[Update] Lowry says he never asked out....

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports reports:

Lowry has wanted a trade for most of the season and the Raptors became more motivated to move him after acquiring point guard Greiveis Vasquez in a deal with the Sacramento Kings.

And regarding Lowry going to the Nets:

Toronto officials have been scouting and calling European contacts on Bojan Bogdanovic, a 24-year-old shooting guard with whom the Nets own the rights, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Apparently Brooklyn has resisted including their 2020 first round pick (the soonest one they can trade), possibly because they think they will be able to draft flying robots by that time.



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  • mike, prague

    Anyone surprised? He is a fight-your-hardest-at-all-times type of guy. He deserves to be elsewhere.

    • SR

      Yes and no. He’s a middling point guard (15-20th best?) and I still don’t like trade requests in general. Play out your contract. 1/2 of the Eastern conf. is not in any better of a situation than the Raps, and if he did go to a stronger team there’s a good chance he’d play backup, which he’s also complained about in the past.

    • theswirsky

      Or he is classic hot headed player who thinks he’s too good for anything other than being a primary player on a team. This guy has been on 3 teams now and has had problems at each stop. At what point does one realize that maybe its not everyone else?
      There is a difference between “fighting your hardest” and being an arrogant shmuck
      Lowry is a good solid pg, but he’s nothing to write home about. He’s talented but reckless and ends up shooting himself in the foot as a player. Until he learns to accept his role, limit his gambling on the floor, and accept where he fits on a team he’s going no where fast.
      I’m not crying any tears for him.

  • thegloveinrapsuniform

    I was surprised since there were no rumors, but not entirely surprised since it has been reported that he had issues with Casey. Now i feel a lot better trading him since he doesnt want to be here in the first place. and thats not a bad thing, i wouldnt want to be on that team anyways if theyre going on rebuild.

    • robertparrish00

      This is the catch 22 of having Casey in charge. He is going to loose a lot of games which is good for the tank, but he going to kill JV and TRoss development and piss off players like Lowry and DD with his lack of aptitude.

  • desktom

    Isn t it wonderful to be the Toronto Expos. 20 games into the season we are trading our best point guard so we can lose. Every tanker on here must be so proud and giddy with all the thought of losing like we have never lost before for something that may or may not happen. Bargs gone and Gay gone are huge pluses for this team , but to have a coach that treats Jonas and Terence like pieces of turds , and cant understand that when we go to the low post or pick and roll we have huge success. But that’s bad isn’t it? Watching Jonas get treated like a smelly piece of turd by the players and the coach and then have so called commentators on here say he has regressed is insulting to every Raptor fan that has a heart and a brain that is absolutely repulsed by the thought of following the Toronto Expos. Tankers suck we need to win now and often for this fan base and these young players. But that’s bad in Expo land isn’t it??

    • Bo4

      I started out agreeing with your point that we may or may not get what we want in next year’s lottery. However, the truth is that both Jonas & Terrance have performed like subs, not starters, so far this season. Besides, tankers, the odds are that we won’t see Andrew Wiggins until after his rookie contract expires! And are we really trading our best point guard now?

      • desktom

        Do you watch the games? The coach has shat on jv and tr they are kids going to be run over on most nights , They need patting on the back , when they do wrong to be told right then and there with a qu ick time out. You know coaching. We have to have our whole offensive scheme right now go to the low post or pick and roll. Terence Ross has got the same look and athletisism as Micheal Jordan at the same age and when Micheal Jordan looked to go to the basket on the majority of the plays he became ustoppable. Yea I said it. Coaching , we have none.

        • ItsAboutFun

          And you know this because you have an inside track on what goes on every day on the practice court?

          • desktom

            I know this because I have watched the worst offensive schemes in the history of basketball this year . Did you know in the first quarter of the Spurs game amir and Jonas went 15-17 , and then all that low post stuff and pick and roll stuff ended. Yes the Spurs adjusted but what we cant adjust to?? Toronto Expos , just lose baby just lose. Tankers suck

            • 2damkule

              tankers don’t suck any more than self-righteous blow-hard idiots who are too stupid to realize that the analogy they’re trying to create is so far off-base that all they do when they bring it up (again and again and again) is make themselves look even more stupid, thereby diminishing whatever cogent argument or point they might (accidentally) make.

              • desktom

                Every article on here talks about how we can trade to be less competitive . That is exactly what the Montreal Expos did. Just because Montreal fans wouldn’t stand for it and quit supporting the team doesn’t make it any different . Salary dumps and tanking is exactly what the Expos did and they lost their major league status because of bush league decisions exactly what this team is doing. Just go hand your balls at the door before you think you can post to me.

                • 2damkule

                  again, you have an ‘interesting’ take on the expos history & what led to their downfall. it’s pretty much completely wrong, but interesting. i’d explain it to you, but i’d be wasting my time, i’m sure.

                  jonah keri has a book coming out soon that details the expos demise…i suggest you pick it up when it’s available.

                • desktom

                  The fans stopped supporting the club after the baseball strike. When the Expos had the best record and the season ended. From then on the fans dumped on them. Tanking for this team could hold the same results as the Expos although from all understanding of some Toronto fans they actually like the idea of watching their team lose for no guarantee of anything. Tanking sucks and anyone that support it sucks to.

                • SR

                  Hear that sound? *Crickets* That’s the sound of your poorly construed analogy not resonating with anybody. Not. Even. One. Person.

                  Clearly you’re here to troll and talk about the Expos like it’s 2004. You’d do well to both adjust your calendar and go to that address bar at the top of your browser and find a site where people are interested in discussing your defunct baseball team and arbitrary analogies.

                  All the best on your quest to become the Ultimate Keyboard Warrior, but you’ve got a ways to go.

                • desktom

                  Montreal wouldn’t except losing from a secondary sports club. Especially when the team traded decent players away for worse players so they could lose and save money. Whatever happened to the Grizzlie ? what happens when the top pick doesn’t pan out, Tanking has no guarantees of anything nothing zero crickets Not . One . guarantee. Horrible losing is demoralizing soul killing and doesn’t help us attract free agents. I cant and will never advocate losing for losings sake. You people frighten me taking us to the depths of the league. We need play offs this year so we can remember what a meaningful game actually feels like. This nightmare has to stop . Tanking has to stop.

                • SR

                  Before “tanking” (many in the forums are arguing tanking hasn’t even happened yet) this team was losing 2 out of 3 games in what some writers (Howard Beck) are already speculating may be the worst conference in NBA history. The Raps were well on their way to a 6th straight season without a playoff appearance before trading Rudy Gay.

                  You’re right about the demoralizing effect of losing, but the losing was already here. Ujiri’s trying to get this team out of it. It’s fine if you don’t like his methods, but the melodramatic posts are a bit over the top.

                • desktom

                  Melodramatic ? We have a coach that has done nothing to enhance this team , the worst offensive schemes I have ever seen, not coaching the young players and now everybody that has a mangina wants this team to lose and lose often for what? a guarantee of exactly nothing , zero. Toronto has been such a zero sports town, for so long your brains have rotted out. Wake up and start cheering for this team.

                • I’m sorry, but you don’t seem to understand the reasons the Expos and Grizzlies left their respective cities. You’re vastly oversimplifying to two rather complex situations and then comparing them to a situation that has little in common.

                  The Raptors have only been above .500 four times in 18 years, haven’t been to the playoffs in five years, are 7-13 in a horrible conference, yet despite that have the 11th best attendance in the league.

                  Toronto also has a much bigger market than Montreal or Vancouver, and a MUCH better record of supporting local spots teams. Toronto is also the biggest corporate centre in Canada, which is where a good portion of season ticket sales go.

                  You obviously don’t like the idea of tanking, and that’s fine. But you’re personally insulting anyone that doesn’t agree with you, and bringing up poor arguments in your own defense.

                • desktom

                  So in your mind the only way we can get into the lottery is by tanking. You know there are other ways? Day after day of reading of tanking by you spineless panty wearing bay street losers making me puke . A serious question , how do you watch the games, like to you get off on watching Rudy jack up the bs or all smiles when Casey puts in rotations that make the announcers check the media guide , or never ever getting in somebodies face for going away from low post basketball or the pick and roll. God it must be rancid being a tanker. Losers.

            • jimmy

              desktom, you might be the biggest idiot i have come across in any RR comment thread

              • desktom

                Cant handle the truth . Tank this you loser

                • 2damkule

                  you don’t know who jeffrey loria is, do you?

                • desktom

                  enlighten me .

            • hyperdouche

              I agree wholeheartedly with your point in terms of the bad coaching – I don’t think that was intentional but Uriji gave Casey the benefit of the doubt to start/play this season and Casey has just turned out to be an awful coach. I think from a tanking perspective it turned out to be a bit of a perfect storm – Rudy is/was a ballhog and was having a historically bad (for him) shooting percentage to start the season.

              Jonas and Terrence (Jonas especially) are really showing signs of frustration on the court – like the guy who’s working as hard as he can and nobody’s passing to him. TBH I think that the fact that Lowry and Gay are friends and have a bit of ego around their games compounds a bit of a cliquiness on this team. To your points I think that needed to be dismantled and tanking be damned, there’s just a lot of changes that needed to happen from a contract perspective (getting 4 tradeable pieces back for 1 huge un-tradeable piece), and an attitude perspective (at the end of the day I really believe K-Low is only looking out for number 1) that now is as good a time as any to make those changes. It’s not like the team is winning.

              The coaching sucks and that’ll be addressed in the offseason I expect. MLSE saves money (paying Casey out his contract, not having to pay a new coach), Casey gets a “thanks for your contributions” (Lionel Hollins-type scenario) and we can all hope that the overhaul is relatively quick-ish.

              As a Raptor fan pretty much since inception I have to say it’s getting a bit tired but I disagree with the Expos analogy – there were a lot of things working behind the scenes that caused that (ie the league itself wanted to get rid of them), while there are similarities in terms of having to convince and educate guys on the merits of playing in MTL or TO, I think the analogy stops there. The NBA has a salary cap and Toronto is actually one of the biggest markets in the league with an organisation that now (finally) has the green light to spend $$ on the right (emphasis) pieces. I think we can all agree that Gay, Lowry and Casey are not the right pieces so let’s blow them apart.

              One more thing on the analogy – the NBA wants TO to succeed which is very different to MTL. They gave TO the all-star game in ’16 and they wouldn’t do that if there was no support. When was the last time the all-star game was in Milwaukee?

              • hyperdouche

                TL; DR – agree with the fact they have awful coaching, but they are not the ‘Toronto Expos’. 2 completely different situations.

              • desktom

                I agree with everything you have posted here . That being said, what is your opinion on tanking. I would like to see us go the trade route somehow for one of the top 7 picks. Tanking is just soul crushing to fans that think this team could be in a better place with some well timed coaching. Thanks for being cool and putting up some solid truth.

                • hyperdouche

                  Part of me says yes to the tank and it would be very Raptors-esque to win the division in a year that bad teams have a chance to get a really good player and the lottery is the place to be.

                  At the same time i’ve started to look at the Indiana Pacers history and while there is a certain degree of luck in a guy like George falling to 10 (I don’t think anyone saw him developing into the player he’s become) I think that’s the model that you’d want to follow. It takes a looooong time to get the stink off of being the Bobcats, Wizards, Bucks or …. eek…. Raptors and become a destination team.

                  I’d also like to say that the whole “best draft class in a decade” or whatever is a hook that gets overdone by the media too much. Every year you hear all the mock-draft analysts and ‘pundits’ say that “THIS IS THE WORST DRAFT WE’VE EVER SEEN!” and sure you get some scubs but quality players do come out year on year. It’s not like there are no more players to be drafted ever again after the 2014 draft. And I think if you see the types of picks Ujiri is taking back (2016 from NY, proposed 2018 or 2020 for Lowry) there is no rush, just a concerted effort to always be the team gaining a pick rather than giving up a pick.

                  While I like the idea of the quick turnaround like how Philly and Phoenix have maximised their 2014 returns (Philly getting 2 lottery picks last year and probably 2 lottery picks next year) I can see us going the Indiana route and just building up with competent management and good coaching.

        • Bo4

          Yes, I watch the games. What I see is a coach trying to get NBA prima-donnas to play D, and few responding with any dedication and consistency. By the way, I’ve also coached adult basketball players. I’m going to worry about the coaching after Masai gets Dwane an entire rotation that understands that a point prevented is equal to a point scored!

        • hyperdouche

          To fair to desktom, we should point out that Indiana has built the team they have now without ever going ‘full-tank’. I actually remember a Bill Simmons column from a couple of years ago ( I think it was when they drafted McRoberts or something) and he critisized them a bit for consistendly ‘hitting singles’ in the draft but never any home runs.

          They got a good player in George obvs but I really don’t think anyone ever thought he’d be the player he turned out to be. I think the got him at like 12 or 14. They got Danny Granger at 17 the year the Raps drafted Villanueva (I remember cursing that a lot – still sometimes do despite Granger’s health problems.

          The fact is that you contrast Indiana who never went full-tank with Washington, Charlotte, Sacto and I think the one thing you need to do is do your research but there is a certain amount of getting lucky involved wherever you draft.

    • Guest

      Stop being sarcastic and think for just 2 seconds. We will not finish above .500 with the team as currently constructed. There is no one to take us over the hump and the East will be way better next year due to this year’s draft and the amount of bad teams in the conference who will be getting high draft picks. Therefore. let’s say we take the 7th seed this year with a record of 39-43. Then what? We end up with a bad draft pick and are marginally better next year. Meanwhile, throughout the East there is an influx of all-stars who raise their teams up while we get only marginally better and end up having another 30 win season. The goal is to win a championship, not to be a perennial 8th seed. We don’t need Wiggins, although it would be awesome, but there are other incredible options in the draft. For example, I’m very fond of Marcus Smart coming to the team. The point is we need someone who is going to turn Derozan into the second option/ballhandler. Then and only then will we become a team who can consistently make the playoffs and advance past the first round

    • 2damkule

      i’ve seen you banging this hollow narrative drum for the past few days. i guess that in your mind, the situations are similar, but all that tells me is that you’re 80% idiot, 15% troll, and 5% blow-hard.

      you really, really have no clue whatsoever about what went down with the expos in montreal, do you? i mean, not even an inkling.

    • DryDry

      Wot the f does this Expos reference mean?

    • ItsAboutFun

      Dude, I’m very anti-tank, at least the actual concept that the word was coined to represent (but people keep re-defining it to mean a myriad of different things,,,, damn confusing), but this analogy to what happened to my beloved Expos is totally wack.

      • desktom

        Your beloved Expos were a farm team for the rest of baseball , much like the Toronto Raptors if the truth be told. Losing year after year and then having your fan base actively cheering your team to lose for no guaruntees of anything what so ever. This franchise needs to be in the play offs this year period. There are other ways of going about getting draft picks without trading away pieces that could get us to the play offs this year with a little coaching .

  • ItsAboutFun

    Why further spread speculative rumours? Did Mr Woj say he actually spoke to KL, or anybody close to him, and was told KL wanted out since the “most of the season”? Or is it imagination run amok? Spreading this stuff is like little grade school girls huddling in the corner and coming out with their stories. sheeeeesh

    • Guest

      It’s not actually like that at all, it’s actually more similar to a person who knows Kyle telling Woj about Kyle’s desires. Maybe his agent, or a raptors exec or even one of his friends or family members.

      • ItsAboutFun

        Well, my “or anybody close to him” seems to cover what you say it is like, however you are adding imagination on top of imagination, as Woj doesn’t even say anything like “according to an anonymous source”. What he says about it is exactly what is quoted above, as if it’s some fact. Funny how not a single reporter actually covering the team has spoken of this, hey.

        Look, it’s one thing to present something as speculation, another to present it as reality, and downright dirty pool to do so when it paints an unsavory picture of a guy. Even lower to propagate it on that guy’s team’s fan website.

        • 2damkule

          woj has about as solid a rep in the industry as you can get, he’s not going to go about passing off what he thinks as rumours, and if he does, then he says that it’s his opinion. if he posts/writes/tweets about something like this, it’s a practical certainty that he has an inside source feeding him that info.

          • It’s whatshitnames way of bashing me. Ignore him. Notice that the big problem wasn’t that Wojnarowski wrote it, but that I reprinted it here.

            • ItsAboutFun

              lol, So the boss is telling people to ignore me now? Awwwwww, someone’s hurt that I’m calling it what it is, but keep spouting stuff you read stuff you read as reality, because of course if it’s written on the internet,,,,,,,, and supports your narrative,,,,, it must be real.

            • ItsAboutFun

              Nawwwww, it’s very responsible to reprint unsubstantiated rumours that paint “your team’s” players in a bad light. And really wise when such unfounded rumours can lower that player’s value on the trade market. Great job Timmy! You da man!

  • c_bcm

    I can’t imagine Masai is happy about this report. He has been so careful about what he makes public knowledge so as to not tip hi shand to the rest of the league. Now this comes out. Awful. This report/rumour will do nothing but lower Lowry’s trade value. So much for trying to get anything of value out of him.

    • 2damkule

      nah, there wasn’t a GM in the L who didn’t think lowry was available. actually, all this does is perhaps ramp up the attention, and maybe drive his value up as more teams think they’ll have a shot at him (because they’ll also erroneously assume that his value is going down). value is based in large part on how many teams are interested in him…the more teams there are, the higher the bidding will go. that’s why the return for gay was low, because there just weren’t many teams interested in him, regardless of what it would cost (and as saw, it didn’t cost much).

  • jovani

    “because they think they will be able to draft flying robots by that time.”
    that just killed me

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  • DatNiggaLuffy

    I bet your all wondering if this is all true now lol

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