ESPN: Gay and DeRozan the 5th and 6th Worst “Black Holes”

SportsVU has struck again, this time they’re classifying black holes and ball hogs. There is a Raptors connection.

As per an Insider article, Rudy and DeMar DeRozan are in the top ten of the worst “ball hogs” in the league. The article summarizes:

Well, if you can shoot it like Thompson, maybe you can get away with not sharing the ball. But the Golden State shooting guard fires up nearly as many shots as passes when he’s out there, which is pretty remarkable. The Warriors probably don’t care, as long as he continues shooting 50 percent from the floor and 46.8 percent from downtown.

We can’t say the same for Gordon, Thornton or Gay, who have collectively shot 38.3 percent from the floor this season. These are the Black Hole guys you don’t want to see on your team. For perspective, Gay fires up five more shots per game than James, but dishes out 14 fewer passes. Also, Gay is shooting 37.5 percent from the floor. In related news, Gay has banned his team from looking at the stat sheets in the locker room.

Here’s the table:


The good news is that they also categorize “ball hogs” and Gay and DeRozan are not part of that group. How is all this possible? It’s all because of SportsVU:

We have a brand-spanking-new trove of numbers from SportVU that will help us expose those who monopolize the basketball and keep it from their teammates. No longer must we be shackled by the confines of the box score. Thanks to 3-D cameras in every arena, we can see exactly how many passes a player makes, how many seconds he possesses the ball, and how often he dribbles.

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