Denver Nuggets 112 Final
Recap | Box Score
98 Toronto Raptors
Tyler Hansbrough, PF 34 MIN | 2-4 FG | 3-4 FT | 5 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 7 PTS | -5

Got the start ahead of Johnson with Casey thinking he’d perform equally well as a starter as a bench player, but ended up having his usual game and the starting lineup change had a net effect of zero.

Rudy Gay, SF 38 MIN | 10-23 FG | 3-4 FT | 9 REB | 3 AST | 3 STL | 2 BLK | 2 TO | 23 PTS | 0

Shot poorly, killed any offensive continuity the Raptors had in the first half, and made up for his poor shooting numbers with meaningless points late.

Jonas Valanciunas, C 37 MIN | 8-16 FG | 2-4 FT | 11 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 3 BLK | 1 TO | 18 PTS | +5

Decided to get his and took a lot of shots (for him). Solid game and has figured out that on this team nobody’s looking out for him so he’s got to do it himself.

Kyle Lowry, PG 39 MIN | 5-15 FG | 4-4 FT | 3 REB | 7 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 5 TO | 17 PTS | -13

Poor shooting night, got burned defensively multiple times but showed good ball-distribution in some situations. Overall, 9 threes is a bit too perimetery for my liking, even if he does shoot a high percentage from there. If he’s launching jumpers at sight, it sets a bad example.

DeMar DeRozan, SG 35 MIN | 5-14 FG | 6-8 FT | 7 REB | 4 AST | 1 STL | 1 BLK | 3 TO | 17 PTS | -9

All-Star baby.

Amir Johnson, PF 14 MIN | 0-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 0 PTS | -16

Suffered as a bench player, Casey’s move backfired.

Steve Novak, SF 12 MIN | 2-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 6 PTS | -12

Productive in a short spell. Unfortunately, he’s out there as part of random units where he doesn’t quite know where his shot is going to come from.

Julyan Stone, SG 9 MIN | 0-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 2 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 0 PTS | -1

With Augustin and Buycks out, Stone stepped in and did nothing.

Terrence Ross, SG 21 MIN | 3-8 FG | 2-2 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 10 PTS | -19

Sporadic shooting, suspect defense, and little that will restore your faith in him. Still though, it’s baby steps with him and hopefully one day he’ll be capable enough to become a rotation player.



Dwane Casey

That lineup change was pointless, it resulted in the bench getting outscored 72-16 and outrebounded 26-7. You can officially start the countdown till he gets canned. Time to brush up the resume because Masai Ujiri won’t stand for this, not after preaching how this team was going to “kick your ass” on early Sunday afternoons.

Two Things We Saw

  1. I heard this game on the radio so I saw nothing.
  2. Enough Raptors stuff, come play some real ball in the RR 3-on-3 tournament – sign up now.

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74 Responses to “Super Late Reaction: Nuggets 112, Raptors 98”

    • Bears

      Keep Casey.
      Trade Derozan while his stalk is high.
      Trade Lowry before he get injured.
      Keep Gay unless you get a steal of a deal for him.

      Try to get 2015/2016 draft picks or young guys with potential.
      Gay and Casey help us lose games.

      Tanking may not be the solution but it’s the best available option.

        • Bears

          He’s not the future Andre. I agree with you there. I’ve always been on the tank/rebuild train and he’s helping us accomplish that. The argument to get rid of him sooner than later is the poor development of JV and Ross. Not saying it’s all on coaching but it definitely contributes.

    • Amigo

      He is playing finally his game without BC telling him to play Bargnani. So let’s go with streetball ! Bro

      In other news, T Leweike is paving TO for the Championship Parade ! while MU, former BC assistant is still evaluating.

  1. Ds

    Typical Raptors ball: Gay is on a fast break with Lowry streaking in front of him, he drives the length of the court all the while ignoring Lowry, gets fouled before he gets to the basket. Takes the ball out of bounds.

    I’ve seen selfish players come and go since the Raptors’s Day 1, but this takes the cake.

  2. AB4EYE

    The good news is we started better and JV played good with Tyler the bad news the new bench had one of the worst games ever getting outscored 72-16 and out rebounded 26-7 with about half of those seven rebounds coming off missed FT. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that many bench points in a regulation game that was close until the final part of the 4th. I think Nate Robinson had more in the 4th than our bench did all game.

    If Gay/DD/Kyle shoot under 40% on over 50 shots and add in 10 or more TO we have no real shot of winning. It also didn’t help that Denver couldn’t miss a jump shot for anything and if they did miss one they got a long rebound right to one of their guys.

    Tyler ended up having an Amir type game in the Amir role since we don’t have enough shots for those 3 players to get their shots along with JV having a good game. The sooner Gay is gone the quicker this team can start become a team. Hans took a total brick jumper but only touched it 5 times in the paint and he had 2 buckets, 2 sets of FT and missed a tip shot in the last 60 seconds or so.

    Speaking of Amir was bad again he’s another who could benefit for more shots as long as they aren’t three balls. Hope he can shake off the demotion and bring it better than he did today. Zero points, 3 rebounds with 2 off missed FT and a -16 in 14:26 was rough.

    I wish Casey would just pick a back up PG and let them go for a while. He’s been teasing all 3 of Stone/Buycks/Augustin with limited PT but hasn’t committed to anyone for more than a few games. I think DJ is the best and if we got him going he could maybe build trade value but at least pick on guy and give that player a fair legit shot.

    We desperately need to drop one of our volume shooters to open up shots for the others. I feel the other guys tend to take worse shots since they know they’re going to get limited shots a game so if they have any kind of look its going up.

  3. Mexiballer

    The evaluation is over Masai. This isnt working. And now the locker room is feeling it too. I know its tough to deal Rudy Gays contract and it probably wont happen right now. But Lionel Hollins is available right now and he may not be available at the end of the year. If no big trade is possible because of the weight that Rudy Gay is…at least we can get started in a new direction with a new coach.

    • AB4EYE

      Lionel Hollins isn’t the answer he loves Rudy and will bench JV for sure if he makes mistakes. One of the reasons Memphis dumped him because he refused to play Ed Davis.

      • Mexiballer

        The Grizzlies that Hollins coached were a playoff team trying to get to the next level. The Raptors are going to be a young rebuilding team in need of development and toughness from a good strong coach. Two completely different situations. I dont know for sure who the right coaching answer is. But its definitely not Casey.

        • Matt52

          No. He took over in 2008-09 and went 13-26 to end the season – no playoffs.

          That summer they used their cap space to trade for Z-Bo.

          2009-10: 40-42 (no playoffs)
          2010-11: 46-36 (2nd round, 7 game loss)
          2011-12: 41-25 = 51-31 (1st round, 7 game loss)
          2012-13: 56-26 (Western Conference, 6 game loss)

          The Grizz were in disarray when he took over.
          The Raps are in disarray now.
          This is the same.

          The Grizz made a big move his first summer.
          The Raps could make a big move this summer at which point it would be the same situation.
          Until this happens it is different.

          • Mexiballer

            Thanks for that. I was responding to AB4 and referring to the last few seasons when the Grizzlies were a playoff team and Hollins coached both Rudy and Ed Davis at different times. As far as the situation being somewhat different when Hollins took over the Grizzlies than it is with the Raptors…I agree. Still, Masai does plan on a rebuild of sorts and my only real point is why wait to fire Casey when there are a few good coaches available now who may not be there come the end of the season. Wouldn’t it be better for Masai to lock in on a proven coach now and begin the process when you he pretty much knows that Casey is not going to be the coach of the future.

    • FREEJV

      why go after Hollins when theres a hall of famer like George Karl available who is good friends with Masai :S

      • Mexiballer

        There is nothing wrong with George Karl. I personally prefer Holliins because of his hard nosed defense and he did recently go through the development process of building the Grizzlies. Hes also younger and healthier than Karl. But I would take either.

  4. robertparrish00

    Seriously Casey….is this the playbook??!?
    Dribbling till the shot clock hits 10 then forcing a shot over the defender? Is that the play drawn up for every possession?

      • Red Baron

        Would the Heat still win most games if Lebron decided to jack up 25 shots a game? sure they would, but Lebron knows that team is at it’s best when the rock is shared. If Lebron f-ing James limits his shots in the name of Team ball, why oh why doesn’t Rudy get this concept? argh.

  5. rtz

    What masai is evaluating i really don’t know. It’s Pretty straight forward to me.

    1) Casey has no clue. On offensive sets. No play calls. No control over players decisions. Give the ball to that guy I trust him is not a party. No rotation that makes sense. Substitutions ineffective.

    2) why is fields sick on the bench. There was one guy who moved the ball. Made smart cuts and was not selfish.

    3)Gay cannot play on a team.

    4) Our bench might as well be made up of the cheerleaders. At least they have a chance to distract the opposition.


    • Gabe

      Evaluating doesn’t mean making terrible trades out of desperation… but ya, this team is so dysfunctional, Casey is the easiest change to make and it needs to be made.

  6. Adriiian

    Tough to be a fan of this team ever since the Rudy Gay trade. I knew Colangelo fucked us. He’s an absolute cancer and I don’t think any GM is stupid enough to take him off our hands.

  7. Paul

    How long must we suffer this lame dog of a team?
    Time to take old yeller behind the wood shed Masai.

  8. HogyG

    That was a hard game to watch this afternoon. Between the bad coaching and equally bad refereeing, I was constantly yelling at my television screen for something. I liked the idea of Stone being used to match up against Andre Miller to try and negate Andre’s height and effectiveness, however this was a perfect opportunity to find Fields some floor time. Why Fields can’t find minutes somewhere in the rotation is still a mystery. Though if I was to guess at this point, I’d have to (sarcastically) think that the coaching staff is set in running ISOs and Fields movement (with and without the ball) would only disrupt what they’re trying to accomplish, which is obviously the “stand around and watch” approach. Either that or the coaching staff believes that Novak’s singular advantage at the three point line outweighs Field’s advantage at everything else! It was nice to see BigV get some consecutive touches down the floor in this game, I didn’t look to compare, but this felt like the most touches he’s had all season. I think inserting HansBro into the starting lineup did nothing positive for our team, but it did take away the spark plug we had in our second unit as Amir’s approach since falling under the weather has been less than explosive.

    The ISO only offense has got to go! If the playground schemes they are running is Casey’s plan on the offensive end then he needs to be replaced. If it’s the players trying to take over the game and play “hero ball” then Casey needs to get on that, sit them and refocus what they are trying to achieve on the floor. Most high school offenses across the country have more options in their offensive schemes than the Raptors show on a per game basis while under Dwayne Casey. How he didn’t use a timeout with 10 minutes to go in the 4th while only down only 4, to try and get back the teams focus and intensity (or give them a better look with a “go-to” play to run from his trusty invisible playbook), or even again (for the first time) with just under 9 to play before the game got out of hand. Instead, in typical Casey fashion, he waits for the officials time out on the next dead ball and doesn’t call a timeout of his own until the Raps are down 14 with only a couple minutes to go. Good thing you kept those timeouts for the end of the game!

    For Dwayne, it always seems to be a matter of too little and too late! Coach needs to be more involved with the game, when bad calls or no-calls start coming from the ref, and the frustration can be seen in our players and the momentum of the game begins to shift into the opponents favor, he needs to go and get T-ed up for his players sake, to help allow his team to focus on their game rather than the officials. If Casey isn’t going to give them any advise except “give Rudy the ball” and “pound the rock” then the least he could do is get thrown out of a game on their behalf when the Ref’s decide to turn a blind eye or change the tides and treat them like second class citizens instead of equals.

    I imagine the usual detractors of Rudy and DeMar will come out of the wood work (as always) and point out their inefficient shooting this afternoon, but I would counter that their all around box score showed their desire to find a way to win, and unfortunately they couldn’t will the team to victory. It’s a tough position for these two to be in currently, when their coach doesn’t give the team anything to work with to help them find an advantage on the offensive end. Granted, both took some ill advised shots and forced up some long twos, but what should you expect when you’re asked to go ISO 1 on 5 as your only offensive set. Especially if the rest of the team isn’t going to move without the ball and create some passing lanes to give the player in the ISO position a place to kick out to.


      So hard to read you posts now that you’ve eliminated “the boys” out of them. Sigh.

      You’re right though, it was the refs. Please.

      • HogyG

        Not blaming the refs, just saying I was frustrated they missed a lot of opportunities to put the Raptors to the line this afternoon. It was apparent that it was getting under “the Boys” skin and if Casey isn’t going to help them with coaching the least he could do is go get T’ed up to help ge that stuff out of his players heads.

        • Mexiballer

          Dont worry about Casey’s timeouts or T’s. He wont be around much longer to do either. Barring an amazing turn around Masai has already started the clock.

          • HogyG

            I hope you’re right. After hearing Ujiri’s interview (on Nov.16th I believe) it sounded like he was going to stick with Casey for the season. If so, Pro-Tank Nation can rejoice because it seems like even the 1995-96 Bulls couldn’t make the playoffs if Casey was at their helm!

            • Mexiballer

              I agree. I think his plan was to stick with Casey for the year. But if this continues to be ugly I think he can see what there is no wisdom in waiting.

  9. Mexiballer

    One positive that came out of today’s game is that Demar is fed up. Maybe some frustration and accountability in the locker room will be good in moving this thing forward to where it needs to be. Hopefully changes coming sooner rather than later.

  10. paul

    bottom line is this team cant beat anyone in the east playoffs so whats the fuking point please trade these middle to bottom of the stack players for picks and expiring contracts please i hate watching this shit rather watch JV take 30 shots a night to see what we got in him then watch these brick layers night after night fuk these clowns iam so frustrated by this team and the stupid coach and the stupid organization and nothing will change b/c ppl keep going to games fuk this shit …..oo that was one long sentence haha bye

  11. Red Baron

    I will NEVER understand Coach Casey’s rotations. I kept thinking early that this would be a perfect match-up game for Quincy Acy as, with the exception of when Mozgov was on the floor, Denver is pretty small up front with Manimal and Hickson. Acy is good but is a classic tweener and not big enough most nights. So on a night where his lack of length would not hurt and his energy and rebounding would help, he sits all night. And the constant carousel of back-up PG’s…just PICK one already. I think this game was a great illustration of how if your well coached and have complimentary skills/players on the floor you can be successful, as I don’t see that in a pure talent/skill/athleticism dept that the Nuggets are that much better than us. I actually think we actually stack up against them talent wise, they just seem so much more organized on D, and so much more ball movement on O. I won’t even comment on Rudy’s tunnel vision tonight…

  12. drg

    IDK I can’t tell how much of Raptors offensive problems I should blame on personnel and how much I should blame on DC…

    Denver gaurds destroyed us off the dribble which doesn’t say much for our defence either.

    We need to make the best trade available and shake up this unbalanced roster whether that turns into tanking or fighting for playoffs.

  13. ppellico

    this whole poor season so far has been Aaron Gray’s fault! Trade his ass… he is hurting this team.

  14. Rap fan 2

    There’s reason that Masai Ujuri may possibly have an interest in making a trade for Asik. We were again exposed on the inside again.

  15. The Mega Sage

    A history of Toronto Raptors head coaches:
    1995-1996 :Brendan Malone (.256 winning percentage)
    1996-1998: Darrell Walker (.313 winning percentage)
    1998-2000: Butch Carter (.442 winning percentage)
    2000-2003: Lenny Wilkens (.459 winning percentage)
    2003-2004: Kevin O’Neill (.402 winning percentage)
    2004-2008: Sam Mitchell (.451 winning percentage)
    2008-2011: Jay Triano (.380 winning percentage)
    2011-2013: Dwane Casey (.385 winning percentage)

    I know Rudy Gay hates stats, but here are some stats.

    *Seven of the eight Toronto Raptors head coaches had their FIRST NBA COACHING JOB with Toronto.

    *Five of the eight Toronto Raptors head coaches NEVER HEAD COACHED AGAIN in the NBA.

    **One of them, Brendan Malone, was an interim head coach for 18 games. That is his only other experience.
    **The second, Darrell Walker, was head coach for 38 games with Washington before he was let go.

    *Besides Lenny Wilkens, the sum total of NBA head coach experience on a different teams amongst the seven other Toronto Raptors head coaches is 56 games.

    What can we take from this?
    1) Toronto is coming up on 20 years of total futility in the NBA (.407 lifetime record)
    2) Toronto has never had a coach that brought the team to .500 ball. Ever.
    3) Toronto has only once – ONCE – hired a coach with actual NBA experience.

    They habitually pay millions of dollars for unperforming players, and for some reason refuse to pay for a decent coach.

    Please. Please. PLEASE open the coffers and hire an actual coach with actual experience. I don’t care if they tank while doing it, but get a coach in that holds his players accountable, instills discipline, has ACTUAL FRIGGIN’ OFFENSIVE PLAYS, and isn’t learning on the job while mismanaging developing players and causing seething resentment in the paying public who sees how atrociously their team is playing and being coached.

    • Tim W.

      Actually 6 of the eight head coaches had never been head coaches before. Lenny Wilkins and Dwane Casey had head coaching experience.

      Of course in Chicago, Tom Thibodeau, Phil Jackson, Doug Collins, and Dick Motta who all coached the team to, at least the Conference FInals and were some of the most successful coaches in their franchise history never had head coaching experience before taking over the top spot in Chicago.

      The problem is not that the Raptors aren’t hiring experienced head coaches. The problem is they’re not hiring good ones.

      • The Mega Sage

        Sorry, I was filled with such righteous indignation there I forgot Casey was fired by Minnesota a few years ago. 🙂

        I wish there was an easy answer. I don’t think any GM will take Rudy, even if Toronto puts him on the side of the road on garbage day with a sign “Free to a good home” (similiarly see: Amar’e Stoudemire). And it’s not as if good, proven coaches grow on trees. And I can’t see Toronto really parlaying any current assets into something better than the player they already have. Maybe DeRozen could bring back a solid rotational player or a decent sixth man, but that’s about it.

        Maybe I’m just getting old and jaded, but Toronto is (20 years later) still going nowhere fast. One future possible above average player (JV) who is being mismanaged in a very important time in his career (image if Tim Duncan were played this way in his first few years, instead of being let flourish). Beyond that, we have a one dimensional offensive wing that is have a good year but obviously starting to become frustrated by the current team (DD), an over priced cancer (do I really have to say it), a decent PF that would come off the bench on most other teams), and a middle of the road PG.

        The Raptors aren’t one piece away from being a solid team. They are 10 pieces away.

      • rtz

        For once I agree with Tim w.
        Why can’t we find a good coach?
        Jeff van gundy
        Stan van gundy
        George Karl
        Lionel Hollins

        The list goes on… Please add your suggestions.
        They say people won’t come here? Horse shit
        Money talks. There is no salary cap on coaches. Masai came here for money. Open the wallet and let’s do it.

      • Roarque

        You don’t think the next head coach is already here? Give Masai some credit for developing a strategy. It’s almost time to execute.

  16. FREEJV

    lmao i love how JV played today he said fuck these guys if i leave it up to them ill get 2 pts again so he was out to get his well done the franchise :D. id rather have him shoot 16 shots then Gay cuz JV will at least make half of them. No need to worry tho cuz JVs time is coming. soom it ll be him and derozan s team gtfo rudy

  17. Bryan Colangelo

    Don’t you guys get it? Masai is giving Casey as much rope as he can to hang himself with until the trade deadline. That way the team will self-destruct in an organic way, putting the Raptors in prime tanking position and enabling him to detonate the entire team without alienating the good players on the team that want to win now.

    It’s perfect. And if I weren’t such a bad GM I would do the same thing.

  18. KJ-B

    So…Rudy Gay gets $18 MILLION to play like an NBDL lifer?!?! Ain’t that the tankin’ TRUTH!!!

  19. Dr. Scooby

    Casey is not the reason the Raps aren’t winning. Sure he has bizarro lineups and an aversion to using timeouts, but c’mon this team is not built for winning PERIOD.

    Casey is gone near or at season’s end. All you can do is pray that MU can actually acquire the talent to win…in a couple of seasons from now.

    • Paul

      You’re right. Casey us bad no doubt. But is any decent coach going to take on this sad sack team half way through the season? I think not.
      The problem is bother personnel and bad coaching.
      While the personnel must be dealt with immediately, the coaching may be better left to the offseason

      • ppellico

        your ability to change or forget history is amazing.
        the poor rotations.
        the poor play calling…or total lack of.
        the poor dissapline…he has lost his own team.
        Please….do not be an enabler.

        • Dr. Scooby

          Oh don’t start a riot, we all know he’s done, cooked, finito.

          Can you say: “Lame Duck”

    • Bryan Colangelo

      Casey is the perfect scapegoat for a GM that believes tanking is the best long-term strategy, but doesn’t want the players or public to know.

      Casey absolutely cares about winning and is obviously trying. He may not have the personnel to win, but he has completely autonomy and his preferred staff to coach how he wants.

      It’s one thing not to win — but how the team is losing truly reveals Casey’s deficiencies as a coach at this level, which plays right into Masai’s plans.

      As I said in an earlier post, I think Masai is well aware that Raptors need a new coach, but is willing to let the Raptors drop further and further in the standings until cutting Casey loose looks like a no-brainer — not just to the fans, but the players and the rest of the league.

      There is no urgency to replace Casey now because a) Masai wants the team to lose without institutionalizing a ‘tanking’ culture and b) it only makes the team seem more desperate as they approach the trade deadline.

  20. gradgrind101

    So what… The Raptors bench get outscored 72 – 16. Today Miami’s bench scored 14 and Indiana’s scored 17 and both teams won. Portland’s bench has averaged 23 points so far this year.

    From where I stand the problem is as obvious as a kick to the groin. The problem in opinion is Masai Ujiri has deliberately hung Casey out to dry and in the process has created a rancid team chemistry. Clearly the coach does not have the ear of the players and whatever foundation they are trying to lay down in practice when it comes game time they are completely unprepared to play. Players are just trying to pad their stats. It’s an absolute mess.

    This cannot be what Ujiri had in mind. If I were a free agent I would rather go anywhere else… And if Toronto was the only team interested in me I’d rather retire.

    • AB4EYE

      Miami and Indy both have far better starting 5’s and both were very lucky those poor bench games didn’t cost them wins today.

  21. higdale

    Saturday Casey hinted at a possible line up change and that the Raptors really haven’t had a bench. After today’s loss he said “we’ve got to develop our bench” and while starting Hansbrough gave the start some energy Casey’s shortsightedness had no plan for the bench. A bench they never really had on Saturday or never planned to develop until today. The Raptor’s have some talent but those players are selfish and Casey hasn’t been able to convince them that he has a system in which they can have success and win because he doesn’t have one. His feel for the game, when to use time outs, rotations, team’s execution and his line up shake up show’s how ineffective his adjustments are. Nothing drastic nothing effective

  22. steve fisher

    R G will not stop forcing bad shots by himself because he just does NOT get it. The only thing that will not only get his attention and set an important example to all his teammates is if he continues forcing bad shots which often lead to turnovers.he will be on the bench. He must be told the new rules in advance and then its his decision be a team player or spend much more time on the bench. Simple plan it will work for all the players the coaches and the fans. It might even save the head coaches job. Sixteen games is far too long for this nonsense to go on . Rudy G will not stop on his own. Make him an offer he can`t refuse. When you consider his overall plus/minus , all the points his check scores because of his very weak defense and all the points scored from all his inevitable turnover because of his many badly forced shots his net worth is close to 0. That does not take into consideration his freezing up the entire offense not to mention the frustration and moral killing of his teammates and the FANS!1! Steve Fisher.

  23. Phat AlberG

    Rudy Gay is biggest ball hog I ever seen in my life! Casey honestly is not NBA coach because we keep seeing same thing over & over again. The person should’ve been bench was Rudy Gay, I don’t know how this guys logs 38 mins a game. Right now just I don’t even care about this season because this team is not fun to watch. Also there is no point even trying to get into playoffs because they are going get destroyed who ever they play. You know what’s sucks it’s hilarious we are in 4th seed, but god willing we end up with top 4 pick.

  24. 2damkule

    just to harp on RG a bit more…

    he has 9 games this year in which he’s scored more pts than he has attempted FGs. in those 9 games, in none has he scored more than 5pts more than the # of FGs attempted. in other words, in games he hasn’t sucked terribly shooting, he’s still sucked.

    thrice this year, he has scored as many pts as he’s attempted FGs (23 & 23, 21 & 21 and 11 & 11).

    4 times this year, he has scored fewer pts than he’s attempted FGs (9 pts on 12 FGAs, 29 pts on 37 FGAs, 20 pts on 21 FGAs & 14 pts on 23 FGAs).

    so, he’s basically averaging about a point per FGA; he’s also getting to the line ~ 5/game, which actually reduces his raw FGA #s.

    remember how we always loved ruminating on bargs’ historically inept rebounding? gay might just be starting to touch ‘historical’ status for his shooting. i can’t imagine why he doesn’t want stat sheets in the room.

    • Louvens Remy

      Only if he brings Marc “Baby Pau” Gasol and Zach Randolph with him. Actually, he’s a pretty good coach who manages to squeeze the most out of a pretty “meh” Memphis BBQ team. He knows his teams limits and plays within em!

  25. Chris

    lol what a disheartening evaluation almost all players failed, but unfortunately it is all too true. The raptors need to do something before they lose this season, tanking is not only difficult it is too much to handle all season long. Raptors fans would much prefer a playoff push because we wont end up in 15th in the East its too bad of a conference so there goes a shot at a top 3 pick anyways. Even with a top 3 pick the raptors are a mediocre team and it would take years of development for a player like that. This article addresses an evaluation of the season to date:


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