Poll: Dwane Casey Pushing Coaches to Get Lowry and DeRozan into All-Star Game

Dwane Casey; Masai Ujiri

Ever noticed how Dwane in Casey is spelt differently than Dwayne in Wade? Interesting, isn’t it?

Ever noticed how Dwane in Casey is spelt differently than Dwyane in Wade? Interesting, isn’t it?  Well, Dwane Casey spoke about lobbying coaches for getting DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry into the All-star game.

“All of the coaches, I talk to them about [getting DeRozan and Lowry into the All-Star game], text them. They did me the same way when they were trying to get their guys in last year. It’s the same thing right now. I’m pushing our guys. I don’t know if we can get two. I’m going to push two, and hope to get one. Both guys are playing at a high level. And we deserve it.”

Lowry’s been sneaking into some ridiculous MVP talk of late, and although that might sound ludicrous, his All-Star bid isn’t.  He’s averaging over 17.8 points, and  and 8.3 assists in December and January (19 games).  Lowry’s main competition for the spot might come from Jeff Teague 16.8 points and 7.9 assists for the Hawks.

Our man Garrett Hinchey broke down the All-Star bid in greater detail this morning.  Here’s a poll:

Excerpt taken from National Post.

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