This week on The Doctor Is In with PhdSteve, I’ve assembled the worldwide round table! Joined by my brother Mike (who knows college basketball) and Greg Mason (the brain from the south) we preview the Western Conference and ask if San Antonio is the team to beat? Outside of the Spurs, we discuss why Mike likes OKC, Greg favours Golden State and why I can’t help myself from loving Minnesota.

We also unpack questions surrounding whether either of LA’s 2 teams are capable of winning the West? Turning our attention to #tankforwiggins we turn a critical eye to the Wiggins debut and compare it to big time starts by fellow Freshmen Jabari Parker and Julius Randle.

Turning our attention to the Raptors, I ask how much longer we will have to watch this offense before Dwane Casey sees what the rest of the world sees: it’s Jonas Valanciunas who need to be the focal point on offense. Lastly, we talk about who we’d all like to see as the Raptors starting 5.

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  • RaptorsFan

    lol, that intro was so terrible.

  • I don’t understand this belief that Amir is better off the bench. He’s not. He plays the same whether he starts or not. Hansbrough is currently thriving in a reserve role, so I’m not sure why you’d change that.

    • pran

      what about terrence, 4/6 and good defense on harden. If he can show some consistency the next couple of games, shouldn’t he deserve a chance to start over derozan?

      • 2damkule

        ‘couple of games…’

        for realz?

      • He played decent defense on Harden, not good. There was a reason he got yanked, at one point. I’d want to see more than just a few games of consistency for Ross to start. Especially if you don’t want him learning bad habits.

  • steve

    The Raps should be praised for their tremendous comeback but the selfishness of their PG and both starting wings is a recipe for mediocre play and 500 ball at best. A shooting % of 17 for 62 by the wings is mind numbing and hard to watch. All three back court players are shoot first players which freezes up the entire offence and causes bad forced shots turnovers and poor moral for others like JV AJ etc.Our talented new GM should investigate a blockbuster trade involving our starting PG and at least one of our wings before the trade deadline which would allow our younger players to develop so he could better evaluate what we have and what we need. We are 29th of 30 in the league in assists.THIS must radically change or we are in major trouble despite some real talent depth and promise! Steve Fisher

    • 2damkule

      you don’t see any correlation between low assist output & abysmal shooting percentages, do you?

      might want to check the #s re. lowry…i mentioned that he’s PERCEIVED as a shoot-first PG in another thread last week, but that’s all it is, PERCEPTION.

      • DanH

        Historically, assist rate has almost no correlation with a team’s ORTG or win total.

        • 2damkule

          i was focusing more on steve’s bemoaning of the (raw) assist #s, while also bemoaning the woeful shooting %s, as though there isn’t a correlation.

          • DanH

            I agree – if there is a causation, it runs in that direction. But it should be noted that the 29th overall ranking means pretty much nothing in terms of overall chance of success.

  • Amigo

    Why no one is talking about MU & Lewieke’s Championship Parade program ?

  • NCAA madness

    The only Raptors starting 5 I care about at this point is one in 2014-15. This isn’t a pessimistic view, really. Nor a knock on the current team, which despite the very limited ceiling will probably still bounce back from this terrible start. NO, its the excitement I have for the prospects coming in next year after last nights games. Randle is a BEAST and will immediately be a star player, Parker’s talent and size are undeniable, and Wiggins although clearly still raw comparatively, is still a one in a generation talent. All three will be stars, i say that as confidently as anyone has about a prospect before, and not to mention the other potentnial stars Exum, Smart, Embid… Debate or not, if we do end up trading Gay Id be PUMPED. Im giddy thinking about the potential of tanking and teaming JV with some real young talent.

    • 2damkule

      i think you’ve nailed the crux of the pro-tank movement…that it isn’t ONE GUY that teams are tanking for, but 2, or 3, or 6 guys who have franchise-altering potential. so, yeah, if this was a one-player draft, i’d be leery of the tank, but this is a draft that has the potential to literally alter the NBA landscape. winning the lottery this year is a bigbigbigbigbig prize, because it gives that team so many options. using the pick on the guy they like best, or the one that emerges over the course of the college season as ‘the guy,’ trading down a few spots & picking up extra assets & picks while still being able to draft a potential franchise player, while also maybe being able to unload an albatross contract. so many options. which, of course means the raps will go on a run late in the year, and wind up with the 6th pick in a 5-franchise-player draft.

    • Mugsy
  • raptorspoo

    Parker at 4 or 5? Seriously??

    Also, Utah might go with their own in Parker – eh? Wiggins could be had at 2 too (maybe?)

    On a side note :
    Can we bring BC back?… So I can slap him upside the head for passing on Dre.