Before the season, Demar Derozan had this to say about himself and Rudy Gay:

“…we don’t have to worry about scoring — nothing, none of that — because we can score the ball at will”

Well, I don’t know if you have heard, but Demar Derozan and Rudy Gay are having a bit of trouble with scoring the ball (and it’s not a matter of lack of will). It’s understandable if you’ve forgotten; all the face-palming and non-social drinking probably wiped it from your memory. Well, fear not, here’s a reminder:

Shot Charts (Green means go, yellow means slow, red means no)


League Leaders in Field Goals Attempted


Points Scored by Top-9 in Field Goals Attempted


True-Shooting Percentage by Top-9 in Field Goals Attempted


Just to Recap:

  • Gay and Demar are first and fifth in shots attempted
  • Out of the top-9 in shots attempted, Gay and Demar are second-last, and dead-last in both points scored and true-shooting percentage
  • Reminder: Gay and Derozan use up 61.5% of possessions when they are on the court.
  • Reminder: Gay and Derozan are owed 27.4 million dollars this season
  • Reminder: Amir Johnson uses 14.9% of possessions, Jonas Valanciunas uses 18.9% when he is on the court.
  • Reminder: Have your stress balls and liquor of choice ready for the Raptors’ next game against the Grizzlies (Wednesday, 8 PM EST)

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  • Ian Reynolds


    • DDayLewis


      It’s that bad.

  • HogyG

    It’s mighty unfortunate they’ve had such a rough shooting start, but the season is still young. Let’s hope they can get-right and find a way to share the rock. I believe it shows more than anything, the lack of time that coach Casey has spent on the offensive end of the game with the team so far this season. You gotta imagine they know that the more touches the rest of the team gets, the less likely the defense will zero in on Rudy and DeMar’s ISOs. If not, they need to understand the less-is-more theory and that having them not be such relentless chuckers will actually make them more effective scorers. I believe in both of their abilities to score, we have enough potential scoring talent around them that they should be able so see less double teams or find a capable open man ready to score wide open. Maybe they’re incapable of passing, maybe the coach’s schemes aren’t having players in areas to receive a pass. Not sure, but either way it’s partially on the coach. I hope he knows that sometimes you gotta sit a player (long before they come to their regular exit time, to make a point to them) to refocus the way they’re approaching the game at the moment and then send them back out there and see if you were successful (you know, if they listened to you at all).

    Okay…Casey rant over. Sorry bout that.

    The only good thing to take away from the shot charts (if you can take anything good away from them) at this point is that despite what people have said, I believe (ONLY when you look at the shot chart) he actually seems to be making better decisions with the ball. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve yelled at the TV for a bunch of the shots he decided to chuck up there, but if you only look at the shot chart above and exclude the eyeball test of his shot selection so far this season, it adds up to 64 shots directly at the basket and 96 everywhere else.

    Now I really suck at math, so please correct me if needed, but I think that’s 1/3 of his shots are at the rim. Nothing amazing by any means perhaps, but maybe better than advertised? I’ve never looked at his shot charts from previous years (I don’t even know where you find those things…until I noticed the in the corner, and then was stopped when I was asked by the site to install microsoft silverlight and decided to be lazy and ask instead), so I wonder if this 33% of his attempts being at the rim is up, down or on pace with his past?

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