Rudy Gay Doesn’t Want Team to Look at Box Scores

No scoresheets in the locker-room, says Rudy Gay.

Found this on the Hangtime blog via the Toronto Sun:

It’s common practice that after every game each player is provided a scoresheet. The sheet breaks down the individual players’ contributions as well as team totals.

That won’t be happening anymore in Toronto. Rudy Gay has put a stop to it.

Gay sees the scoresheets as an unnecessary barrier to team unity or even a temptation to be more focussed on what is best for the individual as opposed to what is best for the team.

“We’re not playing for stats,” Gay said.

Gay said there was no incident or no moment that pushed him toward this decision but as a leader on this team, he felt it was just something that was best for the team.

“I wanted to just nip it in the bud before it became an issue,” he said. “We come in here after losses, after wins and people are staring at those stat sheets, but that’s not what we’re about. We’re a team and the stat that matters is the W.”

Gay said there were no objections from his teammates when he delivered the news.
“No, none. It was pretty easy.”

I get, in essence, what he’s trying to do, but the obvious joke to be made here is that he doesn’t want others to know how much he shoots! I haven’t ever heard such a measure being taken by the 72-win Bulls, the Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs, or any other past NBA champion, so I’m inclined to think that this doesn’t matter as much.

Guys will look at box scores, whether it be in the locker room, at home, or on the bus on their phone – so I really don’t get what banning them from the locker room will do.

As for Gay suggesting that nobody objected? Well, that’s because of “group think” rather than “group mind”.

All the power to the Raptors if this works!

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