• BiggestRapsFanEver


  • Adriiian

    a great duo. miss jose, one of my all time fav raptors.

  • consmap

    “I miss the easy baskets that you gave me”

  • consmap

    “I miss all the easy baskets you gave me”

  • Roarque

    Few easy baskets in the paint – unless you’re being fed with Spanish Lobs. Great pic – remember, it’s just a business. Hah!

  • Raptorboy74

    Class act all the way. Major mistake letting him go. Never got the opportunity he deserved.

    • Duke

      Am not and will not ever argue the fact that Jose is a complete class act and professional at what he does. But to say that he never got the opportunity he deserved? Come on man

    • Duke

      I’ll never argue against the fact that Jose was pure class and the definition of a professional, but to say he never got the opportunity he deserved? Come on man

    • Duke

      My bad for the double post, RR really needs to optimize their site for mobile devices.

  • No Homo

    That’s a tender embrace

  • Hassan Mehmood Khan

    we need jose, one of my fav raptors of all time , he was a humble man who always played for the team

    • GoingBig

      Good guy


    why do they look the same height o.O

    • GoingBig

      Hugs make everyone equal
      That’s the magic of hugs

  • Phat AlberG

    How many playoffs games this combination won?.. you guys are acting like these guys are Stockton & Malone

    • mike, prague

      No just two ordinary players, that people around here really appreciate.

  • anon

    Jose was teaching Amir some Spanish words to tell to Vasquez.

    Amir: how do you say a Pick and Roll in Spanish?

    Jose: You tell him ” Paser el balon que pedazo de mierda” (Pass the ball you price of shit)

    Amir: Thanks

    That’s when they hug it out .

    • Plus

      lame. at least spell piece correctly.

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