You might recall Steve Novak as the guy we brought in to fix the 26th ranked 3-point percentage. He’s played 16 minutes and has featured in only three games, while the Raptors remain in the bottom-third (21st) in 3-point percentage. Approximately 25% of Raptors FGs are threes, which is the same as last year.

Landry Fields’ improved play has affected Novak’s playing time which is fair, however, I find it hard to believe that the Raptors can’t find use for a career 43% three-point shooter (to be fair, he has had a minor back issue). I’m not advocating starting a #freenovak thing, but merely ask the question that perhaps if the Raptors do intend to play an iso-heavy offense, somebody who can space the floor might be helpful. As Lowry indicates:

“This is a different team. We are not going to have a high amount of assists because of the players we have. We have individual players — guys who create for themselves. Your assist totals are never going to be as high as they can be because the guys we have, while they catch and shoot sometimes, they are best at playmaking and putting the ball on the floor. And no one is going to complain about that because they are pretty damn good.”

As blaspheme as that statement might sound to team-ball enthusiasts, it advocates the need for floor-spacing and I can’t find anyone better than Novak to help out.

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