DeMar's getting frustrated

With Toronto Raptors’ struggles starting to wear on DeMar DeRozan, is it time for team to trade him? | National Post

DeRozan sounds like someone who has spent too much time invested in the welfare of the Raptors. We have seen this before from other players drafted into the organization who grew to become the team’s face, or at least voice — primarily Vince Carter and Chris Bosh. Eventually, being a part of repeated Raptors implosions can wear on a basketball soul. To be clear: DeRozan has not asked for a trade, and remains positive about the city and team.

Selfish Raptors must make change | Toronto Sun

Asking Gay to initiate the offence far less frequently also could be a potential solution. He is a below average ball-handler and passer, so it’s not clear why he has been tasked with being Toronto’s primary ball-handler, particularly with Lowry playing well. It’s led to poor numbers, both for Gay (17 games in a row shooting less than 47% from the field, tons of turnovers) and for the team and has limited the effectiveness of Valanciunas and Amir Johnson.

Lewenberg: Casey makes lineup change, calls out bench | TSN

“Our bench has got to give us something,” Casey maintained after Denver’s subs scored 72 points, an opponent record against the Raptors. “Our (starters) can’t play for 48 (minutes), so we’ve got to get production from the bench.” “The guys coming in have got to develop a toughness, a resilience of getting stops and it starts on the defensive end. That’s where our problems started in the second half. They shot well but we didn’t make them feel us and that’s the difference.”

Raptors Aim To Regroup Out West |

Don’t let the Warriors’ 10-8 record fool you. Near .500 in the West means absolutely nowhere near the same thing as in the East this season. Golden State has looked like one of the stronger teams in the Western Conference and they’ve absolutely dominated this matchup over the years with 10 wins in the last 12 meetings and eight straight in Oakland.

Raptors need to get a move on | Toronto Sun

If Casey would like to change one thing about his team before they get back to Toronto, it’s their collective penchant for holding onto the ball too long. The Raptors, as poor as they have been in sharing the basketball, have had games this year where the ball did move from side to side and back again. They did it in Memphis, they did it in Milwaukee and they did it in Philly, but they’re not doing it nearly consistently enough. Casey pounds home that message every practice, every walkthrough and sometimes the message takes, but more often it’s forgotten either by game time or soon after the first quarter.

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7 Responses to “Morning Coffee: December 3rd Edition”

  1. Andre

    I have a question for the RR dudes.

    You guys go to the games. Do you feel the players have tuned out the coach? Could it be the reason we see Rudy and Derozen jacking up so many shots and Jonas hardly have offense run through him? My friend was at the game and sat beside one of the players wife. She was dogging Casey saying the players don’t respect him and how he is a horrible coach. What say you guys?

    • Nilanka15

      “Rudy and Derozan jacking up so many shots and Jonas hardly have offense run through him”

      Hasn’t this been the case since opening night? Was Casey “tuned out” before the season started?

      • Andre

        Maybe he was… but I wonder if it has to do with rudy gay. Without gay, this team was real good defensively plus they played better as a team. I wonder if Rudy is a locker room problem.

    • requisite toke n

      In answer to ‘what say you guys?’ … as a rule, I think of stories twice-removed from the story-teller to automatically be suspect. Your *friend* hearing from *one of the player’s wives* (which one?) that players don’t respect Casey? Naa. Sorry, but I don’t buy it. Too easy to make an inflammatory statement that way, just to kick up dust. Days from now, we’ll be hearing others repeat it like it was gospel. Which is a common downside-problem of random b.s.

      • Andre

        I completely agree with you. That’s why I named no names. But it does have relevance to my actually question to why the offense is running the way it is. I didn’t want to make that statement the focal point. Like @Nilanka15 said, its like they have been playing like that from the start. So the story I asked about doesn’t add up. That’s why I asked about those that attend the games in person. You can tell by the body language or the plays being called if there is insubordinatin. Do you go to the games? have you noticed that?

  2. requisite toke n

    If Masai arrived to see how bare the cupboard really was once BC had cleaned it out as thoroughly as he possibly could have (he really did a job on us), and IF Masai was as well aware of the realities of ever contending in this league and that it wasn’t likely to happen here by conventional means of any kind, as some occasionally suspect … what kind of conversations between him and Dwane might there have been? ‘Don’t encourage passing.’ ‘Let Rudy just do what Rudy does.’ ‘Don’t interfere too much, just let nature take its course.’ ‘Get us pp balls and you’ll get another two years to show what you can really do; this is going to be one tough season for you … and us all.’

    It’s sounds awful and ridiculous, yes, but … what else does it sound like to honest-to-goodness actually ultra-secretly strategize a tank-job? I have no idea if this is what we’re seeing here but … sometimes I think ‘maybe’.

  3. higdale

    Casey mentions the Bucks game as one of the games they had ball movement and a win. If he would look at the tape he’d see Fields was a major part of that movement. He ran pick-n rolls with all the bigs and spoon feed Gray 2 baskets as well as running the offense when the Bucks went to a zone. Why Casey won’t play this kid is perplexing at best because when he’s been given minutes he hasn’t hurt the team. He’s giving Ross and Novak minutes but the problem is that they can’t pass to themselves. They need someone to get the ball to them in the right spot so that they can play to their strengths. They both need someone to be in the middle on the break who will push the ball so Ross can fill the lane and finish and Novak can spot up on the break for a 3 .Field’s has shown that he can lead the break and find the open man. He’s not a selfish player but an all around highly intelligent player who played with Novak at the height of Linsanity and was the other guard with Lin who threw Fields countless lobs for dunks. So maybe Novak has an edge on shooting 3s and free throws but Fields knows where Novak likes to operate and can get the ball to him. Not to mention that this kid plays defense, runs the floor, rebounds and keeps the opposing team honest with his cutting and moving with and without the ball, brings energy and will dunk on you if you don’t pay attention.( ask Paul Millsap ESPN top ten plays last month). He has an old school game and would be better suited for an established ball movement type of team but to not use his skill set when Casey said that ball movement and trust the pass is what’s needed is confusing at best especially since Casey throw the bench under the bus after the Denver loss on Sunday a bench he said they never really had after Saturday’s practice. Field’s intelligent play was on displays at the end of the Portland game when he hustled in on a missed free throw and got the rebound keeping the Raptors alive. At least respect the guy enough to give him a chance to earn his contract money regardless of how it is and the organization a chance to see if they can get something for him at some point but to give the impression that he’s useless is well just useless. I think it speaks to Casey’s inability to recognize a player’s strengths and know how to use them.


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