Some news being broken that Boston has made a trade, meaning they’ll be without their best player, Jordan Crawford (LOL!) tonight. This Vegas line for this game was -4 to the Raptors, this should shift given this news.

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  • lino

    I’d hold out on the laughing. I can see how the Celtics can stick it to the raptors. By Drafting Wiggins.

    • Sam

      Boston doesn’t get 1st overall picks; see: Duncan, Tim

      • JayTeam

        Don’t be so sure Wiggins is 1st overall. BTW Boston picked up 2 more draft picks in this deal also.

        • Boshrawr

          FYI they’re essentially three second round picks. The language concerning the first they received from the heat via the sixers states that it turns into two second round picks should the sixers miss the playoffs this year and the next which coincidentally seems like the most plausible outcome.

  • Kujo2020

    Celtics prepping to showcase Rondo for trades, and going into full tank mode.

    • Man that tanking word is a big thing up there in Canada….lol,,,,,As soon as anyone is sneezing is a tanking move…lmao…Most be the cold …

  • FSFS


  • rick

    Seriously folks, I’m starting to wonder if this win streak is fools gold. Realisticslly the raps aren’t winning it all without at least one legit all star which I don’t knknow how they’ll get. If MLSEs goal is to win a championship, I don’t see the where were going here. If the goal is to be the next coming of the atlanta for the next few years ( hang around), that’s where this team is heading

    • A G

      Realistically Raptors missed the chance to tank and there is so much “competition” there. Call me a fool but the Raps have been Gold and I’m enjoying.

    • raptorstand

      fing knicks fan trolling. Yea ok we suck , go back to watching Bargiani and we will watch team defense that can shut down teams. What you tankers fail to realize is this is not Atlanta, its not last years Denver, this is a whole new identity of a team , Atlanata looked nothing like us , neither did Denver. I have no idea where this team is headed , but my opinion is the ceiling is the limit with our youth and coaching. This coach owns this team , they are playing lights out d and they are selling out. You figure it out .

      • Garbo

        “The ceiling is the limit” is the same as saying “The limit is the limit”.
        I agree with your post, but that line gave me a chuckle.

        • raptorstand

          Yea sky mtfkr I didn’t think anyone would rude me out bein I was cussin a knick fan off the top of my head , but hey garbo humor is where you get it lol

    • GoingBig

      No, it’s real gold. You don’t have to WIN IT ALL in order to have a streak against sub 0.500 teams. And while ‘streak’ can sometimes mean fluky, there is nothing random about the consistent high level they have against all teams. When you look at the games they played against Miami, Indiana, and OKC, they competed at a high level in real taken-serious-by-Champions Miami & Indiana games.

      All-stars??!?! We got your all-stars right here: Lowry and DeRozan are developing into all-stars – and we fans get to watch.

      WIN IT ALL is not happening today. For 26 out of 30 NBA teams that is the case. I would be satisfied with a step up from a 3rd tier Free Agent destination to 2nd Tier destination. With a good young core – DD, TRoss, JV – we will be at a higher level for the next 4 years. Enough where an all-star PG might want to join us.

    • alboy

      In order for the Raptors to win it all , they would need at least an all star to have a chance , ONLY IF the Raps make a good run in the PO this year (second round let’s say) . If the actual Raps fail to reach the PO (I won’t even consider the fact that they’ll need to fail badly to capture a legit all star) than they would be rubbish even if they drafted Wiggins .

      To me it seems clear that the only solution is to advance deep in the PO this year and meanwhile continue the growth of the young core and then let Ujiri do his work and acquire one or two other major pieces to try to fight for winning it all (maybe through FA).
      If Raps fail this year even Wiggins won’t make them a contender , they would have to tank a couple of another seasons a la Cavaliers and hope that they’re lucky in the draft but I don’t see that happening and I don’t want to see the Raps lose and some of the actual guys leave .

      Sorry for my English

  • Guest

    I rather you put Raptors’ Fans laugh if, anything at all. I want this team taking every game serious. But, I’m just nitpicking. 😉

  • tweed8

    I’d rather you put Raptors’ Fans laugh if, anything at all. I want this team taking every game serious. But, I’m just nitpicking. 😉

  • Just Like Sister Ray Said

    Funny how I read an article just this morning that said Golden State passed on a Kyle Lowry deal because they were worried about his bad attitude in the locker room… then they nab Jordan Crawford

  • Kupooo

    Ummm…Raptors = the 2004 Detroit Pistons. No real superstars but above average players that work great together because tanking is not an option now…too late! Here’s hoping for a nice run and see Raptors do well and resign Lowry we’ll need him for next year.

  • raptorstand

    We havnt seen play offs in 5 years , you know like a game that means something? And these tanking bastards have the fing audacity to say play offs are bad for a team starting kids lolol. I am so sick of reading these people running down this team because they are doing good. This is our Toronto Raptors homegrown talent that we have nurtured and cheered for as they grew, and now these guys are really becoming a team and these negative nancys and doomer debbies are going to make sure that any fing pleasure gleaned by our team is spit and shat on for the sake of there little negative world. This team is good , and we get to watch good basketball for a change. This team can beat anyone anywhere , lets enjoy this year.

  • cmanthomas

    and then the raptors lose…hmmm

  • Rah

    The smugness of this article is why we lost tonight. We’ve been a good team for five minutes. Let’s not get high and mighty before any games.