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Dwane Casey Explains Decision to Not Foul


Dwane Casey chose not to foul despite approximately a 2-second difference between shot and game-clock. Here’s the final play and the explanation for it.

Reaction: Raptors 90, Bobcats 92



79-3 is still very much in play.

Jonas posterizes LeBron


Gameday: Raptors @ McBobcats, Nov. 6


Josh McRoberts, Jonas Valanciunas

Jonas. Jonas. Jonas. For the love of Shamgod, go to him and don’t stop until there’s a damn good reason.

Gay Struggles, Lebron Shines, Small-Ball and Game Theory


Miami Heat v Toronto Raptors

A recap, some more gripes about Rudy Gay, some praise for Lebron and a note on basketball strategies.

Morning Coffee: Movember 6th Edition


Rudy Gay can't keep his mouth guard in his mouth

Casey’s defensive acumen in question; as well as the rest of his coaching steez … That’s it, only thing anyone is talking about is how the Heat easily adjusted to the Raptor attack and plowed through them

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