As per an Insider article, Rudy and DeMar DeRozan are in the top ten of the worst “ball hogs” in the league. The article summarizes:

Well, if you can shoot it like Thompson, maybe you can get away with not sharing the ball. But the Golden State shooting guard fires up nearly as many shots as passes when he’s out there, which is pretty remarkable. The Warriors probably don’t care, as long as he continues shooting 50 percent from the floor and 46.8 percent from downtown.

We can’t say the same for Gordon, Thornton or Gay, who have collectively shot 38.3 percent from the floor this season. These are the Black Hole guys you don’t want to see on your team. For perspective, Gay fires up five more shots per game than James, but dishes out 14 fewer passes. Also, Gay is shooting 37.5 percent from the floor. In related news, Gay has banned his team from looking at the stat sheets in the locker room.

Here’s the table:


The good news is that they also categorize “ball hogs” and Gay and DeRozan are not part of that group. How is all this possible? It’s all because of SportsVU:

We have a brand-spanking-new trove of numbers from SportVU that will help us expose those who monopolize the basketball and keep it from their teammates. No longer must we be shackled by the confines of the box score. Thanks to 3-D cameras in every arena, we can see exactly how many passes a player makes, how many seconds he possesses the ball, and how often he dribbles.

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  • JM

    mind posting “ball hogs” table?
    For the record there is a diffrence between guys like Thompson, Redick and Martin to guys like Gay, Derozan and Antony. The former are 3 point specialists that move without the ball and come off screen – their job is to shoot the ball whenever they get open, and you will rarely find them dribbling around. The latter on the other hand, play a lot of iso ball, dribble the air out of the ball, and take low efficiency shots

    • arsenalist

      Can’t dude – that would essentially be the whole article which is not cool.

    • Adriiian

      They are the main guys on a low-assist team. They are given the ball and expected to create or pull up for a shot, so obviously they shoot more than they pass.

      This is an example of a useless stat.

  • DDayLewis

    Wait, the formula is simply Passes per Shot? That’s rather silly. I know SportVU tracks the amount of time each player has the ball in his hands. That should be factored in as well (would potentially alleviate the Martin/Thompson designated Ray-Allen role thing).

    • One relaxed fella

      Yeah, the formula is very primitive. Despite that I’m not surprised at all to find both Gay and DeRozan in the list which names top 10 black holes in the NBA. Unlike Thomspon, Redick or Martin, the two Raptors do belong here no matter what the formula is. Interesting thing is that Raptors is the only team which has two guys in the top 10. So 20 percent of the entire top 10 black holenessss in the NBA are the two Raptors.

  • GoldenBaller

    You can’t always blame the players. It’s the coach that runs what the players do.

  • RaptorFan

    This is the most useless stat ever. “Hey i’ve got an idea…..lets take the amount of passes and divide it by the number of shots a player takes”…..”it will be so awesome to see who has the lowest rate….Let’s call it the black hole rate.”
    Does this stat even account for minutes played?? Klay Thompson being on this list is a good reason why this stat is more for “fun” instead of actually being useful. The guy is shooting 50% and 46.8% percent from 3’s……if there’s a shooter you want to shoot whenever he touches it, its Klay Thompson!

    • Uh, why would the number of minutes played affect this stat? It’s a ratio that is not affected by minutes played. The more minutes a player plays, the more shots and pass he will have.

      I think the stat is definitely flawed because it’s too simplistic, but you don’t seem to like ANY stat that negatively reflects on a Raptor player.

      • RaptorFan

        Is Klay Thompson all of a sudden on the Raptors??? I didnt even use a Raptor player as an example. As a “mod” – you should probably read before you respond to comments.

        • The fact is that there are two Raptors that are in the top 5, and it’s my guess that’s why you have a problem with the stat. Just about every player on the list IS a black hole, so it’s hard to argue with the results.

          • gronk

            klay thompson and jj are black holes?? since when

          • RaptorFan

            So you don’t have a problem with this stat???

            I swear you said this stat is flawed…..dude make up your mind!

            • Yes, I have a problem with the stat, because it’s a little too simplistic, as I said, but it’s certainly not the “most useless stat ever”. Not even close. I have a problem with points per game, but it’s not the most useless stat, either.

              Most of those guys on the list ARE black holes.

              Also, can you ask a question with just one question mark???

  • bballi

    Is there a stat to show how many points occur after a certain player touches the ball per offensive posssesion. wouldn’t that be better?

  • Fire Casey

    Where’s Bargnani

  • timassin

    I’m fairly ok with derozan passing as much as he is right now. It’s gay that needs to learn to pass, demar is playing good the last few weeks. Gay is not making shots, it seems like hes forcing it everytime he has the ball because hes shooting so terrible. Also Casey’s offense is so stupid, ISO demar and rudy,jonas posts up 20 feet away from the basket and gets 10 touches in the first quarter then never again.