Toronto Raptors 90 Final
Recap | Box Score
92 Charlotte Bobcats
Amir Johnson, PF 37 MIN | 6-9 FG | 0-0 FT | 7 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 13 PTS | -1

Look past that early missed three and you got a guy who took it upon himself to bring the ball inside as nobody else was interested in doing it. The rebounding was not great and I expected better, and that’s a direct product of him choosing to stay on the perimeter being a “threat” (his own words) rather than anticipating offensive rebounds, of which he had only 1.

Rudy Gay, SF 37 MIN | 8-21 FG | 4-5 FT | 5 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 3 TO | 20 PTS | -9

Outplayed by MKG. Check. Lost jumpball to Kemba Walker. Check. Critical fourth quarter turnovers. Check. Embarrassing FTA total? Check. I can go on, I really can, but what I’d like to point out about Gay’s game is that given the amount of touches this guy gets, his assist numbers are horrible. I mean, I don’t think that at any point when he’s making his offensive move, does he contemplate setting up a teammate.

Jonas Valanciunas, C 28 MIN | 5-8 FG | 2-2 FT | 10 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 12 PTS | -13

Brilliant. Handled multiple defenders well, did well in face-up situations, and great in the post when he was given the ball. Defensively, he got burned in pick ‘n roll situations not knowing whether to lay back or hedge, but that’s coaching. As DS pointed out in the comments, he went 4 for 7 in the first quarter meaning he had one shot in the remaining three quarters. Also, he didn’t play the fourth quarter for some reason.

Kyle Lowry, PG 33 MIN | 3-7 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 6 AST | 1 STL | 1 BLK | 2 TO | 8 PTS | -9

Burned By Kemba Walker, benched in favor of Julyan Stone after kicking out on a three-pointer. I want the selfish Kyle Lowry back for a couple games because if he actually looked for his shot and took on the challenge Walker posed, I bet you he would destroy him. Right now, he seems to be caught between doing the “right” thing and doing what he’s good at.

DeMar DeRozan, SG 38 MIN | 5-16 FG | 2-2 FT | 3 REB | 3 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 14 PTS | -1

Gerald Henderson owns him – case in point how in the first quarter DeRozan failed to negotiate three screens which led to scores. He did hit a couple big threes in the second quarter to pull the Raptors back even, but overall this was a low-impact game where his defensive work was abysmal and overall intensity questionable.

Tyler Hansbrough, PF 22 MIN | 4-6 FG | 1-1 FT | 4 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 9 PTS | +2

Some nice offensive work down low but he lost Biyombo way too many times on the offensive glass. On one play, he went for the steal on the perimeter and got burned by an And1 as he tried to cover back. Not sure what was going on there. Still, I like watching Hansbrough play – he does bring something that’s unique to the Raptors: a guy whose intensity level does not drop.

Landry Fields, SF 17 MIN | 2-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 5 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 0 TO | 4 PTS | +3

Great stuff by his recent standards. Guarded the Charlotte wings well enough and when called upon to create, did some nice drive-and-dish work. I’m liking what he’s doing of late as long as he’s not shooting the ball. Nobody wants to see that.

Austin Daye, SF 3 MIN | 0-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 0 PTS | +4

Second quarter shift where he drove the paint and had a nice dish underneath. Overall, though, the cost of using him as a floor-spacer is too high because he doesn’t bring anything beyond standing on the three-point line pretending he can shoot.

D.J. Augustin, PG 6 MIN | 0-1 FG | 3-3 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 3 PTS | +5

I would’ve bet on him having a good game returning to his old digs, but never got a chance to settle in after a sputtering start with Casey opting to go with Stone and anybody not named Augustin.

Julyan Stone, SG 9 MIN | 0-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 0 PTS | +2

Anonymous for the most part. Brought the ball up the court and then passed it off, presumably because he can’t do much with it. His role is to be a defensive player and he didn’t do much in terms of that.

Terrence Ross, SG 12 MIN | 2-6 FG | 1-2 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 7 PTS | +7

Better, better. Looked confident, hit a couple threes and given his miserable early and pre-season, I’m going to chalk this up as an improvement. I know that’s sad, but let’s stay a little positive.

Dwane Casey

Took way too long to switch Gay/Fields on Henderson, late on reacting to Charlotte’s game plan of going at DeRozan. No concerted effort to get JV the ball despite something positive happening EVERY TIME you give it to him. Terrible management of Rudy Gay and in general is having a difficult time figuring out how Gay and DeRozan can be effective while playing together.

Oh, did I mention that, down two, he thought it was a good idea to let Charlotte run the shot-clock all the way down and shoot the ball with two seconds left, which were spent while the ball was in the air? Patrick Ewing was shaking his head.

One more thing, he benched Jonas Valanciunas in the fourth. Like, entirely. He didn’t get off the bench.

Two Things We Saw

  1. Charlotte shot 75% in the first quarter. Raptors came back from down 16 in the second to tie it in the second. The bench got the Raptors back in it in the second.
  2. Generally speaking, whenever DeRozan and Gay are on the floor at the same time, jumpshots are the norm. If one of them is on the floor they tend to be more assertive and use teammates better.

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  • DDD

    **** casey. ujiri has to fire him within the next week or the season is lost. bring in karl of van gundy. someone who can actually manage a team.

    • leftovercrack

      Lionel Hollins

    • Nelson

      If they are trying to tank Casey is the right coach. So many dumb decisions in the game outside of no fouling in the last 26 sec. Didn’t play JV in the fourth quarter was just dumb as there offensive was basically jump shots and DD slashing to the basket and being scared of contact.

    • Ghotte

      Remember when smitch was fired after a handful of games and the team barely below .500? How did that work out for the next few year? Anyone thinking the draft is the panacea for the organization is in for a rude awakening.

    • Nilanka15

      This season was lost before it started. Not a single player on this team mentally tough or disciplined enough to lead this team to the playoffs.

  • DDayLewis

    As Prop Joe once said: “call it a crisis of leadership”. That end-game decision was disgusting.

    • Casey Sherman

      Don’t worry man he’s a defensive coach. Next time we’ll get a steal in 5 seconds for sure. Not.

  • Ds

    Bad luck on the Raps’ last 2 possessions. They went inside, got fouled both times, and no call. Sh*t happens. But the life of me, I can’t understand why they didn’t foul with so little time left. Especially, with Charlotte missing free throws left and right.

    • johng_3

      That wasn’t no foul. That was just DeMar and Rudy being shit

  • The Mega Sage

    Val went 4 for 7 in the first quarter. That means he had ONE SHOT the rest of the way. How is that even possible? He is the acknowledged future of the Raptors, and he gets zero time in the 4th and no plays run for him during the game.

    Fire Casey just because he is horribly mismanaging one of the most exciting young Raptors ever. This is directly impacting Val’s growth, and I am disgusted it’s being allowed to continue.

    • arsenalist

      Jesus, that stat you pointed out is an indictment on our offense. I’m adding that to the post.

    • firecasey

      Every other young player with great potential is getting a chance to play. First and second year players. Except JV…hmm mm.…fire Casey…let JV play…45 min a night…let him develop

    • leftovercrack

      We have two high-volume shooters on the wing and a PG who is a better shooter than passer. It is as if they start out the game realizing the best thing to do is feed it to JV, but the players can’t fundamentally change their natures over a prolonged period and after a few minutes the long twos start clanging off the rim. The Rudy-Demar-Kyle trio should not play together, it is not a well-balanced back court

    • Moe

      Don’t fire a great coach. I believe with the right motivation, he will lead us to the promise land… WIGGINS


      The claims of JV’s offensive prowess have been grossly exaggerated. People are acting as if MJ is being benched in his prime. Please, for all the “JV is our future” backers, please enlighten me and tell us what exactly does his offensive repertoire offer, to make anyone think he should be fed the ball?

      Not to mention, this guy was touted as game changer on both ends of the floor and he continually gets abused.
      He has done nothing of note that indicates his presence on the floor would change any outcomes, yet people are up in arms. What is it that the few us are missing?

      • Doc

        Brain cells for one.

        • FLUXLAND

          Brilliant insight and profound display of basketball understanding, adding an astounding depth to the discussion.The entire RR community is changed forever due to your groundbreaking and thought provoking analysis and contribution; we are much obliged, Doctor.

          • Brett

            Ok buddy, easy on the thousand words from the dictionary, u don’t need to prove ur smart by throwing a bunch of words that aren’t needed. JV had 12-10 in three quarters of action and only one touch threw the second two quarters. Even a smart and intellectual man as ur self should figure he could have easily has a 20-15 night. And at the same time making him better.

            • FLUXLAND

              As for JV bringing in 20- 15 – sure, at what cost? And I don’t see who’s stopping him from pulling down double digit boards, which is what he should be doing as opposed to trying to statistically get his double double.

      • Dan

        Are you for real? He has a soft touch around the rim and a nice right hook that can’t be blocked. He can also shoot free throws unlike many big men so you’re punished for fouling. But your whole thing is to never say a positive thing about the raptors. Why you frequent this site is a mystery.

        • FLUXLAND

          (When is the positive/negative thing going to stop? It’s about reality, not maybes, ifs, potential, faith or whatever else people dilute themselves to get by. See:Bargnani, A. and Calderon, J.)

          So, a soft touch, a right hook and solid FTs; and these are supposed to be the what? The bread and butter of a franchise player and All Star at C? Nothing about a post game, nothing about pivots, nothing about a step through, a sweep, a drop step. No counters, not a single solitary go to-no one can stop move, no face up jumper, no turnaround jumper. Nothing about solid footwork or positioning. And as a big, nothing on the defensive end – nothing about changing shots or impacting almost every play, nothing about making up for his teammates shortcomings, nothing about dominating the glass. Now, remember this is the guy who was sold as “having a better suited game for the NBA”.

          The real mystery is the continual cries of FREE JV, based on what exactly? Imagination? Again, whatever he brings to the table is not changing the game in any way. An energetic C off the bench.. sure. Anything suggesting he’s to be fed or that the offense should run through him? I don’t see it.

          • Ghotte

            Right now JV has Andres Biedrens-type potential rather than Lamarcus Aldridge potential

            • 2damkule

              yes, because if there’s anything i think of when i see JV, it’s andris biedrins. but hey, they’re both white euros, so BINGO!

              • Ghotte

                Wow, Nice comparison…Biedrins was thought to be an up’n coming all star in his 1st thru 2nd year due to his rebounding and developing post skills. Then he stalled or plateaued. Get the analogy?

                • Ed

                  yeah totally, Biedrins can also make FREE THROWS, dude’s a baller.

                • Biedrins always had bad hands, could never hit from beyond three feet, and Valanciunas’ offense game is MILES ahead of Biedrins.

                  No. Not a good comparison.

                • Ghotte

                  It was sarcasm referring to the previous white euro comment…

                • Sorry; Sarcasm detector off this morning.

          • Ed

            You forgot fadeaway jumper, let’s make him Dirk + Kobe + LBJ + Gasol + Garnett + Durant + White Mamba.

            • FLUXLAND

              No, the things I mentioned apply to bigs. And yes a few of the good ones had fadeaway jumpers, although I think that takes you away from the basket in case you have to rebound, so not something I would want a big to rely on heavily.

          • 2damkule

            no, the ‘free JV’ cry is so that he actually has a chance to develop the skills he’s lacking, and so that it’s possible to draw some kind of conclusion as to what he is/could be.

            i don’t get you sometimes…you clearly have a keen bball insight & awareness, you know (or at least are able to competently regurgitate) the idioms. you really don’t have to try hard to troll the raptor fanbase.

            as for your original contention (that JV’s nothing special now, and that you doubt he ever will be) – i’m not going to argue with you, as you’ve made up your mind in that regard, which is, i guess, fine. perhaps somewhat short-sighted, but whatever. for the record, most pundits do recognize that his D is leaving something to be desired, but most assume that with time & physical maturation, he has the mental make-up to become a solid defender. that’s really the crux of the matter here, though…he needs time, reps, experience, and there seems to be a trend taking place that limits those factors. what disappoints most isn’t the idea that they lost because he wasn’t on the floor, but that he simply wasn’t on the floor. he NEEDS to be on the floor, both for his own development, and so the coaching staff can evaluate & focus on what he needs to work on.

            as for how he’s viewed league-wide – i’d surmise that if he were put on the trade block, every GM in the L would at least review their options in terms of what they could do to legitimately acquire him.

            last thing – trolling the republic is like shooting fish in a barrel, and you know that…i just thought you were above it.

            • FLUXLAND

              The thing is – as much as DC is being crucified for the decisions he’s making, I suppose he sees in practice what a guys limits may be. I am just not one that subscribes to the “develop in game” theory – particularly when there are 3 other players on the team that “need” the ball right now for various agendas. Also, the “he NEEDS minutes to develop” IS just a theory not a surefire recipe for success.

              More importantly, you are supposed to earn your minutes on the defensive end and make things happen that are above the current expected norm. That’s how you get more minutes, you are not just handed them in hopes that your game will grow. Your game is supposed to grow off the court.

              Everything you are saying is based on … potential, I guess? “he has the mental make up” – c’mon 2D, I know you know real bigs are game changers on the D end and work on their offensive moves slowly, they are eased into it by earning the trust of their more offensively talented teammates. But this guy is to be given a pass on that end and to be given minutes to work on a game that needs major work?

              Yes, GMs would have him on their team, but not in the role that’s being pushed here. Pretty much the story with most of the Raptors. If anything, the farm tea label this team has earned is being proven over and over again.

              As for trolling, not about that at all. I legitimately do not understand why someone should be handed minutes when they haven’t displayed anything (and I mean solid game impacting contribution, not just running out there getting yours) indicating they will make a difference.

          • Nilanka15

            Agree that Jonas has a long way to go before he’s a “game-changer” on either end of the court. But you have to admit, he was having a good game last night.

            He’s our starting centre, wasn’t in foul trouble, and played zero minutes in the 4th qtr. There’s something wrong there.

            • FLUXLAND

              Yeah, what’s going on is that an asset and marketing tool is being protected. If you recall, DD was in the same boat a few years back and everyone was wondering why he doesn’t get burn in the 4th.

              This is a farm team, that’s all.

              A good game against the Bobcats? That must register differently in our books.

      • Dan

        Also if you’re going to say that JV getting post touches didn’t create better possessions/shots than when he didn’t, you’re a straight up liar.

      • DDayLewis
        • FLUXLAND

          Thanks, I read that when it came out. While I am not dismissing your effort and work in any way, nothing in there, to me, suggests a cornerstone player or brings me to the conclusion you drew.

          A player likely taking advantage of opportunities and situations pending personnel, otherwise nothing game changing or dominant about his game.

          “Valanciunas is pretty fantastic on offense; he’s already a legitimate
          post-scoring threat and one of the league’s best at pick and roll and
          put-backs. If he improves his jumper, he will be impossible to guard,
          and he will undoubtedly be the Raptor’s best option on offense.”

          Pretty fantastic and legitimate are gross exaggerations. I’m doubting. A lot.

          And this is without mentioning that a bigs primary role should be a difference maker on the D end. What he does on O, is quickly erased by what he does on D.

          • Ed

            Give him few years moron, he’s still a kid against men, when his body matures the D will come. How should he settle for good defensive positions when he doesn’t get practice to learn from his mistakes.

    • Kujo2020

      This, 1 mil times. It’s maddening.

  • Red Baron

    Yeah I was thinking same with Casey electing not to foul at the end…I kept thinking maybe I wasn’t doing my math right but no, it was just a bone-head call by Casey….at best we would have had 2 seconds to try to score if we gained possession off a miss. That play just epitomized the sheer ineptitude Casey is showing so far this year…again allowing Rudy and Demar to chuck at will, AGAIN sitting JV for long periods despite being highly productive/efficient, AGAIN trying to couterpunch verus punch in terms of match-ups, AGAIN no ball movement or evidence of a cohesive half court game….I am simply baffled at the in-game management night in and night out so far….I know it’s only 5 games in and I wasn’t expecting 60 wins from this team, but win or lose so far, the opposing team has looked WAY more organized each game with a definitive game plan…we just seem to be playing street ball. ugh.

    • rtz

      Casey was trying to avoid OT because he is managing his players legs to be fresh for game 7 of the finals.

    • Ho Tep

      “Heck, we would have chucked it up with four seconds left leaving six, why didn’t Charlotte? Huh.”

      (the case man’s thought process — trust me, i’m a psychic)

    • Nilanka15

      And Charlotte was shooting bricks from the free throw line too. Just a bone-headed move by Casey on all accounts. He knows it too. Would’ve been better if he just admitted it post-game.

  • DryDry

    So glad I scanned through this shit show on fast forward. If everyone had half the intensity and effort Hainsnsnsbsoorrgoguh has, we would be crushing people. Even watching this at double speed it was a series of 1 on 5s over and over and over.

  • jacobd4

    Rant alert…

    What the hell is wrong with this coach? The one thing that is working in the first half you go away from. Was expecting at least a little run in the fourth quarter. In the interview after the game he said that the raptors don’t go away from him.
    Bullshit, does he think were not watching this game.
    Apparently he didn’t foul at the end because he thought there was five seconds between the shot clock and game clock. How do you fuck that up?! Said it was a lose lose situation. The worst coach i’ve seen since kevin oneil.
    I’m tired of cheering for a loser get rid of casey and that chucker Rudy Gay. I wasn’t a tank fan but congratulations Casey i’ve been converted! Wiggins lets go!

    • drg

      a lose lose situation… yea….lol

    • Red Baron

      Hope Masai still has some magic he brought with him from Denver…

    • Ghotte

      We’re going to tank AND we are going to lose the lottery! Then what?

      • jacobd4

        Its not just Wiggins in this draft, Smart,Parker,Exum,Randle,Gordon. There is a lot of potential franchise players.

        • Ghotte

          Not when you end up with the 10th pick in the draft 🙂

          • WhiteVegas

            We just lost to Charlotte and they didn’t even have Jefferson. I don’t think we need to worry about drafting as high as 10th. Casey is that bad.

            • Rap fan 2

              I don’t think we should under estimate the Bobcats any longer. They’ve been in the lottery for a while now and those pieces are developing further. I’m sure Masai Ujiri and his team are evaluating everything. Whether or not the coaches and players are able to make changes or adapt to get better and put themselves in situations to be successful. As I’m sure every other GM in the league is doing the same thing. Masai’s mandate is to build a championship team. The core principle is to keep developing or improving all your players. The unmentionable side here is that your developed player becomes an improved trade asset. The more trade assets you have the better the trade assets you can get in return. I think the best way you get those players with the highest potential assets to develop is by getting into the lottery. I think this is the way David Stern and the NBA designed it. Just look at what they did when they were in charge of running the New Orleans Hornets. So draft and develop.

              • johng_3

                I agree they did beat the Knicks the night before and win tonight on a back to back. Not bad for these lonely Bobcats w/o Jefferson. It shows that we are right there as bad or worse as the Knicks right now i guess

                • Without Chandler, the Knicks are not a good team.

  • raptorsss

    can we PLEASE fire Casey now??

  • Andre Julian Ward

    I think Ross deserved an F….

  • Milesboyer

    Get on the camouflage gear and roll out the tank……unless Rudy and Demar learn how to pass, (and shoot in RG’s case) there’s a lot of losing in the near future.

    Also, this starting unit is boring as hell to watch. Zero creativity.

    • cdub

      Part of the issue is Casey has taken the fast break out of the team ….and Demar does try to set guys up at least some times…but Gay tonight was brutal. He’s not even looking to pass, and when he does the double team is already on him. I’ve never seen a guy get doubled so much and a team that can’t exploit the double. Teams just send an extra guy or 2 running at Gay and there is no risk because he will hold the ball or try to dribble through them. Tunnel vision.

  • ckh26

    Maybe we are tanking after all… Cleverly disguised ruse by Masai.. We just play Gay non stop and we should be able to go 20 and 62.. about the same as Rudy’s shooting percentage..32%

  • Rapsfan11

    JV had another fantastic 4th quarter keeping the bench warm while Casey went for the old hope they miss the rim shot clock violation. His math skills are as good as his post game interviews.

  • 2damkule

    Good to see Casey’s bought into the idea of tanking. I’m not kidding…there’s no way that someone not trying to lose approaches an end of game like that. He must have figured that sitting val for the 4th would do the trick, and panicked when it got close despite his best efforts.

    I’d say fire him, but honestly, he’s tank nation’s best weapon.

    • onemanweave

      I realize you’re tongue in cheek — sort of. However if Casey actually WERE deliberately playing combos to lose games that’s WAY beyond the scope of tanking where you trade present assets for future ones. You are now into the Vince area of throwing games.

  • Danny Bobb

    Casey has to go. The brutal plays out of timeouts are bad enough but this move of not fouling late in the game was just plain dumb. He has to go!!! He looks like he is tanking on his own.

  • Ian Reynolds

    Updated Rudy shot totals – 86 FGA, 29 FTA – 84 pts. Demar has probably passed him so far. Rudy is getting empty, easy boards, padding his totals, and playing lazy as hell everywhere else. I can’t wait till he’s gone.

  • Paul

    I have to believe the Raptors are the worst coached team in the league. This is embarrassing.
    This team does not run an offense, and Casey’s in game adjustments are laughable.
    Why does Valanciunas get 7 shots in the first 6 minutes, shoot over 50%, and then take 1 shot the rest of the game? Something positive happened literally every time Jonas touched the ball on offense.

    Are you telling me that Biyombo was abusing him so badly on defense, that Valanciunas was a liability out there? How does Biyombo play 40 minutes and Valanciunas only 27?

  • tross_31
  • rtz

    I don’t understand…val plays limited minutes…none in fourth…is still almost avg a double double. what’s the problem…Casey is a douche…can’t watch the craptors at least my fantasy team is kicking ass

    • cdub

      Casey is the guy who was playing Alan Anderson over JV last year. It was infuriating. Why not play Fields over Gay in the fourth if Gay is playing like ass and put JV in? Why does JV have to sit…I don’t get it….whoever is playing the best should be in at the end.

  • imaginelino

    This is when you want JV in, if only the fact to see that he is our future and put him in these situations and then put the team on his back. What kind of player do we have? You look around the league and you dont see teams leaving their young studs on the bench, like Anthony Davis, Andre Drummon, Lilliard, etc, all the young stars are playing and getting quality time, let some time burn with JV and see what we have.

  • ppellico

    Tyler Hansbrough…B -???
    This is stupid. I get it. You LOVE Offense!
    But please…his missed assignments!?
    His rebounds? 22 minutes and 4 rebounds???????
    And tell you what…OK…Amir another offensive leap this year. But really!!! 37 minutes and only 7 rebounds!
    No wonder this team sucks big time on defense. Its because they have all gone offense and suck at that.
    rediculous. Defense is just a fake…

    • DDayLewis

      Let me guess, you wanted Casey to give Aaron Gray some minutes in this game?

      • Casey Sherman

        Honestly though how funny would that have been? JV stapled to the bench with big ‘ol Air Gray farting around to close out the game

        • DDayLewis

          The “air” in “Air Gray” is definitely farts

          • Ed

            Im fart laughing now :DD

    • johng_3

      You know Casey did a bad job when THIS GUY doesn’t mention his bf Aaron Gray in his post

    • AB4EYE

      He would have got more rebounds if he wasn’t blocking out over half the Cats team on missed FT that gave Val at least 3 more uncontested rebounds alone.

  • rtz

    Bring in SVG

    • Nilanka15

      Jerry Sloan?

  • passtherock

    I can’t watch this offense much longer. High screen every possession just to watch Rudy and Demar jack-up bricks. Val and Amir only getting touches when the bench is in. Lowry is yet another back-up PG being put in the starter roll. Now Casey is blowing games. Pound the rock! More like my head against the wall. The worst kind of tanking is when you aren’t trying to tank.

    • KJ-B

      If only we could tank like Philly!!!!

      To think 11th pick – MCW…. that’s the Lowry traded pick too!!!

      • Sig

        It was not

      • Guest

        Nice try… but MCW was Philadelphia’s own pick. Toronto’s pick went to OKC and eventually resulted in Steven Adams. Had we kept the pick, we were rumored to be interested in Antetokounmpo.

  • johng_3

    What the fuck was Casey thinking on the final possession? Was he hoping to Jesus that Henderson would forget about what shot clock violation meant in the NBA? And by gosh these offensive possessions were ugly. When DeMar had a chance to tie and went into the lane, WTF was that airballed layup against Biyombo. And how does Rudy post up and drive into the lane and get tied up by MKG for a jumpball. Like does Rudy have butter on his hands or something?

  • thegloveinrapsuniform

    Matt, you still got room for one more in Tank Nation?? count me in!

  • nyStef

    Casey’s first season, had a hunch he just wasn’t on board with Colangelo’s tank-wish, no way, no how. This season, it might’ve taken a couple games but it looks to me like Masai has him convinced.

  • Tanks-a-lot

    I thought it was the funniest shite when Casey called the timeout at 43 seconds left. LOL. Casey’s gonna draw up a play. Oh man, I knew the game was lost then.

  • robertparrish00

    Is the play out of timeouts just to get the ball in a certain players hands, then let them do whatever…I don’t get it. OK so you get gay or dd the ball…CLEAR OUT THE SIDE FOR THEM!!!
    Quick question….does Casey have a bonus in his contract for number of timeouts he has left at the end of games?

    • Nilanka15

      Too funny and insanely true. Casey’s idea of a successful inbound play is simply avoiding the 5-second violation.

      • mountio

        .. or a turnover … but I hear ya, damn low bar

  • AK74

    man i want to puke every time i hear Casey post game interviews, talk is cheap. bring it or ask masai to fire you

  • robertparrish00

    Anyone think Leo Rauins could coach the team better?

    • HogyG

      Leo Rautins is the only man on earth you could bring in to the organization and be a worse coach than Casey. In fact, you mentioning that thought just made Ujiri extend Casey’s contract. You do know he is the only coach in team Canada history to not win one game in a whole season! When he speaks on the television my blood curdles. Whenever Ujiri finally fires Casey, I pray to the basketball gods that he somehow gets that know-nothing blowhard Rautins to go too!

      • Brian Gerstein

        Leo is why they invented the mute button.

    • Atothe

      If Leo rautins is ever allowed to coach this team, I’m done with them forever

  • AB4EYE

    So Rudy Gay is the only “star” in the league that actually makes his team worse? It seemed that way in Memphis and now with the Raps.

  • Ghotte

    They have no chance to get SVG, Hollins, Karl or ANY top tier coach. What person in their right mind would want to inherit this team. They aren’t moldable, lack true passion and don’t execute systems well enough to be a draw. (Case in point: With basically contract years staring them in the face, how can Rudy Gay and Lowry play so mediocre?)

    Heard some questions tonight about why MU didn’t bring his own coach in rather than adopting Casey. (Think Boston was used as an analogy.) But the reason is, if there was a fire sale before the season, the Raptors would have had to sell off what little talent they had for cents on the dollar – leaving significant value on the table, this hamstringing the franchise even further.

    In other words, they are in a lose-lose situation. Ujiri has no choice but to try and move players one-by-one dependent on the requests by opposing GMs. (I think he’ll do a good job in this respect.)

    • Nilanka15

      You could’ve said the same thing about Masai, arguably the brightest young mind in the game…..yet here he is in Toronto.

      If there’s anyone capable of luring a top-tier coach, it’s Lieweke. Hope Jerry Sloan’s on speed dial.

  • Mystic

    To be Honest I was not excited about the raps trying for a playoff spot and getting outplayed and definitely outcoached, I hope they tank, the draft is soo deep that at least we will get a decent or really good player upto the 8 spot and if we get 1 well thats amazing, plus we got NY’s 2nd round draft pick, I think MU has something up his sleeve and will get this team tanking, get rid of Rudy, Lowry, and DD for sure so we can get some decent draft picks and start trading some of the remaining guys on the bench too, Keep JV, Keep Terrence Ross, Keep Quincy Acy, Keep Hansborough and just get rid of everyone else….Man I thought Casey was against tanking, but he definitely doing an amazing job why fire him now, when we can get the best players on Draft night and George Karl then decides he wants to come and coach OR Steve Nash.

    • Ghotte

      “Keep JV, Keep Terrence Ross, Keep Quincy Acy, Keep Hansborough” + 1 high draft pick =

      Do you realize how bad a team that is? We’ll be in the basement for the next 3-4 years. Can you deal with that? Can Raptors fans deal with that?

      • WhiteVegas

        I’m fine with a tank but i agree with you that roster stinks. Acy? Really? He’s fun and all but barely NBA caliber. JV and the draft pick are the only starters listed.

        • Phat AlberG

          Acy is does winning things, and he plays with a chip on shoulder unlike Amir Johnson. I see more upside with Acy then Amir. So I agree with Ghotte, I will keep Acy as well because you can’t teach hustle.

  • guest

    I’d love to know what Masai is thinking right about now…

    • Milesboyer

      He’s on the phone every Raptor game trying to distract the GM he’d like to trade Rudy to, in the hopes they don’t watch the games.

  • One relaxed fella

    I find it embarrassing. Raptors declared that this year they are actually going for the playoffs. Sure, there are 77 games left, which is fine, because you still can grab on to the idea that there’s enough time and games to make that happen. However, the way this team plays, the only thing that comes into my mind is that it’s going to be a painful season to watch. Interesting thing is that Raptors have never one in Charlote since 2010. Raptors are dull and boring, not a playoff team at this point. Tonight Bobcats 1st or 2nd best player was out and Raptors still couldn’t deliver. Both Demar and Rudy collapsed defensively and offensively. Sure Derozan has that one good game offensively in every 3 or 4 but he’s bad defensively all the time. And the way Gay plays is awful. His trading value is extremely low now and this puts Ujiri in even worse position. Lowry has nothing to offer in terms of playmaking, no PnR plays as usual. However the worst of the worst is Casey and maybe it’s just the way my personal understanding of basketball (or any team sports for that matter) works, but a head coach is the the first man to take responsibility. I would love to see this roster being trained by someone who’s really good. I think that even this roster would improve and play better. Raptors splashed the cash to hire MU, but they’re cheap on head coach position. Now finally, I would like to borrow a line that I’ve read yesterday in another forum (RealGM, the thread about Casey), where one dude (can’t find that post now) said something like that: “Casey is a “defensive” coach IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN”. He’s just a guy who’s trying to save his job by talking big.

  • Black

    Let’s be honest, the raps leadership has made a choice, they’re tanking. The question is whether the current setup is actually going to help the raps going forward.

  • Louvens Remy

    I missed the game. Just watched the hightlights. Holy Eff. I’m speechless. I hate to think that I wasted tons of paragraphs arguing with Tim W. against tanking when this shitty coach is losing on purpose. You know what? Trade everyone and fire everyone. Eff this team.

  • Alex Vostrikov

    let raptors do it army style…………
    camouflage uniforms for the rest of the season…. and we can call them tankers.

  • youngjames

    Don’t understand the grade on Hansborough – it was him and only him who brought any heart and motivation to win tonight, he hustled and hustled hard- forget the stat line (which RR reps LIVE on and LIVE on only). TH out played every other Raptor last night and that alone deserve an “A”.
    Amir is NOT a starter, I can’t say that enough. He is an amazing super-sub, he doesn’t have the focus to play starter minutes every night and he doesn’t have what it takes, to take over a game on any given night. I love the guy I want him on this team, but not as a starter. Spot starter at crucial time yes, but not an everyday starter.

    • So, you’re suggesting Tiago Splitter has what it takes to take over games? Or Serge Ibaka, or Lance Stephenson, or Udonis Haslem?

      Amir johnson CONSISTENTLY helps his team win, works hard whenever he’s on the floor and has no major flaw in his game. He is effective at both ends of the court. Starters don’t need to be stars. You need guys who will play a role, and that’s what Amir does.

      • youngjames

        NOPE! not suggesting those players are anything at all – never even mentioned them….You did!
        I agree with all things you said about Amir – however comparing Amir to his actual play in terms of this team (and not other players in other situations on other teams with different players), I believe we could improve the starting PF position. Having TH and Amir play together on the second unit would strengthen the bench extremely – and having another, stronger PF to play with JV who can help take over games and provide scoring (I’m thinking of a younger David West for ONE example), something Amir cannot accomplish consistently over his career, would help this team more. His presents on the bench means so much more to this team – he would be that much more effective in what he brings IMO. And yes teams need role players – this team is full of role players, KL, RG and DD are role players…how many do we need?

        • Yes, I brought them up because they’re all role players. You seem to be suggesting that all starters have to be able to take over games, and that’s simply not true. Amir is the perfect PF to play beside Valanciunas because Valanciunas is more a scoring big and Amir compliments him by doing other things, although he can score when asked to.

          It’s good to have players in the starting unit you don’t have to run plays for or worry whether they need to get their shots. They just play hard, do what they need to and that’s it.

          David West is a good player to have beside Hibbert because Hibbert isn’t a good offensive player, so they need scoring from the front court. That’s not the case with the Raptors.

          And by the way, Rudy Gay and DeRozan aren’t role players. They are players who aren’t good enough to be star players on good teams, but don’t have the skills to be role players. The team needs role players who play smart, hard, defend and can do the little things that role players tend to do. The Raptors have few of them.

          They definitely need stars, but they need role players, too.

          • youngjames

            Do you really think “Amir is the perfect PF to play beside Valanciunas”?…really!…”perfect”!??
            AND, you don’t believe that because we have a scoring center (yet to be proved how good and yet to be allowed to prove it), that we automatically do not need a scoring PF but a role playing PF (because) of Gay and DeRozan and Lowry supplying the offense? … You think Lowry is offense? Do you really think DeMar DeRozan’s offense is timely, game winning and take over offense?….I don’t!
            As starters I see: a center that is being hampered to prove what he can actually do = not enough offense yet from that spot but defiantly a starter; a PG that is playing like a great back up, poor execution and still not enough offense and ability to control and take over a game with no defense = role player status; SG a player who is more suited to coming off the bench with empty offense, no ability to take over a game and make sure the team wins (see Lowry) = role player status; SF a player who rebounds very well, but has horrible shooting efficiency, has the ability to take over games, but not consistent at it, no ability to pass but leaves the thought that there is more and more times then not delivers = starter status…That’s two starters and two role players already on the starting unit to my calculations. IMO, the PF spot needs a rebounding, scoring banger – like Zobo (who happens to work well with another all-star scoring center in Gasols) or even West who plays alongside a (on the better side of the league average) of scoring centers in the NBA – for example, would grossly improve this team. I believe it would work and work well! I believe Amir is a better bench player and would tare it up with TH against the second units- love Amir, though!

            • Well, the perfect PF to play beside Valanciunas would be Tim Duncan, because he’s the best PF in the game and is a very good defensive and offensive player, and can faceup and draw his man out of the paint for Valanciunas to operate…..

              But barring that, Amir is more than fine.

              RIght now, Valanciunas’ offense if ahead of his defense (which is normal, as he’s young, and he’s shown promise), where’s he’s still struggling with rotations, etc, but he’s shown the ability to be a pretty good scorer. He has good footwork, for a player his age, good hands and touch around the basket. He can shoot with either hand and he’s got a good ability to draw fouls and converts at a high rate at the line.

              Sticking a “David West” type offensive PF will not only take even MORE shots away from Valanciunas, but also give the Raptors a horrible defensive frontline and make them even worse defensively than they already are.

              And Zach Randolph works beside Marc Gasol because Gasol isn’t a scoring center. He’s one of the best passing centers in the NBA and defensively is able to cover for Randolph’s sub-par defense. The most Gasol has ever averaged was 15.4 ppg last year and that’s because Randolph had such a bad season.

              I also don’t care about Gay or Lowry or DeRozan, because I’m not sure I see any of them as in the Raptor’s long term plans. Or possibly even short term ones.

  • youngjames

    I remember this time last year when during Kyle Lowry’s first few games – he played like a Beast! He was averaging over 7 dimes, 5.5 rebs and over 20 pts. Then came the media and blogger experts – not all but lots – who whined and cried how he was selfish and needed to pass the ball more, involve his team mates more and “be more like Calderon”…they blamed him (KL) for the teams bad start. The team wasn’t winning and even though Kyle was a beast, the team was losing and KL was the problem according the bloggers and media experts. This was what 99.9% of the blogger conversation were about during the early part of last season – with Doug Smith leading the way of whiny cries of unintelligent basketball suggestions.
    So many fans and media personalities defended that Calderon be the starter, because he involves the team more, the will win with Calderon at the helm, Lowry is too selfish. Lowry gets hurt, Calderon starts has a good game in Utah (but we lose to a Al Jefferson 3 pointer) but the team wins a hard fought game the next time out for the teams only win. That whne then twitter-bugs went nuts, reporters turned to experts because they can read numbers on graphs seem to know better and cried for Lowry to be like Calderon, the message grew deeper and deeper and the days went on (even though the Raps continued to lose) with more talk of Lowry being the back up and how he needs to form his game similar to Calderons if he wants this team to win.
    So, Kyle turns into that player – now and since then he has sucked!!!!!
    For all those “Calderon supporters” who whine at Lowry’s “selfish play” and will not admit it now – you have what you wanted – you have your Jose Calderon type of PG…so what is the problem?
    The problem is he sucks!!! For all those experts who wanted this – your not in any position to suggest anything about what makes a team a winning team and or how a player is constructed to perform or should be constructed to perform. I am reading (still) alot of BS from a bunch of nobodys who only “think” they know better. Stick to discussions of of “fan” talk and leave the suggestions to the experts…..ya hear Fluxland? Doug Smith? you boys listening!???!

  • morgan c

    Casey has to go… NOW! He was already on thin ice, and through the beginning of this season, he has shown ZERO improvement in his areas of weakness (handling the bench, substitutions, strategy of any kind). This is really starting to kill me. JV on the bench the whole fourth!?

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