Raptors relying on experience of Landry Fields | Toronto Sun

“He’s a lot more confident and everybody sees it,” point guard Kyle Lowry said of Fields. “He is what he was. He’s (proving) why they gave him the contract and wanted him up here. He’s showing why he’s that type of player. “He always drove the ball but he’s just more confident finishing now. He’s going in there and making contact and getting free throws. He has the ability to make those free throws and the confidence to get to the basket and finish.”

Report: Raptors ‘possible landing spot’ for Nash | Sportsnet.ca

The Raptors were one of the teams that reportedly expressed interest in the 39-year-old last summer before Nash was shipped to the Lakers. Reports surfaced earlier this week that Toronto general manager Masai Ujiri has been “vigorously” working the phone exploring trade options.

Raptors Rumors: Steve Nash Trade Possible? | Pro Bball Report

or the moment, a Steve Nash trade to Toronto is a complete fantasy. For one, unless the Raptors want to include Kyle Lowry or another player from their starting lineup, any deal will be difficult to fit under the provisions of the CBA. Worse, Nash has been a shell of his former self since the broken leg last season and his acquisition would be purely for marketing purposes at this time.

Report: Toronto Raptors a ‘Possible Destination’ for Steve Nash | Bleacher Report

The Raptors have long had their eyes on Nash but he’ll be 40 in February. It’s doubtful that they’ll trade anything that they truly value for their ongoing rebuild. Still, the Nash rumors are flying now and once they start, they aren’t apt to go away.

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4 Responses to “Morning Coffee: Movember 4th Edition”

  1. Milesboyer

    Love this proposal from the Bleacher Report, quality, investigative, thoughtful writing.

    “That would leave a mixture of lesser deals, such as combining Amir Johnson, a rangy, athletic wing, with someone like second-year center Jonas Valanciunas. Johnson is making $6.5 million this year with a team option for next season. The price tag for the talented seven-foot Valanciunas is modest and the Lakers would love to find their future big man.”

    He does finish by saying Toronto would be “reluctant” to part with their big man but I don’t know if he could have come up with a more ridiculous proposal. Isn’t the BR advertising during NBA games? I thought they had gotten a little more legitimate. Guess not.

    This rumour about Nash to TO probably stems from having asked a few GM’s where he SHOULD go, not where he could go. Toronto’s the easy answer but definitely not the right one. I highly doubt Ujiri is stupid enough to even consider it.


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