We got trade winds blowing right across Lake Ontario into New York and to help us make sense of just what is going on is Jim Cavan, better known as the Knickerblogger. To get a taste of what this dude is about just read his Reaction post from the BOS-NYK 41-point disaster.

You can follow Jim to get the latest on how and when the Knicks will surrender to Ujiri.

On this weekend edition of the Rapcast we hammer through some key topics:

  • What are the Knicks doing – are they tanking, are they trying to make the playoffs?
  • Just how much do the Knicks value Lowry and what do they think of Felton
  • Why the Knicks are reluctant to part with Shumpert
  • Will NYK cave to Ujiri – yes, yes they will, it’s only a matter of time
  • Ujiri’s perception in New York – Jedi Master?
  • Bargnani’s stay in New York thus far, good by comparison but comparison to what?
  • Will Mike Woodson last the season (or the weekend) in NY?
  • The Knicks organization and their propensity to try to win now instead of look to the future
  • Raptors options this year versus New York’s
  • The risk of tanking this year with so many team vying for those top picks – what does the Knickerblogger think of the strategy?
  • Lowry’s reputation around the league and just what NY thinks they’re getting with him
  • Other trade options at PG for NY
  • Will a team hang the Atlantic Division banner this year?
  • And more…!

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (22:00, 26 MB). Or just listen below:

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19 Responses to “Rapcast #177: NYK/TOR Trade + Tanklantic Talk with Knickerblogger”

  1. RNsteve

    So very much better of a blogger/interview then then the post Ruby Gay kings blogger one…

    • Ho Tep

      Cowbell King is probably wondering about Zarar’s sanity after Gay went 8/9 from two, 8/12 overall in his debut.

      (Z-man is an ‘effen jinx)

  2. joe

    Okay I’ll ask here then:

    in that would be “trade that would have seen Kyle Lowry traded to New York for Raymond Felton, Metta World Peace and one of Iman Shumpert, a 2018 1st round draft pick or Tim Hardaway Jr, If they were to get the third player, rather than the pick, would MU need to throw in another player?

    • arsenalist

      This trade works (http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=p35u53d) without MWP as he can only be traded after Dec 15.

      But with that package you mentioned (total: 6,932,483) minus Lowry’s salary (6,210,000) = 722,483. That falls within the “150% of the outgoing salary, plus $100,000” clause for under-tax teams, so the trade would work with MWP and there would be no need for Ujiri to add another player.

  3. joe

    I was also wondering:

    is there somebody on the internet who publishes say a spreadsheet showing the draft picks eg there are 180 draft picks in the next three years: where are they?

  4. One relaxed fella

    If I understand correctly, Ujiri wants the first rounder rather than Hardaway or Shumpert. But I don’t get it, why take a pick for a draft which will be 5 years from now? To me it looks like a more logical choice is to take one of the Hardaway or Shumpert. That would allow Raptors to improve right away and tank in the same time. In the next season Raps would (probably) have five interesting prospects in Jonas, Terrance, Tim or Iman and the 2014 1st rounder and 2nd rounder picks. Add DeMar and Amir (or at least one of them) and you’re building an exciting team.

    And I absolutely hate the Nets rumor. All three mentioned players are nothing but scrubs, bench warmers.

    • DDayLewis

      Here’s why: the Knicks gave up their 1st rounder in the Carmelo Anthony. Now Denver has their unprotected pick in this super loaded draft. A Knicks draft pick is always valuable.

      • One relaxed fella

        What’s your take on Nets? You’d rather trade with Knicks or Nets (if Knicks will finally make up their mind and decide to trade) ?

        • DDayLewis

          I’d rather eat Felton’s salary and get the 2018 draft pick from the Knicks. I don’t know too much about the prospects the Nets are offering, but they’re all more middling guys than anything else.

          • One relaxed fella

            Why Bodanovic is intriguing? The only thing that intrigues you and most of the people is because of the fact that he didn’t play a single NBA game and he’s showing good numbers in Europe. I’m very negative about the Nets offer. He will be 25 next spring, he weights 216 pounds and he’s 6.8 feet. He’s showing good numbers in Europe but if we compare him with other players that came to NBA from Europe in last two years, Teletovic and Shved were both better than Bogdanovic. He lacks quickness, athleticism and strength for SF in NBA and he could be used only for spot up shooting. Detroit has a 6.8 SF from Italy – Datome. He is a rookie and was named MVP of Italian basketball league last year. He also played very well in Eurobasket back in September. He barely plays because he’s simply not good enough to play in NBA. Bogdanovic is better but I don’t see even the smallest chance of him succeeding in the NBA.

            • DDayLewis

              Whoa, take it easy bud.

              Let me ask you, and I want you to answer honestly, how many games have you see this dude play? How many?

              • One relaxed fella

                I’m calm, man. Maybe it looks like I’m angry or something, but I’m not. I just really don’t like the trade, have nothing against you or your opinion.
                As for your question, I’ve seen plenty since I’m European. I’ve seen all of them play in Europe: Teletovic, Rubio, Shved, Bogdanovic, Mirotic, Nedovic, Antic, Datome, Claver, De Colo, Motiejunas. The best of this list is Rubio, second best is Mirotic. Obviously I’m no expert but I do get a chance to compare European and NBA basketball. A lot of NBA fans here in Europe aren’t surprised that only one player of that list is playing successfully in NBA – Rubio (except Mirotic and Bogdanovic for obvious reasons).
                I’ve seen too many Europeans come to NBA and leave after several years with nothing but extra fat and broken confidence. They just can’t live up to the pace and quickness, the physicality of the game and the super athleticism. There are two positions that Europeans can play and play well in NBA – center and point guard. Starting NBA centers that are European: Jonas, Kanter, Noah, Gasol brothers, Vucevic, Gortat, Pekovic, back up: Mahinmi, Mozgov and Pachulia. Starting point guards: Parker, Rubio, Dragic, Calderon. As for other positions: MKG, Deng, Gallinari, Kirilenko and Batum (all SFs) are very strong and athletic (especially in the context of other European players), Bellineli has a big strong body and good height for his position. On top of that, all of these players that I’ve mentioned are exceptionally talented and way more gifted than Teletovic, Bogdanovic, Nedovic, Shved, Antic, Datome, Claver, De Colo or Motiejunas.
                I can see Motiejunas, Shved and Nedovic improving and finding the right teams in NBA where they would be able to play longer minutes and have bigger roles on a consistent basis (maybe). Others will eventually return to Europe. Teletovic, Bogdanovic and Datome are SFs who lack toughness and athleticism for NBA game. Casspi on the other hand is an exception, maybe Bogdanovic can be one. But it’s a high risk move since Raptors would give away their starting PG who defends well, is leading the team in assists and is second in scoring. I’d be expecting something way more valuable and promising in return.

    • Bendit

      The future pick (especially if not protected) is more valuable imo. Even if 5 years out this does not mean it cannot be used earlier to do another deal like trading it on the ’14 draft day to trade, move up etc etc

    • kayell

      so true…”Do you guys still have Ron Artest?” *awkward silence* “yeah, he’s still there right?” Face palm.


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