Rapcast #176: SAC Fans, Trade Winners, Ujiri Strategy, Week Pre/Review

The trade is analyzed from a SAC and TOR perspective, Ujiri’s strategy is evaluated and the week that was and is ahead is examined.

This week on The Doctor is In with Phdsteve, I have called in the boys from the worldwide roundtable to talk NBA and NCAA while continually tying it back to the Raptors! Joined by my brother Mike (who knows college basketball), Greg Mason (the brain from the south), and Blair Miller from The Fifth Quarter Blog we discuss:

  • The Rudy Gay trade: thoughts from around the table
  • Is there a log-jam now at the PF? What about the PG spot? No picks came back? Is this nothing more than a salary dump? Will it change the offense?
  • Lots of people (i.e., Marc Stein) are reporting more is to come- if so: who is next?
  • SACTO fans think they won the deal- did they?
  • There are split views on this trade: some see this as a signal that the team is tanking- is this true? Or can it also be seen as an attempt to win the division?
  • Ujiri’s work so far: is his strategy of taking five nickels for a quarter a good thing?
  • Starting with the Lakers win and the SA game we explore the last 7 days
  • The week ahead: PHI, CHI, CHA
  • #tankforwiggins

There is 5 minutes of bonus material after the outro for those who want to hear more about Wiggins vs Florida.

Don’t forget to visit Blair’s site The Fifth Quarter Blog and follow him on Twitter a @TFQuarter. Follow me at @therealphdsteve.

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (1:01:26, 73 MB). Or just listen below:

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