On this weeks episode of Talking Raptors, Nick and Barry discuss the amazing week and the future of Toronto’s surging team. Tank Nation is put to bed for good as the guys explain why they are being cautiously optimistic. They sit down with NBA/NFL stylist Megan Ann Wilson to chat about Raptors fashion, Drake and style in the NBA. Its all capped off with a big time announcement.

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (38:24, 55 MB). Or just listen below:

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  • monocled_gentleman_scholar

    Ehm, weren’t these two guys in favour of tanking just last week? And weren’t they upset about the Raps’ precisely because they were winning? And all of a sudden, now “Only a drunken loser would want the Raptors to tank”? Methinks one must explain oneself a little more when one decides to take a 180 like this. Otherwise, you’re just insulting the intelligence of your audience. – What, everyone is suddenly happy about the Raps, so you have to appease the angry masses? C’mon. Either be a man and defend your real opinions, or explain how they miraculously changed in a few days.

    • Adam

      While I agree that these two have absolutely nothing interesting to say, I think you missed the sarcasm in their “drunken loser” comment. They are the drunken losers, and were admitting to it.

      • monocled_gentleman_scholar

        Yeah, I thought it might be sarcasm. But again, without an explanation for why they suddenly changed their views, it’s like admitting that they’re jumping on the bandwagon. How can you just admit that and respect yourself as a commentator, or fan, or whatever they are?

        • Adam

          Yeah, to your point, they grilled Lowry on playing for a contract last week. Now they’re suddenly “not so sure”. Nothing interesting to say indeed!

    • morgan c

      Looks to me like someone higher up gave them a talking to regarding their terrible podcast last week. Maybe instead of flipping a 180, they could stick to their guns, but just provided better content?

    • what the

      they saw the light brother they saw the light, there’s room for everyone to get on board even Tim W. this train carries backsliders.
      The Fantastic 5 win by 1 tonite (BC Team)

  • JayTeam

    Tanking has become a term of derision on the board . But as much as we’re enjoying the Raps recent success, this team also seems to be paper thin. The starting 5 can play with anyone in the league, but what happens if injuries occur? The starters have been remarkably healthy – can we really expect that to continue/? If Lowry goes down for any extended period, this team goes from 3rd/4th best in the East to what?

    • Andrey

      A lot of teams have that issue. Without Westbrook Thunder struggle. Without Iggy Warriors struggle. Without Chris Paul Clippers struggle. So it’s a risk that a team chooses to take. The only thing Raptors could do is get better bench so that starters don’t have to play too many minutes.

      • JayTeam

        There are degrees of struggling. Teams that planned to contend usually have built depth for inevitable injuries. So Jackson and Collison are able to keep the Thunder and Clip struggling to a minimum. Raps were not built to contend this year. So yes, they have to improve the bench – but at what cost? Do we want another mortgage the future scenario as we’ve seen far too often in years past?

        • What the

          man we just need a guy we trust to
          take care of things for about 15 mins behind kyle cause Vas is shit we don’t need something major because MU is still “evaluating” BC’s team the fantastic 5. Barbosa is a guy who is able to get to the basket

      • Dr. Scooby

        Without Lowry, the Raps would look pretty meager.

  • beaverboi

    I have that same jersey. Man, I have no idea how they played in those things. The stitching rubs the crap out of my nipples!

  • Steve

    These guys are terrible. They do a complete 180 on tanking and dont explain why. They take the Chris bosh comments completely out of context like they didnt even read the whole interview. I have listened to 3 of their podcasts and all of them have been terrible.

  • vik

    these guys say a lot of things but do not explain anything

  • Connor


  • Connor

    I enjoy listening to you guys, but your views completely switch week by week. It’s hard to keep up.

  • Connor
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