(Listen for the guy who who cackles after the game winner)

Toronto Raptors get a look at one possible future in loss to Charlotte Bobcats | National Post

The game’s aesthetic value lingered around nil for most of the night, to the point where an ennui-soaked beer vendor proved to be the highlight for world-weary press row. (Sample dialogue: “Tall cans. Big and small tall cans. A big selection of two.” Also: “No lineups, none whatsoever: just me talking to myself.) After Casey spent much of his pre-game session with the media complimenting his team’s ball movement, the Raptors went rogue in the first quarter, managing just two assists. The Bobcats, who had zero in the frame, conspired to make them look like the Spurs in comparison.

Raptors Rapid Recap: Kemba Walker Sinks Raptors in OT at Buzzer 104-102 | Raptors HQ

Sidenote: Matty D called Amir “The Doctor”. That’s worse than “Doctor of Denial”.

Raptors’ home woes continue in OT loss to Bobcats | Toronto Sun

Toronto actually came out with some effort, but couldn’t hit a shot early. Once things stabilized, Charlotte went on a furious rally in the third quarter.

Charlotte Barley Escape The Raptors In OT | Queen City Hoops

One of the main reasons why Toronto stormed past Charlotte in the 2nd quarter was because of how easy it was for them to penetrate to the rim. That fact alone is the reason why Charlotte needs MKG to come back because of how great he is as a perimeter defender.

Bobcats hit “Walker-off” game-winner, defeat Raptors 104-102 | Rufus on Fire

If I told you Anthony Tolliver was going to shoot 80 percent from the field and score 10 points in a comeback effort, you would have laughed at me. Well, that happened too.

Lewenberg: Home-court disadvantage; Raptors fall in OT | TSN

Still, Casey maintains that it’s a give and take with Valanciunas on the floor in these scenarios. Although you have a theoretical advantage offensively with Valanciunas against the smaller Jefferson, it’s understood that you are giving something up on defence. Is one worth the other? Instead, Casey rotated the more experienced, more versatile trio of Amir Johnson, Tyler Hansbrough and Patrick Patterson in the fourth.

Bobcats Define Raptors in 104-102 OT Win | Pro Bball Report

As is common with the Raptors, Toronto started off with a play into the post for Jonas Valanciunas and the Raptors young center showed something new by passing out and re-posting deeper. On the pass back, he easily scored over Al Jefferson with a short hook. Valanciunas also putback an offensive board 2 plays later, but points were hard to come by in the first quarter as both teams shot under 32 percent from the field and the Bobcats took an 18-15 lead on a late Kemba Walker three-pointer. Bobcats turning the ball over 5 times to the Raptors 4.

Blair: Raptors OT loss to Bobcats gives fans of Tank Nation chance to cheer | The Globe and Mail

While there’s a certain soul-sucking aspect about wanting your team to lose deliberately when it’s not even Christmas so that it can join the great Eastern Conference conga line to the draft lottery, it has become reality. Even as Lowry nailed a brazen three-pointer with 12.1 seconds left in regulation to force overtime, the Twittersphere exploded with one thought: “Trade him, Masai. Trade Kyle Lowry right now.” Odd, isn’t it, that a player whose character has often been a cause of concern for his coaches has shined even as trade rumours swirl around him? “He is,” head coach Dwane Casey remarked later, “playing at a very high level.”

NBA Recap – Charlotte Bobcats at Toronto Raptors – Dec 18, 2013 | CBSSports.com

“Kemba, he lives for those shots,” Jefferson said. “I really think he missed those free throws on purpose so we could be in that situation, because that’s what he lives for. That’s what he does. He’s been doing that his whole life.”

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  • jjdynomite

    re: Queen City Hoops, “Charlotte Barley Escape…?!? I know they used to grow cotton down there, but seriously.

  • Roarque

    The NBA seems to be full of head coaches who look like refugees from accounting that no one has ever heard of and point guards barely out of college with magic in their finger tips and ice water in their veins. Except in Toronto where experience loses too regularly to the aforementioned.

  • morgan c

    We sucks. Joke franchise. I’m fucking sick of it. NOTHING to show for 19 years. Incompetent coach. Players who don’t know how to play. Overrate our own “building blocks” (JV is really nothing special, a good big man at best, okay great). Fucking frustrating as all hell. Blow this shit up. They deserve the terrible home crowds. Keep it going.

  • Bo4

    I don’t care one iota about Jonas on the final play. The game was squanderewd earlier when that huge lead was allowed to evaporate. THAT was a team effort (or lack thereof, actually)!

  • Bo4

    The mistake was leaving DeMar on the bench for too long, while the Bobcats just kept cutting into the lead! I like Jonas, and he is one of the players to keep for a long time, but …