Here’s the play:

Dwane Casey commenting on the play:

The look was for Rudy. They did a good job of double-teaming and getting the ball out of his hands. He had options with DeMar and they left Amir there, and Rudy coulda, woulda, shoulda, had a shot, didn’t take it. He found Amir, and he had a clean look, it was straight, right on line and he works on that shot every day in practice. He had other options, but he made that decision and we got to live with it. I trust Rudy in that situation.

Please notice that in the GIF there is zero ball movement. Zero. None. The entire play is Rudy going one-on-one, making it a very easy double team for the Nets. Obviously, the Nets helped off of one of the worst three-point shooters on the floor and got the result they wanted – a long jumper by a guy who rarely shoots threes and is, you know, a power forward. This is a victory for the defense and a loss for the offense by any standards. How you can dress this up as “I trust Rudy in that situation” and “[Amir] works on that shot every day” is beyond me. The post-game comment from the coach should be “we didn’t get the shot we wanted”, that is all.

We were down two at home, not three and the age old rule goes go for the tie at home and the win on the road. Make the refs make the call, not bail out the defense that’s been on its heels for the last three minutes. The shot was also taken too late, not leaving sufficient time for offensive rebounding and, not to mention, there are ZERO offensive rebounders on the floor as the shot goes up. Where is Valanciunas? Where is Hansbrough? Why is Steve Novak the main offensive rebounder?

Shocking way to lose to an injury-ridden out-of-form Nets team.

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34 Responses to “Dwane Casey Comments on Last Play, Approves of Amir Three (GIF, Quote)”

  1. Mihkel Bafter

    Alright guys “Rudy you hold the ball for the last shot, then Amir I want you in the corner, Steve you crash the boards” D. Casey

    • Aaron

      Thats exactly what I was thinking. Of course he approved the three, he was probably the one that drew it up.

    • betterthancasey

      Novak did great job to running on the floor and he is right on the eblow if Rudy through the ball to him…if casey told Rudy to find Novak as open then….
      xxxx casey…he is really a high school coach

  2. Will

    Even if the play was for Gay to go iso, I can’t for the life of me understand why Gay wasted so many seconds before he drove. And why the hell did they waste so many seconds before fouling on the previous possession. It’s like the Charlotte game all over again.

    I always thought that teams couldn’t make the players or coach buy into tanking but maybe Ujiri has actually gotten to Casey.

    Can we please get someone else like a George Karl in here.

  3. Sleepless in Toronto

    My sanity thanks you. Crazy how the ‘announcers’ didn’t make a single comment on how poorly the last 30+ seconds were handled. I’m so sick of tanking talks and jokes. Look at the East; it would be harder to tank for a lottery pick than it would be to make the playoffs.

  4. sxp

    I don’t get this post. The play resulted in a clean look for a guy who, though not the best three point shooter on the team, has been known to make a few this season. I remember a very similar play when Chris Bosh (also a power forward) was in his rookie or second season and made the shot — and no one complained then.

    Find fault with the way the raps played the rest of the game. This last play was not a bad play because a guy missed an open shot. It happens.

    • Respite

      This is a bad play because the defense got what they wanted. Amir is not the guy you want shooting threes to win games and any team will give him a “clean look” in those situations because the percentages (especially given the pressure) are stacked against him.

      • sxp

        Comments like this are the exact reason some people (including some coaches) are against analytics. Man — in the heat of the game, you make the play in front of you — and sometimes that means taking what the defence gives you. Players aren’t analyzing minute percentages with split second decisions like that. Rudy made the right play.

        It turns out to be a “bad play” in your and a lot of people’s eyes because Amir missed. If he made it, we don’t have this discussion. It was a good shot I would take again in that situation.

        • Will

          It was a bad play no matter what the outcome was. If the shot went in, it would’ve been a fluke. We wouldn’t be praising Casey or Gay. It was a horrible play because, coming out of a timeout, 4 Raptors stood still while Gay tried to score on 5 guys. It was a horrible play because Gay wasted so much time before making his move, and there wasn’t really a chance for an offensive rebound. It was horrible because Gay didn’t try to draw a foul. It has nothing to do with analytics.

        • Tim W.

          I think you underestimate what good defenders understand when they’re playing defense. Smart defenders are always aware of each players strengths and weaknesses and which players need to be closed out on quickly and which players need to be helped on when they drive. Whether you call it analytics or simply understanding your opponent, if players aren’t fully aware of what they need to do for each player, then that’s simply not good defense.

          Even when I play pickup ball, I always make sure I know who I can help off of, who I can let drive, etc. It’s just smart defense.

        • Aaron

          Rudy made the right play. But why were all the players sitting out on the perimeter doing nothing. AND why was one of the players on the perimeter Amir Johnson?

        • cd hall

          Take the shot YES!!! With the same player (Amir) NO!!! Amir should have been in the paint with a 3 point shooter out at the line. That one’s on the coach.

    • Louvens Remy

      It resulted in a clean look, yes. But atleast run a play where the ball touches other players hands. 1 on 5 is brutal. you got your Power Forward out at the 3 pt line when he should be near the paint trying to grab a miss or something. It’s just dumb. go check out what the spurs do with the last play. At least dudes are setting picks and pin downs and causing some misdirection. If you are going to run an iso play then why pass the ball at all at this point? What rudy should have done is just go up for the 2 points and get fouled and go to the line.

  5. Romeo Carter

    Im just wondering why they continue to go to a clearly struggling Rudy Gay, rather than going to their most RELIABLE SCORER Demar Derozan. He’s proven this season that he’s ready to be the man on this team and start winning games. I think the Raptors organization needs to realize that and start trusting him so more.

    • rapsfan

      As crazy as this is, Rudy for some stupid reason sucks during the game except in clutch time. That’s about the only time he’s done any good this season… until this game happened.

  6. tito

    Simple , for this team to succeed Casey has to go ,
    I don’t understand why ?everybody don’t see it

  7. tito

    this team have an assistant coach running the show and not a coach that is what this team need ( casey mistakes and bad play call is not just this one , have been for 2 years

  8. Davywilly

    I am sick and tired of this one man pony show called Rudy Gay, and this coach who in my books , should still be an assistant. His substitutions were terrible and that last play he called up was atrocious. This team isn’t going anywhere the way it is constructed. I trust Masai will do the right thing and get rid of Gay and Casey.

  9. Muggsy

    ‘Coulda, woulda, shoulda’? At what point did Rudy have a shot? Drawing the defender and passing it to a guy in the open corner was actually a better decision than going 1 v 5. Even though it should have been Novak in the corner and not Amir.

    If you were going to spread the floor and milk the clock, leaving us no time for put back then why have Amir on the court? Why put a PF/Centre in the corner? Put another 3 point shooter on the floor! If there ever was a time for small ball, this was it!

  10. Louvens Remy

    I was semi joking to William Lou about this but I think after they put the bomb to this team they should either hire Tyronn Lue or Pat Ewing. If not then try to lure Billy Donavan, Mark Few or that kid Josh Pastner from Memphis, out of the college ranks.


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