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Morning Coffee: Boxing Day Edition

Stats say the Raptors are better with DeMar on the bench … Another holiday wishlist for the Raptors … The Globe wrote a whole article on why people want seasons seats

The Continuing Evolution of the Raptors’ DeMar DeRozan | Raptors HQ

As it stands now, the “Raps are better on offense with DeMar on the bench” pattern has continued. This season the Raps have produced a 105.1 OffRtg when DeMar’s on the bench, while on the court the Raps have produced a 101.2 Rating, the difference between a top ten offense and a bottom twelve offense. This does carry some sort of an asterisk seeing as 4 games earlier, the Raps offense was exactly the same with or without DeRozan at 102.0, which at that point was the first time since the lockout shortened 2011-12 season that the Dinos had been equal or better on offense with DeMar on the court.

A holiday wish list for the Raptors | Toronto Sun

Ujiri would prefer to add a high-lottery talent to the mix than a 16-19 draft option, but with only middling offers, he’s had to hold on to his impact trade chips. He needs teams to get desperate, or else he’ll have to change course and aim for the post-season.

Raptors courting stars with courtside seats | The Globe and Mail

“Not only can you see the game, you can hear the game. I didn’t realize that until I got seats that were so close that you can hear the players shouting out to one another, you can hear the coaches barking out orders or shouting out to the players. It adds a whole new dimension.”

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