How to lose a game in 12 minutes.

I looked in the thesaurus, but I couldn’t find a thousand synonyms for “collapse”. So here’s a picture instead:

Shot Charts for the 4th Quarter


And just to rub some salt in the wound, here’s the Raptors’ shot chart from quarters 1 through 3:


Happy hump-day, folks.

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10 Responses to “Red Means No, Yellow Means Slow, Green means Go”

  1. Casey Sherman

    Rudy didn’t take a single shot in the 4th (save a missed three when the game was lost already). That can’t happen, also JV simply has to be on the floor.

    • Chiggmo

      You want one of are most inefficient shooters taking shots when we need to score points? Lol The guys a joke. In no way do you want him taking important shots.

      • Casey Sherman

        He was 6 for 11 going in to the 4th. Anyway yes he’s been shooting horribly but to go down like that is just… it doesn’t sit right. Plus he historically does hit important shots

  2. Adam

    I’ll say what I implied in the post-game post. It’s obvious that this bad shot selection is intentional and is not meant to win games.

    Think about the Amir 3 from a couple of games ago. For that shot to occur, you need to believe one of two things:

    1) Casey thought it was a good idea for Amir to take a game-winning shot while Novak rebounded. Saying this suggests that not only does he have little basketball IQ, but little common sense. You also need to believe that similar end of game miscues are equally the product of the kind of coaching that all of us couch potatoes could so easily attack.

    2) Casey knew it was a bad idea for Amir to take the game winner, but set up the play like that anyway. For this to occur, you simply need to believe that Casey and the Raptors franchise are tanking. You can accept that the failure to foul, or draw down the clock in other games, was not the product of Casey being clueless but rather an institutional decision being carried out.

    The point being that everyone on this board who is attacking Casey or the players for bad shot selection are attacking the very thing that so many of you say you want. The tank is rolling, folks. Strap in and stop attacking the soldiers driving it. Be kind to those giving you the things you want, rather than calling for their heads.



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