The Continuing Evolution of the Raptors’ DeMar DeRozan | Raptors HQ

As it stands now, the “Raps are better on offense with DeMar on the bench” pattern has continued. This season the Raps have produced a 105.1 OffRtg when DeMar’s on the bench, while on the court the Raps have produced a 101.2 Rating, the difference between a top ten offense and a bottom twelve offense. This does carry some sort of an asterisk seeing as 4 games earlier, the Raps offense was exactly the same with or without DeRozan at 102.0, which at that point was the first time since the lockout shortened 2011-12 season that the Dinos had been equal or better on offense with DeMar on the court.

A holiday wish list for the Raptors | Toronto Sun

Ujiri would prefer to add a high-lottery talent to the mix than a 16-19 draft option, but with only middling offers, he’s had to hold on to his impact trade chips. He needs teams to get desperate, or else he’ll have to change course and aim for the post-season.

Raptors courting stars with courtside seats | The Globe and Mail

“Not only can you see the game, you can hear the game. I didn’t realize that until I got seats that were so close that you can hear the players shouting out to one another, you can hear the coaches barking out orders or shouting out to the players. It adds a whole new dimension.”

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  • raptorspoo

    Here we’re thinking how our stars are better on the bench (DD, Gay, Bargs) and I look over to OKC and they can’t seem to stop producing/selecting good players.

    How is it that we’ve been tanking and haven’t developed any kind of decent future yet OKC has been at the top the past so many years and keep coming up with more young players that are better than ours? They have to get rid of great players because they had too many as they can’t afford to have them all.

    Case in point:
    – the had to choose Jeff Green over Harden and one turned out pretty darn good and another amazing.
    – they had to choose Westbrook over Harden.
    – “next” they’ll have to decide what to Reggie Jackson. (Imagine they traded Westbrook, kept Harden, had Jackson and still because of that was still able to afford K.Martin? Dang yo~)

    On top of that they have a bunch of up and coming youngsters in Lamb, Jones, Adams, etc.

    I can say that one reason for sure is that our management and fans don’t have the guts to tanks properly and always want to stay competitive enough to try get into the playoffs while getting a good lottery pick. Quite an oxy-moron.

    • mountio

      True enough .. although if we had KD instead of say, AB, our fate would be a lot different. Lamb would look like a much bigger bust than TR if he was on our team, and TR would look like an absolute steal (maybe not Drummond steal, but still a steal) if he was shooting wide open jumpers and running with floor with RW and KD. In short, as I think you are suggesting, success begets success. Kahwi Leonard probably looks ok with the raps, but in San Antonio, he will likely develop into an all star eventually as TD and Manu step aside.
      It definitely takes a little luck, but it all starts with landing that elite talent. Without Paul George developing as he has, Indiana is just another team. OKC with Westbrook (as much as I love him) and AB instead of KD looks something like Minnesota does with KL (ok, but never really great, or even really good, yet).
      I agree with the conclusion .. as much as people dont like to watch losses and are offended by the concept of “tanking” … getting the true star (or even better star(s)) is the only way to really turn this around…

      • raptorspoo

        On that note: I would like a vote to bring BC back… just so I can slap him one time for passing up on Drummond. My heart sunk when his name was not called.

        I clearly recall BC saying that he drafts based on the “best player available regardless of position” but that last draft was a “let’s play one of Ross/DD at the SF spot so we can fill out the roster” type of move. Can’t believe people bought into the stuff he was selling.

    • ac1011990

      Raps are destined to be a mediocre team if we keep trying to sneak into the playoffs to play “meaningful games”. People act like the OKC are such an anomaly but that’s the whole point of the draft, if you have good scouting and you pick high enough your supposed to get better. We have never been in a proper rebuild and people are acting like there tired of all this rebuild stuff. I really hope Masai has something planned out, this season is starting to look exactly like every other season, we try to make it into the playoffs, miss, and then lose out on high picks. Its kind of sad because were almost guaranteed to make it into the playoffs because of the horrendous play of the Atlantic division. Whats even sadder is that people are proud of the fact we the division with half as many wins compared to any other division leader.

    • jjdynomite

      One-sided non-argument. Why do you mention all of OKC’s quality players and not their scrubs (Sefolosha, Perkins, Fisher) whom their coach inexplicably plays and have NOT “gotten better” and whom their GM royally screwed up by keeping them on the team as opposed to doing anything necessary to keep Harden (only the best SG in the league). No matter how incredible Durant and Westbrook are, without poor management and coaching they might have won 2 titles by now.

      • raptorspoo

        Maybe because you can’t have 3 max players while paying Ibaka big bucks and get half decent pieces to fill out the team while you’re playing in hick city like “OKC” rather than a city like Miami. Maybe because basketball really is a business and you don’t just throw money left, right and center, especially for a small market team.

        And why you mentioning Fisher like that? You must be a young fella that doesn’t appreciate what a player he was and the IQ that he has.