Rudy Gay Passes Ball, Shocks Amir Johnson

This happened in the first quarter of the Brooklyn game.

This is the play that was referred to in this morning’s post by Andrew:

Rudy Gay made a nice pass in the first quarter in the pick and roll to a rolling Amir Johnson. No, seriously though. Unfortunately, Amir was just as surprised as everyone watching at home as he recoiled in astonishment as the ball bounced out of bounds. He literally had not mentally prepared himself for a Rudy pass to the roll man. Feel free to draw your own conclusions here.

Here’s the play:

That was a sweet bounce pass by Rudy, almost point-forwardish. I’m thinking of starting a petition where this exact play is run about 20 times a game. See, you have a guy who is a scoring threat (just hang with me here) and a guy who is great at going to the rim who also happens to be a good finisher.

If Johnson catches the ball and a defender comes over, guess who is going to be wide open underneath the rim? Yes, Jonas Valanciunas, another guy who loves going towards the rim. There’s also the Kyle Lowry angle here, if a guy is helping out on Rudy, as Livingston is there, Rudy is free to make an easy pass for an open three.

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