One article in the Post that only speculated about DeRozan’s value and ESPN Insider picks it up.  Suddenly people want to trade DeMar DeRozan.

Here’s 10 reasons not to trade him:

  1. He’s our best player
  2. He’s tied to a long-term contract
  3. He’s shown that he can become a legitimate scorer in the league
  4. He’s a gym rat
  5. He’s the only player on the roster that has an outside chance of attracting someone to play alongside in Toronto
  6. He’s happy in Toronto
  7. He’s become a decent player without basically having any good coaching instructions, imagine if he had a real coach around him?
  8. His defense can only get better and his stock will only rise
  9. He’s not a knuckle-head, doesn’t get into trouble, and if he develops as a player, he could be a good ‘franchise player’
  10. He’s 24 years old

It’s easy to poke holes at DeRozan’s game – yes, we know he’s got defensive problems, but sometimes people need to look at the coaching (or lack of) our players have received.  We’ve had Jay Triano and Dwane Casey managing player development, two guys that are entirely unproven as head coaches and motivators in the NBA.   Before we trade DeRozan for a pick and satisfy the devastating cravings of TankNation, maybe it’s better to look at the positive developments of the player and see where he can fit in the future, rather than trading him for an entirely uncertain one.

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  • Andrey

    I don’t think he will survive the rebuild tbh.

    • consmap

      This is my concern. If we keep losing, even if we have an overall plan behind it he won’t be happy. Honestly for his sake and sanity I’d rather have him be given to another team than suffer through yet another losing season (and potentially more).
      However, if he’s okay with it then we can totally keep him forever. But it must be frustrating for him to work so hard and not really get anywhere, especially since it really isn’t his fault.

  • Blackjitsu

    How about: He wants to win!!!

  • DDD

    he has real passion too. my favourite player on the raps, and for good reason too. if we trade him, than masai would have made a huge mistake

  • Thomas

    Hopefully we fire Casey soon. I expect it to happen after the road trip if it goes bad. I know this is probably unrealistic, but hopefully Masai can convince a guy like George Karl or Stan Van Gundy to come coach this team. Both proven coaches with a history of winning and can get this franchise going in the right direction.

    As for DeRozan, he loves being in Toronto and has said again and again that he wants to be a part of winning here in Toronto. He’s improved every year and is only 24 years old. He’s increased is shooting percentage to 43% (not good but better) and his 3 point shooting to 38% (career high). If he keeps this play up he could be an all-star this year. If we trade him, I think it would send the wrong message not only to the team but the Raptors fanbase.

    • heirforce

      I’m looking forward to Dec 15th, when signed free agents can be traded. Any major moves should happen after that.

    • cdub

      I would like SVG. They will likely go with an interim for the rest of the year though which is fine by me. Hopefully they can work on landing a big time coach for next season. Who knows though money talks and they would definitely be able to throw wads of cash at a coach if they wanted. Either way Casey needs to go ASAP no point keeping him around hes a lame duck and that’s not going to change unless the raptors go on some crazy winning streak starting tonight.

      • Thomas

        Yeah you’re probably right. Money does talk, and Leiweke has said they’re not gonna be afraid to spend money to make the team a winner, so hopefully he can back that talk up with a SVG hiring. December 15th can’t come soon enough.

    • Will

      I would love to see George Karl in here. Watching the Nuggets was so much fun last year. They ran like crazy, and pounded the paint in the half court. They led the league in points in the paint last year and all they took were inside shots or threes. And I’m sure a guy like Karl would have the balls to sit Gay on his ass when he doesn’t conform to the game plan. I’m sure Casey knows Gay is playing like crap but he refuses to bench him. So frustrating!!!

    • WhiteVegas

      What about Lionel Hollins? He turned around a bad team (Western Conference Finals last year), is a good big man coach (ZBo and Gasol thirved under him), and his teams defend well. Not sure why Memphis gave up on him. Lotta good it’s done them with their 9-8 record so far.

      • Thomas

        Hollins could be good, but one reason why he wasn’t renewed in Memphis was of how pissed he was at the organization for trading Rudy Gay. If he came to Toronto we’d probably see even more of Rudy Gay shooting.

  • Rapfan

    Look at it we have to build around jv and DD because they are only ones with a real desire to win

  • David Graham

    Do NOT trade derozan

  • StabbyRaccoon

    And there you have it. Zarar’s argument>That article. The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind so this “issue” comes as a bit of a shock. DeMar has shown that he has the passion and will continue to improve on whatever he sets his mind to. He finally overcame his poor 3-point shooting and he has a lot of talent when playing inside, but this silly non-offense that they’re running doesn’t make room for it.

  • Louvens Remy

    I’m down with keeping DeMar. He’s a future 6th Man of the Year!

    • OldSkoolCool

      exactly…not really a player that we need to build around. Lets worry about getting a number 1 and 2 option first, then lets go after a sixth man

  • Tinman

    Always thought he’s even younger than his age. Came in a year outta college and at first, while you saw the talent, he was a boy competing against men. Still think there’s plenty of upside, his body is just maturing now. His stock hasn’t peaked yet.
    Yet, he is probably the most desirable asset that we have.

  • AxlT

    It’s funny that there was an either/or between him and Gay last summer. I think the question which ones the keeper has been answered

  • dino4life

    Amen to everything you said until the last sentence. I’m for blowing it up but always said Demar JV Amir and Ross stay, trade everyone else.

  • 1. Wasn’t that the argument against trading Bargnani at one time? Bad reason, especially for a bad team.

    2. Great. That also might also be a reason to trade him.

    3. I also remember that argument being used against trading Bargnani. DeRozan is definitely a good scorer, but he’s certainly not a great one, and not someone you’d want as your first or second option on a contender, so the fact that he’s a legitimate scorer doesn’t mean a whole lot.

    4. I like that he’s a gym rat. But that’s not a reason to not trade him.

    5. Is DeRozan REALLY going to end up being good enough to attract a free agent of real value? Highly doubtful. This is a MAJOR reach.

    6. So was Charlie Villaneuva. That’s not a reason to keep a player.

    7. Key word, ‘decent’. He’s a better than average player. Not a reason not to trade him.

    8, His defense will only get better because it’s not very good. And his stock may very well be at an all time high.

    9. There is absolutely no evidence to support the idea that he could become anything more than a borderline All Star. Definitely not a ‘franchise player’. As for not being a knucklehead. True. I don’t know if that’s a good reason not to trade someone. Not to trade FOR them, sure.

    10. Yes, he’s 24, which helps increase his trade value. For once, I’d like to see the Raptors be able to sell high on a player than sell low. DeRozan is a nice player, but that’s it. He’s not exceptional at anything and he’s below average at far too many things. He’s pretty easy to replace, so why not get what you can for him now?

    • hateslosing

      10. By this logic anytime you hae a player who is playing well you should trade him. I’m not against trading Derozan if the price is right but trading our best players BECAUSE they are playing well and thinking that will help us get better seems like a good way to avoid ever winning anything. Trading an improving player for a pick means you lose the oppurtunity to have that player develop and get better, you take a risk. Right now we should be looking at trading our older players (Kyle Lowry, Gay, etc…) and keeping our young players (<25) in our system to develop long term.

    • WhiteVegas

      He’s still improving Tim. He’s shooting freaking .391 from 3 on the season (64 attempts so you know it’s not a fluke). That was a huge knock against him in the past and the optimistic of us thought he could get to .300 from 3 this year. He has blown my expectations out of the water. He’s also vastly improved his post game and shooting efficiency across the board. He also has a career best PER, WS/48, ORTG, and DRTG. If we got back a legit superstar then fine, but if you want crap like Tony Wroten then forget about it (Wroten is a favorite target of “fans” over at RaptorsHQ). Derozan’s scoring ability is absolutely elite in the NBA and he’s only getting better. Is it really selling high if he keeps improving over the course of his contract? Nope, it’s selling low, and I’d like to avoid that at all costs.

      • I don’t doubt he’s still improving, but that doesn’t mean his value will increase. The longer you hold onto DeRozan, the more it will be apparent where his ceiling is. Potential is often worth more in the NBA than production. The trick is, if you’re going to trade a player, to find a point when the the two intersect at the highest point. That’s now for DeRozan.

        And My biggest problem with DeRozan has never been his three point shooting. I have even defended his lack of it. My biggest problem has been his poor defense and the fact he is below average at everything but scoring. If he’s not scoring, then he doesn’t help the team.

        And he’s not an elite scorer. He’s a good one. On a good team, he simply wouldn’t get the touches he needs. I mean, is DeRozan a better player than Dion Waiters?

        • Crossovers

          Yes, he is…

          • I should have said, is Waiters more talented than DeRozan. No, he’s not. Right now, DeRozan is a better player, but he’s got five year experience. Dion has one.

            • AFG

              bro listen u act like u know B ball. Relax stop hating u stupid fuck
              DD is top 5 shooting guard in NBA. He will get better. He is only 24
              you just sayin Dion will be better then DD stop dreaming. Wake up

              Dion has attitude problem if he was in Raptors he would ask for a trade already
              just like ur boy T mac. and he hasn’t proved anything. Only trade for Dion Waiters is
              straight Terrence Ross.

              Stop hating on DD
              The man keep on proving u haters wrong, so wasp

        • WhiteVegas

          Dion Waiters?!?!? I’m seriously calling into question your basketball IQ if you think Dion Waiters is even in the same league as Derozan.
          If Derozan’s defense is so bad then how come he held Klay Thompson to 8-20 FG, 0 FT, 2 TO, and 4 PF? They were matched up on each other all night. The truth is Demar’s defense is progressing and his improvements on offense frustrate the hell out of the player guarding him.

          • DeRozan’s defense is progressing from bad to below average. Klay Thompson missed a lot of shots in the first half that he would normally make.

            As for Waiters, I meant to say more talented. Dion has as much talent as DeRozan, but DeRozan has more experience. DeRozan has one skill, and that’s an ability to score. Everything else is below average.

            • WhiteVegas

              Cleveland fans pray Waiters develops into a Derozan level talent.

              Derozan has one elite skill, scoring. Elite being the key word. Since scoring is half the game, I’d say it’s a pretty damn important skill. His passing is getting better, as is his defense. As long as he’s an elite scorer and improving at everything else, I don’t see why you want him gone so bad.

              For fun, propose a realistic trade you’d pull the trigger on for Derozan. That way I have an idea of where you value him, because right now it seems like you value him very little.

              • DeRozan isn’t an elite scorer. He’s a good one on a bad team, which makes him look better than he is. He’s also shooting well, right now, but he’s likely to cool down a bit.

                As for a trade, one example would be a three way, sending him to Detroit and Lowry to Chicago, and then getting Villanueva, Jerebko, Teague and most importantly, Charlotte’s draft pick and Mirotic back. I’d also try and pry away another first rounder from one of the teams. This is the trade in full (not including Mirotic or the picks):

                • TDot

                  DeRozan might not be a ELITE scorer yet but he is a GREAT scorer right now. Watch in the next 2-4 he will be averaging 24-26pts and his defense/passing and dribbling will improve like crazy. Demar has very high potential and by the time he’s 27 I predict him to average around
                  25pts/5r/4a/1.5s 46-49%FG 36-39%3FG

                  If we have to trade anyone i think it should be Rudy And Kyle, we should try to aim to get Rondo somehow!
                  maybe trade Rudy and Amir and a second rounder to Boston for Kris and Rondo
                  And Lowry + Fields somewhere else for a decent SF or just Lowry for a pick and an expiring contract
                  so the line for this season will be
                  DeRozan(Potential A-S)-Ross
                  Decent SF-Novak
                  JV(Potential A-S)-Gray

                  And for everyone saying TANK FOR WIGGINS, I think wiggins is a player that might want to play in Toronto in the future so we dont have to tank unless we want another great rookie (Randle,Smart,Parker)

                • Orion Carl.

                  You are either delusional or 15 yo

            • AFG

              Shut up

      • FLUXLAND

        Elite? What? Dood, the guy still shoots bricks a couple times a game.

    • Crossovers

      1) Wasn’t that the argument for T-Mac, Vince Carter, Bosh? Way to point out one player…

      2) Great, That’s also is a reason to KEEP hm.

      3) I’d definately want DeRozan as a second option, possibly even a first. He’s developed his game.

      4) Gym rat intending that he’s improving his game season by season. He came into the NBA with No Jumpshot, developed a Mid Range last season, developed a Three ball this season. Getting stronger day by day.

      5) He has experience with talent. He’s played alongside Harden and other talents. Not many American athletes want to play for CANADA.

      6) This is irrevalent, DeRozan is good, Charlie V isn’t.

      7) Averaging 21.8 on the Season is not ‘decent’. Averaging 25.1 PPG, 4 RPG, 3 APG in the Last 10 Games off 47% as a Guard is not ‘decent’. It’s great.

      8) Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter weren’t known for there defense but they sure as hell made the Raptors have their best franchise season.

      9) No evidence? His numbers progress every season, he doesn’t decline and he’s dedicated to winning.
      10) Why trade talent? Who are you going to trade DeRozan for? Who’s going to fill the position at SG? Ross? DeRozan is nearly as young as him and plays much better and is FAR more consistant.

      He’s the 2nd best SG in the East behind Wade, Top 5 in the league so Idk what you mean by easy to replace…

      1) Kobe (Hell yea, he’s injured but he’s Kobe)
      2) Wade
      3) Harden
      4) Thompson
      5) DeRozan

      I’d even put DeRozan above Thompson.

      You sir are clueless and ignorant, please stop watching ball.

      • Listen, DeRozan is a nice player, but he’s not remotely in McGrady or Vince’s class (they were above average passers and rebounders), or even Bosh’s. He’s an above average player who MIGHT make an All Star team or two if the stars align right (like if there are injuries and a really horrible conference). But he’s simply not good enough to start talking about not trading him. He’s one dimensional and his one dimensions is good but not great. He’s averaging what he does because he’s on a bad team and has a high usage rate. He’s shooting well, right now, but that’s not likely to last. Why do I say that? Because he’s hitting a lot of contested shots he wouldn’t normally hit.

        Lots of people thought Bargnani’s 13 games would last forever, but he eventually regressed to the norm. I’m not suggesting DeRozan is Bargnani, but he’s going to cool off.

        The Raptors have few valuable assets and he’s one of them. And considering their position, they need to sell high on as many of their assets as possible.

        There have been countless players, similar to DeRozan, who were decent players but put up big numbers because they were on a bad team. Don’t get fooled into thinking he’s better than he is because he plays on a bad team.

        • Crossovers

          Lmao, your comment is irrelevant. You’re comparing outside the box now using Bargnani.

          I love how you act like a hypocrite

          Just how long will the Raptors rebuild.

          And btw, it’s not “Fluke”, he worked his game all summer and trained hard. Pay homage when it’s due instead of being a hater.



      I don’t know what Z is on about, did any of the 10 have anything to do with his game? Maybe 2?

  • some random guy

    Terrible Coaching.

  • Shadow Of Christ

    Why would we even consider trading him at this point????

  • Jose

    Love Demar, he is a competitor and he cares. Raps are going nowhere and losing will take toll on Demar making him disengaged. His trade value will drop if this losing trend continues (it will). Free DeRozan, send him to winning team. He deserves that much.

    • Dr. Scooby

      You’re on to something here; I mean DD is playing out of his mind right now…and the Raps are still loosing BADLY.

      Sure I like DD too and he’s been our best offensive player of late. I really like his offensive confidence this season (last night he looked magnificent for 2 1/4 quarters), but he isn’t making a difference (Winning anyone?) like Tim W. says he’s replaceable.

      • Jose

        Much improved player, for sure worth keeping, but the proper rebuilding process will destroy him. It may be lengthy process.

        Never been pro-tanking, but this is the time. Ship Demar out, and make everybody else expendable (including JV). That seems to be the only way forward, nothing else worked so far.

  • Nilanka15

    These are 10 reasons why we SHOULD trade DeRozan. Strike while the iron is hot. His trade value has never been higher.

    • RaptorFan

      You wanted him traded in the offseason when his “value” wasn’t even this high. If i can quote you sir….”Demar is Inefficient…. he will not improve…..he is who he is by now……Rudy is a far better player.”

      You wanted Rudy Gay REALLY BAD – even though you knew we would lose financial flexibility.

      LMAO – I’m surprised your not hiding from RR in shame.

      Don’t think we forgot.

      • Nilanka15

        The smart thing to do is adjust your opinions as new evidence becomes available. I suggest you give it a try sometime.

        I care about the name on the front of the Jersey, not the back.

        • RaptorFan

          Exactly my friend. What does this “new evidence” show you?
          You know what it shows me? That you were wrong. And you’re likely wrong again. Demar is the best player on this team… go on, say it.
          We accept your apology.

          • What is your obsession with pointing out when people are wrong? It seems rather petty. When I made my 6-14 prediction you were already talking about what you’d do if my prediction didn’t come true.

            Just because you disagree with people’s opinion doesn’t mean it’s alright to be vindictive about it.

            • RaptorFan

              Were you right about Andrea Bargnani? What’s with your obsession of letting us know? It’s not cool to be a hypocrite!

              • Perhaps I do bring up Bargnani a lot, but there’s a BIG difference between propping yourself up and putting others down. You complain about others being negative, but constantly try and find fault in others. Talk about being a hypocrite!

                • WhiteVegas

                  Seems like you guys should both chill out. Less “I told you so’s” all around. When you write as much as Tim does there will always be fodder to show how wrong or right he was. Tim should chill on patting himself on the back so much (it does approach “my shit don’t stink” status sometimes), and RaptorFan should chill on jumping on all his past mistakes. Fact is nobody writing about sports is going to be right all the time. If they get it right over half the time that’s pretty damn good.

          • Nilanka15

            The new evidence shows me that this team still stinks regardless of DeMar’s “improvement”, and regardless of Rudy’s regression.

            So instead of crying every time someone makes a negative comment about DeMar, just maybe try and look at this team’s outlook 2, 3 or 4 years ahead, and ask yourself what good it does us holding onto a less efficient Monta Ellis.

            • WhiteVegas

              The team stinks because of Dwayne Casey. Plain and simple. Just watch any game this season for proof. The Warriors game is a great example. No half decent coach would blow a 27 point lead like that. If we had hired someone like Budenholzer in Atlanta instead of sticking with Casey we’d be sitting right behind Indiana and Miami in the Eastern Conference right now.

              • Nilanka15

                Respectfully disagree. I acknowledge that Casey is a sub-par coach, but I don’t think he’s the sole reason for our woes. This roster still has very few complimentary pieces.

        • WhiteVegas

          Why assume that Demar’s value won’t get higher still? What makes you think that all of a sudden, after massive offseason improvements, he must be done improving? Kid is still only 24 and just added a huge new weapon to his game (the 3pt shot). Smart money is on Derozan getting even better as time goes on, not worse. Selling now will be striking while the iron is just warming up, not while the iron is hot.
          I hate this mentality “Oh my god, one of our players is playing well, lets trade him!”

          • Nilanka15

            When would you be convinced that his ceiling is reached? When he’s 29 years old and shown no statistical improvement over the previous 3 years?

            • WhiteVegas

              I’ll be convinced he’s reached his ceiling when he stops showing signs of improvement. The fact he’s improved more this offseason than at any other point in his career tells me he hasn’t reached his ceiling. Derozan’s value will certainly be higher in the future than it is right now, but I will agree it is very high right now. Demar isn’t untouchable, but he should be pretty damn close to it.

  • vino

    Demar has elevated his game to surprise many… good for him. As for trading him, it’s not just OUR (Ujiri’s) decision, it’s what the options are. I am sure that if the right one presented itself (high draft pick and a promising prospect, for example) Masai would have jumped on it right away, or in his own way figured something out. Ujiri has gone on the record saying that Dec 15 is a key date. He’s mentioned in several times. If a good offer is there for DD, he’ll bite. All these 10 reasons are nonsense at that point. The aim here is to make the Raptors better long term, not to please Derozan. Enough of this “he likes Toronto” bull. Couldn’t care less whether he likes it here or not!

  • Dr. Scooby

    Folks, folks, folks I hate to be the Grinch that stole your Christmas but DD is currently our best player and the team still sucks.
    “Why would we trade DeMar it makes no sense, he’s the 12th leading scorer in the league!? He loves T.O.”

    Getting a lot of touches on a bad team doesn’t constitute a great player.

    Remember Mike James? He averaged 20.3 pts, almost 6 assists and shot 44% from 3pt line, the next season in Minnesota he averaged 10 pts per.

    How about Bargs? He averaged 21.4 pts per game once. He averaging 15 pts per this season in NY.

    Bosh scored 24 pts and 10.8 rebounds per game to the chant of M.V.P. most nights from Raps fans in 2009/10 before going 18.7 pts and 8.3 rebounds per game as 3rd banana on a strong and competitive Miami team.

    Rudy is averaging almost 20 pts per game this season.

    Hey, they’re all keepers right?

    What do these players have in common they were all top offensive options (1 or 2) on bad Raptor teams that – ‘surprise’ failed to make the playoffs. DD is just like those players listed above in that he gets special love from fans for being the team’s top dog , but would be a little bow wow on a very competitive team

  • AFG

    This is what raptors need to do

    Keep DD and Valaciunas. Maybe Amir of the bench
    we need a point guard, small forward, and

    Masai has to pull a crazy move soon

  • Rapsfan23

    Keep derozan hands down!!!! He has improved evey year he enjoys being in toronto. If he is traded it would be a mistake. And @tim w. I didn’t mean to like your post. I give that 2 thumbs down!!!! Demar is shooting a lot better and is only going to keep improving and when that happens good luck guarding him. Also he is the main reason on why we still have a fighting chance in most games. I’d be frustrated to. I hate hearing trade demar! So stupid. If u say that u probably don’t watch to many games.

  • delman21

    I think everyone is crazy when talking about trading him. We need to look at 3 things when it comes to this ceiling and what not
    1. Has he steadily improved, and had the desire to be good possibly great. Yes of course lets not forget he would only be into his second year if he stayed in college so the strides he has made and will continue to make should be fine. EVRYONE hates on him cause he is an asset but he is still developing. Vince was around 20 a game his second year( and because he would only be in his sophomore season if he stayed) that’s the proper way to analyze him
    2. HE “f” ing wants to be here what else needs to be said period. We took a chance on him he liked that and we gave him a chance and now he is producing. We trade him away I think were crazy even though, 9.5 mil over the next 4 seasons for 20 ppg and still improving defense, and ball handling and passing, gesh that’s a steal intodays market
    3. He has quality character. Period

    • A few things.

      Can we stop citing DeRozan’s “ever improving defense” as a positive? He’s a below average defender and after four years in the league, he’s not going to ever be a positive on that end of the court.

      People have to stop this “stop hating on him” mantra. No one is hating on him. We’re simply suggesting that the Raptors trade him while his value is as high as it is.

      Whether he would be in his second year in the NBA if he stayed in college is moot. He’s had more than 10,000 minutes of NBA experience, and almost no players stay for four years of college, anymore.

      The fact he wants to be in Toronto shouldn’t be part of equation, at all. What matters is what he does on the court, as well as in the locker room. Right now, his scoring stats are inflated because he plays on a bad team. Remember that Bargnani once scored 21.4 ppg in a season. Mike James scored 20.3 ppg in a season. And I suggest you take a look at what this guy did in Minnesota, and then see what he did on better teams…

      • WhiteVegas

        Bargs and Mike James weren’t playing with Rudy Gay, who takes a bazillion more shots than anyone who was on the roster with Bargs and James. Derozan isn’t scoring because he’s on a bad team, he’s scoring because he’s really really good at it. Just watch a damn game, it feels like you haven’t watched him play for one second this year the way you’re talking. His post moves are awesome, he is crossing guys up off the dribble, he is nailing 3’s at an outstanding rate, and he gets to the line with regularity.

        You put him on any team and they will use him on offense just as much as we do (maybe 2 less shots a game but nothing major). His TS% is .534 and he’s averaging 22 points a game. That is pretty damn good no matter how you slice it. It proves he’s not scoring just due to volume of shots, but due to being an efficient scorer. Watching him play would let you know he is scoring in every single way possible.

        • I’ve watched the Raptors play every single minute this year. Every single minute.

          If you don’t believe me, listen to the latest BS Report. If there’s one opinion I trust, for NBA writers, it’s Zach Lowe. And he basically said the same thing I did. I JUST listened to it and they also talk about trading DeRozan to Detroit for Monroe, so I’m definitely not too far out there.

  • What we should do

    If Toronto traded Rudy gay and D.J for Brandon Jennings, and 2(or 1) 1st round picks it will unleash their potential. Demar is the only person who can control Brandon’s efficiency and will still get the ball, Detroit also wants Rudy Gay, according to the stuckey and charlie deal. then

    Brandon Jennings
    Terrance Ross
    Demar Derozan(he’s a gym rat so he’ll be able to add weight)
    Amir johnson/Tyler Hansbrough
    Jonas V
    + Pick(s)

    D.J Augustine
    Rodney Stuckey
    Rudy Gay
    Josh Smith
    Greg Monroe/Andre Drummond

    Toronto has a better back court and Detroit has a better front court, only problem is Rudy Gay’s contract, but they want him so…everyones happy

    • What the Raptors need to do is stop rolling the dice on talented but low IQ players like Jennings, Gay, Bargnani etc, and hope they suddenly “get it”. Moves like that are what keeps bad teams consistently bad.

      There’s also no way the Pistons would make a trade that would allow DJ Augustin to be their starting PG. That would be beyond stupid. They don’t want Rudy Gay that much.

      • What we should do

        The pistons don’t need to start D.J Augustine, I was just saying what it would be like if they put the new players in their starting lineup. they could move rodney stuckey to PG and cadwell pope to SG.

        the raptors haven’t been getting it since vince carter left. the organization is lazy and the only person who isn’t relying on a superstar to come and help the team is Demar. which is why instead of getting someone to replace him, they should get someone to work with him. And everyone knows Brandon Jennings is a shoot first player when it comes to who he works with. and if you watch this ( ) you will see how this trade will be best for both Demar and jennings

  • c.a.s

    Some of these arguments are just flat out terrible derozan is the tenth best scorer in the entire nba right now ahead of many players who are considered “elite” and nobody seems to notice his passing and rebounding both continually improve . MOST important thing is that he loves toronto and truly wants to win . Keep him