Before we get any further, that’s Elaine Alden decorating a Christmas tree.

In today’s Christmas podcast, Nick and Barry discuss the horrible state of tank nation while hanging out at the North Pole.
– This Tank Sucks
– Amir is untouchable
– Lebron hates Christmas jerseys too
– Laker draft nightmare
– Fight Club comments from Raptors Republic
– Christmas Miracle”

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (25:53, 31 MB). Or just listen below:

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12 Responses to “Talking Raptors Christmas Podcast (Ep. 9): Amir the Untouchable, Hating the Tank, XMas Jerseys”

  1. Frank McNulty

    The tank in “tanking” is a septic tank.

    If you don’t know what that is, google it.

  2. Tanks-a-lot

    So, where is the Gilmore phenom from that ‘old man/young whore’ marriage?

    drop the crap lighting showcase of a slut…. thanks..

    For all I see it could be a Trap

    • ac1011990

      Lolz how is it a trap, but kind of sad how these guys sit here drooling over someone’s wife. Make some money and it’s pretty easy getting girls like her, take that comment whichever way.

      • Tanks-a-lot

        I’m just saying that a crappy cell phone pic is not worthy of posting anywhere

        I guess this is the extent of the Raptor’s Republic staff sentiment on Christmas Eve.

  3. Tanks-a-lot

    I notice the midget muslim said ‘god dammit’ on the Christmas Eve podcast. “It’s the north pole, god dammit, it’s freezing, and we’re doing to die!”

  4. londoner

    I wonder how many TankNationers have watched more than three college ball games all year. My guess is 5% and the other 95% are bandwagoners. The TankNation guy on this podcast (Barry, I think) is among the 5% – I guarantee it.

    I’m surprised I haven’t heard the Wiggins-to-Lakers conspiracy theory before. Makes perfect sense and would be the new commish’s first big dirty move.

    Here’s a suggestion for the Fight Club team: Reggie Slater.

    PS: Love the wind effect.

  5. First Time Poster Ever

    RR lurker for 5+ years. First comment ever.

    James Johnson on the Fight Club team?? You have to be kidding me. That guy was the whiniest little b****. I remember how Devlin and Jack praised BC for trading a first round pick to get him, and then the mofo flipped him for a second-rounder. Great GMing!!! WTF, honestly, Colangelo set this franchise back 5 years at least.

    I vote John Salley (Bad Boy Pistons pedigree) and Sharone Wright (psychopath who punched babies) as part of that Fight Club Team. There also needs to be a max skill-level on this team.


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