Before the season, Demar Derozan had this to say about himself and Rudy Gay:

“…we don’t have to worry about scoring — nothing, none of that — because we can score the ball at will”

Well, I don’t know if you have heard, but Demar Derozan and Rudy Gay are having a bit of trouble with scoring the ball (and it’s not a matter of lack of will). It’s understandable if you’ve forgotten; all the face-palming and non-social drinking probably wiped it from your memory. Well, fear not, here’s a reminder:

Shot Charts (Green means go, yellow means slow, red means no)


League Leaders in Field Goals Attempted


Points Scored by Top-9 in Field Goals Attempted


True-Shooting Percentage by Top-9 in Field Goals Attempted


Just to Recap:

  • Gay and Demar are first and fifth in shots attempted
  • Out of the top-9 in shots attempted, Gay and Demar are second-last, and dead-last in both points scored and true-shooting percentage
  • Reminder: Gay and Derozan use up 61.5% of possessions when they are on the court.
  • Reminder: Gay and Derozan are owed 27.4 million dollars this season
  • Reminder: Amir Johnson uses 14.9% of possessions, Jonas Valanciunas uses 18.9% when he is on the court.
  • Reminder: Have your stress balls and liquor of choice ready for the Raptors’ next game against the Grizzlies (Wednesday, 8 PM EST)

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