lowry. Getting Pau and Nash wouldn’t put us over the top.

  • DDayLewis

    “NBA advanced statistical analysis produces something of value”

    Shots. Fired.

  • DryDry

    Yeah let’s grab an ever-slowing 39 year old who’ll miss 30+ games due to injury.

  • photoman

    Perfect… Andrew Wiggins here we come

  • johnny

    Steve nash is gay now. that’s the big romour.

  • aндрій базилевич

    steve nash who? … joking..

  • 2damkule

    11. nash signs with FC Toronto.

  • Patrick Jacob

    What if the Lakers gave up their 2014 first round pick?

  • RAj_Patel

    Hey, I just saw a white guy in Brampton at the bus stop. So Steve Nash is getting traded to Toronto.

  • Bill McDowell

    Let me be the first to invite Steve over for a Beer and a BBQ snow or no snow, we’ll hang out with Dougie Gilmour and rule the City. Dougie’s invited too, …obviously. Go Leafs Go Raps !

  • dee

    never gonna happen