Raptors drop a stinker in Charlotte.

Toronto Raptors 95 FinalRecap | Box Score 100 Charlotte Bobcats
Amir Johnson, PF Shot Chart 17 MIN | 1-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 2 PTS | -17Something has to be up. It just has to. Aside from his heroic efforts in containing Kevin Love in the Wolves game, Amir has just been invisible of late. Got yanked early, and rightfully so. Where’s the pick and roll? The hustle? The defense? He’s just listless out there.

Terrence Ross, SF Shot Chart 21 MIN | 0-6 FG | 1-2 FT | 3 REB | 0 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 1 PTS | -17Reminded me of last year’s TRoss. His jumper wasn’t falling, which meant he was a total non-factor on offense. His handle isn’t good enough to allow him to attack off the dribble. Still, that’s no excuse for him losing his man repeatedly when he was defending off-ball.

Jonas Valanciunas, C Shot Chart 18 MIN | 1-5 FG | 0-0 FT | 6 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 0 TO | 2 PTS | -18Big Al gave him a taste of his own medicine by getting Jonas to bite repeatedly on his shot-fake. Horrible game from Jonas. Got benched in favor of Hayes for the second straight game.

Kyle Lowry, PG Shot Chart 38 MIN | 9-22 FG | 0-1 FT | 4 REB | 4 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 21 PTS | -15He tried man, he really did. His shot wasn’t falling in the early going and he looked awkward when he tried to press the issue, but he still got the Raptors to within a free throw make at tying the game with 24 seconds left. Unfortunately, it was Lowry who missed that FT. Valient effort as always.

DeMar DeRozan, SG Shot Chart 39 MIN | 10-23 FG | 4-5 FT | 6 REB | 2 AST | 3 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 25 PTS | -12Question: How do you get the emptiest 25 points ever? Answer: By taking all of the bad shots. I really had to do a double take to make sure that it wasn’t Rudy in a number 10 uniform. With the Raptors down big in the second, Derozan had the gall to take back-to-back turnaround jumpshots. Turned it around a bit in the fourth and made a key steal to bring the Raptors close, but still a mediocre game overall.

Patrick Patterson, PF Shot Chart 26 MIN | 4-9 FG | 0-0 FT | 8 REB | 1 AST | 2 STL | 1 BLK | 1 TO | 8 PTS | +15You have to hand it to the bench mob. At least they came to play with a lot of energy. 2Pat crashed the boards and played some very capable defense as the lone big-man in the Raptors small-ball scheme. The numbers aren’t all that shiny, but he played well.

Chuck Hayes, PF Shot Chart 26 MIN | 5-9 FG | 2-2 FT | 13 REB | 0 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 12 PTS | +8See above. People will complain about Casey giving Jonas’ minutes to Hayes for the second straight game, but can you blame him? Hayes was great. Don’t let Jefferson’s numbers deceive you — Big Al had a double-double in the first quarter and that’s mostly on Jonas and Amir.

John Salmons, SF Shot Chart 17 MIN | 0-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 1 TO | 0 PTS | 0Remember how the talking point from last night was how the Raptors really could have used Salmons’ contributions against the Lakers? LOL!

Steve Novak, SF Shot Chart 14 MIN | 3-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 9 PTS | +8He was integral to the near-comeback. Hit his threes like he was still discount double-checking in NYC. Wasn’t that big of a defensive liability. I wish he could do this every game.

Greivis Vasquez, PG Shot Chart 24 MIN | 6-13 FG | 0-0 FT | 7 REB | 9 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 15 PTS | +23Huge spark off the bench. Aside from a weird possession where he heat-checked on back-to-back three point attempts, Vasquez did everything within his power to bring the Raptors back into the game.

Dwane Casey
You have to give him credit for trying something. He shuffled his line-ups and prayed for the heart of the cards to guide him, and miraculously, his weird small-ball lineup in the fourth worked. His leash on Amir and Jonas is shortening with every game, but they’ve played like crap, so it’s warranted. He still can’t draw up an out-of-bounds play to save his life, but against this Kemba-less Cats team, it shouldn’t have to come down to that.

Five Things We Saw

  1. Al Jefferson did his best Jared Sullinger performance by hanging 22 and 19 on the Raptors. He had a double-double by the end of the first quarter and really exacerbated the Raptors need for a big back-up center (like Aaron Gray OH NO I SAID IT)
  2. Something has to be up with Jonas and Amir. What was once a strength has turned into a glaring weakness. They both look slow and they’re both getting the quick hook. I wouldn’t be surprised change is coming for the starting lineup. My guess? Patterson comes in for Jonas, Amir slides to center.
  3. How do you like Greivis now? After clamoring for his head and urging Masai to acquire a veteran like Miller, Vasquez drops 15/7/9 and almost led the Raptors to a stunning comeback. Chances are he’ll turn back into a pumpkin soon, but the Raptors could really use his playmaking off the bench.
  4. The Raptors first half shot chart was: GROSS
  5. I have to give half the team the credit for fighting back and making a game of it. Lowry had a chance to tie and his free throw just rattled out. There’s still no excuse for losing the game, but at least they didn’t lay down and let the Bobcats trample them.

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  • Treadmill team

    wow… tank is dead, bandwagon is empty… the Toronto Raptors are a true definition of a treadmill team. Never good enough to be good and never bad enough to get a game changer and be good.
    The raps play at the level of their competition.

    • Akashsingh

      How is the tank dead? There is still enough time to scrap this team (trade derozan and Lowry for prospects/ picks) and be in the running for a decent pick

      • ac1011990

        Nah it’s dead, the east sucks to much. I don’t want to trade Derozan, he’s a really good player who just needs help. Really hope Masai doesn’t extend Lowry and keeps this shit going, he needs to be traded before we get absolutely nothing in return.

      • raptorspoo

        we’re too far ahead to tank for a good pick and high draft picks are valued ‘high’. So although I would trade DD for a high draft pick straight up (or even both Lowry and DD), I think you’ll need to throw in Jonas to even get a team to budge knowing that they’ll be getting a high draft pick.

      • Kyle Weber

        you don’t trade away fringe all-stars for unproven draft picks. That’s crazy talk


    Wow Derozan…… i got nothing else to say

  • Age

    Demar needs to visit an exorcist because he is channelling Rudy Gay right now.

    I Hope he doesnt get an all star nod so he can realize he hasnt “made it” just yet and to pick up his poor demeanor and attitude.

    Get back to sharing the ball demar!!!
    Way too high of a score. C+ at best

    • ad

      Yep, the real demar is showing. Never a fan of his and he sure as hell is no all star.

    • DDayLewis

      You do realize that B- is only one step up from C+, right?

      • Age

        Ha. I was filled with disappointment that I didnt even see the ‘-‘ sign
        Thanks teach

    • FREEJV

      i counted at least 3 shots by Demar in the seCOND half where it wasnt even close and one of them was an airball LOL

    • oioi

      I agree, I hope he doesnt make the allstar team bacause is is far from one. Themore I watch him play, the more he reminds me of Rudy Gay, especially as of late

    • ozrapsfan

      Maybe he is trying to hard atm to be noticed so he can get the All Star call up? i cant see any other reason for his Rudy impressions.

      He has worked hard to get from a below average rookie to a borderline All Star, if only he was above average to start with he would be our Paul George by now.

      I like Demar but unless he stops thinking he is Kobe and realize he is Sprewell without the defense it may be an addition by subtraction with him?

      • DontBeLazy

        Why do you write this whole comment but abbreviate “atm”?

        You’re lazy

      • FLUXLAND

        Milwaukee’s Best, the 4 x all star, just rolled over in his grave.

    • asifyouknow


    • Abbas Ali

      Why are u only hating on Demar, you know Tross missed all his shots, amir played very bad, JV couldn’t hold his ground against ALJ and also pau last game. GV had a okay game today but he’s began very inefficient since he got to TDOT.
      Kyle and Demar are both playing like all-stars therefore i hope both of them make it.

      • FREEJV

        we havent seen what JV or Ross might be able to do with the amount of shots Demar gets so be quiet pls hes brick.

      • asifyouknow

        Vaz was still recovering from surgery just beginning to feel better and you can see that ….DeMar and Lowry should be signed, period… where in the hell is anyone going to find players with potential like this ?
        So I only can assume that the folks complaining about their play don’t watch the rest of the NBA.
        DeMar and Lowry are in the upper half of the NBA and that makes for a good team, I feel they are a big man and someone to replace Ross away from a very……..very good team

  • ScottBaird

    Amir and Jonas have been in a slump? Okay let’s bench them so they never get out of it.

    • Treadmill team

      Amir deserved to be benched the entire game… after yesterdays apathetic performance against the Lakers he didnt deserve to be on the court. You can’t foul a 3 point shooter multiple times in the final quarter behind the line… He just looked apathetic.
      Jonas I respect because he is always hustling and trying to get his game.

      • ozrapsfan

        People seem to forget that Amir has stretches like this every year, he is the most valuable do no wrong player for 60 games but has these woeful stretches where he is well below sub par.

        • cracker

          if you can get first rounder for amir do it and draft a piece for the puzzle Amir is a damn good player but he ends up on his ass far too often he seems to have a hard time keeping his feet under him.

      • cracker

        Did not see either game but I am seeing the box score and the glaring stat is freethrows. Seems both the loses had the other team getting a 3 to 1 advantage. make that even and we win. Ive seen it last year where the reffs clearly had it in for us. Raptors were getting hacked repeatedly with no calls while at the other end we were getting penalized for next to nothing. Makes me wonder if the league calls on the reffs to take it out of the raps hands to prevent them from being one of the leagues marquee teams.
        Also I think Casey is an amazing defensive coach but a killer of young offensive talent. Only have to go back to DJ Augustine. Chump change under casey but doing well with the bulls. Gay as well shooting much better with his new team damn near made to look useless under casey and his inability to get the guys easy baskets. I swear his go to offensive play was rudy get us a basket double team or not.

        • Bill

          Sure, there were missed calls, but I watched the game and it felt more like the Raptors just took jump shot after jump shot after jump shot. Won’t get many calls like that…

          • cracker

            Just caught the last half, on game in an hour nba tv. They seem to have avoided all the clips with the fouls. But I did see derozan get tomahawked across the arms on the way up for a slam score was 93 90. Ref staring right at the infraction plain as day even at full speed he appeared as if he misplaced his whistle. Get used to seeing it especially with Derozan. against bad teams. Hopefully they have the decency to not screw us like that when we play the good teams.
            Post game show basically said the same things not driving the basket enough. You have to wonder if that’s a product of being burned by the refs against the lakers the night before. If teams are aware open season on raptors is ok with the officials then the smart thing to do is avoid contact and sink your jump shots when open. Otherwise make like Jordan and will that thing into the basket. But its a lot easier to sink your jumpshots.

    • FREEJV

      at least jonas is rebounding pretty good for the minutes he gets but Amir is just a disaster he should be in the 2nd unit again maybe that ll wake his ass up

    • oioi@gmail.com

      Thats right, and lets bring in guys like Patterson and Chuck Hayes who actually give a shit about winning and deserve more minutes

    • AB4EYE

      Maybe we can send Amir to New Orleans who is looking for big man help and wanting to move Evans or Gordan. Chuck could play center and Tyler can go back and play his natural and more effective position of PF.

  • J

    “Heart of the cards”, is that a Yugioh reference or am I just stupid?
    That’s beside the point though. If this team is really serious about going for it this year, change in the starting line up needs to be made, which starts with Ross and JV being moved to the second unit ( as much as it might stunt development).

    • FREEJV

      lol we re not gonna start a 6.5 center….

      • FREEJV

        however i do like the idea of Novak starting at the 3 hes just automatic

        • AB4EYE

          He’ll score 15 and give up 30+

          • FREEJV

            is that why we always comeback when he comes in games. What did Ross or Derozan do on defense the last 2 games pls tell me……

            • AB4EYE

              We come back because most of the time he plays its garbage time and the other team relaxes or basically the same way every NBA team comeback from big holes.

              We’re 3-9 in games Novak plays over 7 MP this year!

              • FREEJV

                those stats are stupid he only gets put in when we re down 30 so obviously we re gonna lose. Also majority of his playing time was pretrade so stfu pls

                • FREEJV

                  Btw what was NYs record last year when he played more than 7 minutes πŸ˜€

                • AB4EYE

                  52-27 on a team that would won the same amount with or without him.. He still has a losing record in his career even with that lone good season.

                • FREEJV

                  hmm 52-27 seems elite to me ….. now you can stfu πŸ˜€

                • AB4EYE

                  52-27 was next to nothing to do with him as shown by his 0-5 career record as a starter losing by 17.5 a game and him owning losing record in his career when getting any kind of P despite a +25 in that one year.

                  They felt he was so valuable they benched him halfway through the first series in the playoffs and traded him during the summer.

                  Not even Steve Novak thinks he should out there as much as you do!

                • AB4EYE

                  Then wouldn’t you say you’re stats are stupid then because the only reason we come back because were getting out asses kicked when he plays?

                  Since the trade he’s been a -7 when on the floor.

    • DDayLewis

      Totally. Yugioh over everything

    • slim

      I was thinking yugioh, though I’m sure Casey is more joey wheeler than yugi

  • AB4EYE

    The most amazing thing about the NBA is how teams always take their foot off the gas with a big lead and seemingly always turn massive leads into losses or close finishes. It more or less never fails the winning teams gets lazy on offense and start to take jumper after jumper while the losing team starts playing at a faster pace as the winning team just stands abound on defense waiting for the time to run out.

    I swear in games that get up around a 20 point spread the winning teams starts shooting 30-45% at best and the losing team starts hitting around 65-70% of the shots no matter who’s on the floor. It can be the NBA best team vs one of the worst and eventually its going to get close again, you can have the All-NBA first team out there vs the people working the concession stand they will look great making a run.

    • slim

      Agreed – I call it the law of averages, everything scenario out. the raptors only seem to play better when they are losing. Only double digit losses since gay trade have been to spurs

  • asifyouknow

    Mr. William Lou quote………”…………….Chances are he’ll turn back into a pumpkin soon, but the Raptors could really use his playmaking off the bench.”
    I am a long time Vaz fan, a huge critic about what’s happening this year, if you are curious enough you can go to Sports illustrated FanNation site, look me up and read my article on the subject.
    I have noticed that many folks here are not well informed on Vasquez, so that pumpkin comment tell me you don’t know the guys history.
    Having said that, I can tell you the Vasquez you’ve been seen in the last there game is the real Vasquez coming out of the foot surgery. I figure it take about 30 games to get back in form, of course it does not helped that Casey was only playing his 9 minutes a game that will change soon, or I hope he can keep playing well so he can be traded, by the way the improvement will continuo, this is a very good player who will make some one a 20+ minute back up at PG and SG.
    Just thought I let you know it won’t be temporary once he gets back to normal.
    it was a pleasure commenting here.

    • DDayLewis

      Hopefully you’re right. Vasquez had a decent year in New Orleans.

    • Roarque

      Everyone on this site wants you to be right. Having Vaz play to his former self would be fantastic!!

      • Good ..Hey I don’t understand why so many people on this site are already giving up, did they think Toronto was going to win every game?
        What is happening now happens to everybody including , the Heat, Spurs etc etc,
        This starters are dead tired, the bench is starting to step up and that is good thing, today Vasquez said his foot has been the best since the surgery . Paterson is doing well and Salmons will be ok soon.
        Casey will step back the minutes and slowly get them back to normal…
        This is a good team, not a championship team but for sure an above average playoff team..
        keep hope alive brothers!!! lol

  • The Mega Sage

    I dunno, the problem with JV, in my opinion, is that he has been miscoached by Casey his entire time in the league. Maybe he’s getting sick of playing for such a poor coach who doesn’t support him at all.

    • AB4EYE

      You gotta put young guy out there and let them play and learn from his mistakes, one of the worst parts of this fools gold bad east is fighting for wins that have no long term meaning at the cost of developing JV and Ross.

      JV has played 10:46 total in the second halves of the two games and we lost them both so not only are we stunting his growth as a player we are doing so in game we still end up losing.

      • buds

        If we were “tanking” then yeah develop the youngsters,but apparently the raps organization has decided to go for a championship run. LOL

      • RobertArchibald

        While I agree the quick-hook can be debilitating to a player’s confidence, “learning from mistakes” is a bit of a myth. Athletes do what is intuitive and comfortable. If you watch JV on offence, he does not adapt to the type of D being played on him, simply because he can’t right now. No amount of “riding him through mistakes” will cure that. Athletes do not improve abilities in game situations. They gain experience of what games consist of, but they rely on learned abilities from past practice. This is why teams watch so much tape and players work on one or two specific things in the off-season. I’m not worried about JV and Ross’ development due to lack of playing time.

        • Ghotte

          JV and Ross are being coached what to do in certain situations. When they are failing miserably you don’t leave them to hang in the wind, you sit them down and teach them what they did wrong. I also have no issue with Casey yanking them. They need to learn the good habits and grow from that.

    • starr

      stop blaming the f***g coach for JV problems. Kid is bn overhyped for no f**g reasons. He has to stop playing fiba during the offseason and get himself into a big man camp.

      • FREEJV

        send him to Hakeem that ll take care of it.

      • Jose

        Over-hyped for sure. I knew it 2 years ago, and it is even more clear now. Just an average young player, that’s all. Can he develop into more than average centre? Sure, but it’s going to take a lot of hard work.

        None of the players Colangelo drafted are that talented IMO.

    • tonious35

      Not Casey’s full fault. Jonas still has got LOTS to learn in the NBA and scouting reports. AT least I have faith in Jonas to work hard and learn and to get better in the next seasons. If SOMEHOW not, Masai ain’t afraid to draft another 7’0″ project to develop.

  • leftovercrack

    Hot and cold. Young teams are notoriously streaky. Hopefully this is a cold snap they will bounce out of. It was the second half of a harsh back-to-back and JV and Amir were obviously tired. If not, Raps can still get a great prospect with the 6-7 pick.

  • ad

    I think that what were seeing here is a regression to the mean. I think that they played over their heads the last stretch and now they are crashing back to earth. The last 3 losses have been inexcusable for a serious top half playoff team. Based on talent, this is a .500 team and they are starting to play like it. That is exactly the WORST case scenario before the season started.

    • You do understand that this guys are “dead tired rubber legs” don’t you?
      Casey will show if he is a good coach by getting them back to normal…..we…will see..

      • ac1011990

        Have you ever thought that maybe being a decent but nothing special is what they actually are? They played about 10 really good games, that’s it they have not shown to be an elite squad over the coarse of a season or even an extended period of time. Teams in the league go through hot and cold streaks. Playing all out every game is not possible, that’s why elite teams usually turned it on during the playoffs, this way causes injuries and tiredness,exactly what your seeing now.

      • oioi

        Tired? Thats a horrible excuse. This team has gotten carefully scouted by opposing teams and now they’re having trouble making adjustments, and thats on Casey which he is doing a horrible job of

        • If you get a chance check the minutes, you already know the pace DeMar and Kyle play at……. bad combination…On the inside game….actually you can call it PF or GF or SF or what ever you want to call it but Casey starts 3 guards, maybe that should change to help interior defense. Maybe start Patterson, he can guard everybody but a PG.
          What do you think about that?…

  • slim

    It seems like the raptors have some good rotation players, but not who are starter quality. I would not be surprised to see any of salmons, hansbrough (healthy), Patterson or hayes starting if the raptors make the playoffs. Ross is too inconsistent, Jonas isn’t that good atm, amirs lost form. Also wouldn’t be surprised to see massive take a punt on someone in a trade like e Gordon, mayo, etc in hope of a playoff run.

    • buds

      Will Jonas ever be good or should we ship him out while his values high and not wait too long like with Rudy

  • AB4EYE

    Starting to stockpile some bad losses!

    Boston was 13-26 and lost 9 in a row and 12 of 13, the Lakers were 15-25 coming off a win at Boston but had loss 6 in a row before that and also lost 12 of 13 prior to getting that win vs a bad Boston team and coming back on us and the Bobcats were 17-25 losers of 10 of 13 before beating us with the wins vs Orlando, NY and Sactown.

    We also finished the season series 0-3 vs Charlotte who are so terrible their 3 wins vs us their 2nd-4th best wins only behind GSW the only current above .500 team they’ve beat. They have picked up 1/3 of their wins against us and the Bucks who are the worst team in the league.

    We’re losing more games lately while our once hard SOS is falling down the list
    quickly and after today will be back in the middle tier of teams.

    We lost the last two games to bad teams despite out rebounding them by 27 with an amazing +22 advantage on the offensive glass over the two games. If you told me this stat I would bet my life it was a split and a ton of money on a pair of wins.

    From when the Raps got up up 19 at 50-31 yesterday to the point they got down 30 today we saw a score of 152-97 over 50:25 of play put on us only to get back in the game on a 51-22 run up to the point Kyle missed his FT with a chance to tie,

    Brooklyn is now just 2.5 games back so getting them without KG and D-Will on top of the other hurt guys the day after the won in Double-OT was a big break, if we lost that game it would be down to .5 and the Tank would be gassed up with aim on the roster with the deadline fast approaching.

    • sham

      Best comment ive read on here in a long long time, at least you got stats and research to prove your points. Loved it!

      • AB4EYE


    • John Pinsky

      …they’d be 1.5 games back, not 0.5

      • AB4EYE

        Flipping results to H2H games change the standings by 2 games.

        Right Now its 20-20 and 17-22 fora 2.5 game lead due to having 2 less losses and one more win in our extra game. But if you take the win from us and give it to them its 19-21 for us and 18-21 for them meaning we would be tied in the loss column and have a .5 lead do to winning our extra game.

        For example if we played them next game and we won we would move to 3.5 up but a loss would put us just a 1.5 up altering the standing by 2 games.


    i knew Lowry was gonna miss that shit he didnt look confident at all walking around for 5 hours before he took it .

  • Andrey

    Oh boy

  • asifyouknow

    Amir has to be in pain, he is just not playing as before…It will pass.
    Wow lots of folks tanking already, check the standing, not going to win them all.
    This is a tired team with dead legs. I posted a comments a couple week ago on this exact thing, this was coming. Casey rode his two horses to death.

    The terrible shooting has not a darn thing to do with playing the so called -three ball PRETTY game- as commented by Casey in a post game interview after the Lakers game.

    Now is time for him to dial it back by playing Vasquez more, now that he appears to be back, (last 3 games, we will see) or go get another guard that he has more trust on.
    Just become a .500 team in the next 10 to 15 games to get the legs back and give the back-ups a chance to improve, this will be a win win situation.
    You can not keep this 40 minutes a game with your horses unless he just does not give a dam about them because maybe he things he is goner at end of the season or the players he is riding are also history.

    just guessing.

  • golden

    Interesting stat. Since the Gay trade: when JV gets 10 of more FGA, Raps are 8-0. Otherwise 6-8. Casey has to realize that another way to neutralize opposing big men is to go right at them on offense and get them into foul trouble. But, Raps offense really isn’t designed for big men, and feeding the post. This leads to a horrible trend developing – Hayes getting minutes in front of Jonas, and Jonas playing less than 20 minutes at the first sign of trouble. Reminiscent of Anderson over Ross.

    • robertparrish00

      If JV is having problems it is the coach that should be sending in a double team. Not hanging JV out to dry, benching him and telling him he is making rookie mistakes in his second year. They were doubling Demar, then doubling Vesquez, so why wouldn’t Casey double Jefferson. Boggles my mind.

      • Milesboyer

        Except he couldn’t guard Gasol or Jefferson at all, they absolutely schooled the sophomore who may or may not ever be a solid post defender. Chuck Hayes on the other hand made things much more difficult for both those guys. How can you blame Casey for trying to win with the better matchup. And remember, Casey’s not the only coach to favour a solid veteran over the inexperienced Valanciunas – happened with the Lithuanian National team. You want development over wins then he should play, otherwise, Casey did the right thing.

        • robertparrish00

          Of course with hindsight I can say he didn’t do the right thing because they still lost. Just joking, pulling the hindsight card is the lowest Rautins thing I can do. Really Casey should have benched the starting five including JV about 4 minutes into the stinkfest 1st. Each hero ball miss should have been a ticket to the pine.

      • cracker

        Agreed when Jefferson was blowing by Jonas on pump fakes there was no help defense as well .At the same time he should be held to account for trying to block shots all the way out there. Blocking shots is not necessarily good defense, Making your guy miss is the key. or forcing them to pass. Problem is it doesn’t show up in the primary stats. Jonas should focus on blocking shots at the basket and staying with his guy beyond the paint and hell be fine. Like to see JV get some stickier hands though he seems to fumble the rebounds that aren’t coming directly at him.

    • larry hughes

      WHAT??!!! Thats ridiculous….

    • RobertArchibald

      I get your point of getting big men in foul trouble but the honest truth is that JV doesn’t have the offensive skill-set to draw fouls right now. He has one move: pump fake, drive into the lane (laterally, not towards rim) and take a running hook. Until he develops footwork and can use his ball-fakes in motion to get his man in the air, he is easily defended and won’t draw fouls. He’s also way too demonstrative against officials. Needs to earn their respect and right now he’s disrespecting them at every whistle/non-call.

      And if you watched how physical Hayes was with Jefferson, it was polarizing to Jonas’ D. Hayes had him catch entry passes at the elbow and bodied him every time he put the ball on the floor. Forced longer jumpers and more moves in traffic.

    • truth be told

      The Raptors offence is based on the jumper.

      They fall and it’s all good. They go into shooting funks and you see the results (Cha, LA).

    • Kujo2020

      We need just to leave Jonas out there, and let him develop. Chuck Hayes stealing his minutes in hard to stomach. Not saying don’t ever bench JV, you do it to make a point, but he needs to be playing consistent minutes.

  • Roarque

    Amir has always played better as the sixth man and to my knowledge has never complained about doing so. It’s like he sits on the bench and observes the competition’s game plan and then comes out ready to stick a monkey wrench into it.
    Start 2Pat and see how it works – why not?

  • oliver

    this team PISSSSSSSSSESSSSSSSSSSSSS me offfffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What the

      me too! then i go watchme some Bargni and i’m feeling much better now

  • Phat AlberG

    I don’t understand why these guys don’t get Jonas involve right away! Jonas needs touches, like this getting dumb again. Past 2 games is been hero ball again with DeMar, and he needs stop forcing up shots and make better decisions. I can’t even lie if we don’t sign Kyle I will trade DeMar right away, and see if we get Tyler Ennis. Because I’ve been to couple Cuse’ games this year, and let me tell you! His IQ is off the chart and I recommend to make drive to Syracuse to watch him play its worth the money!

    • JayTeam

      Jonas did get early touches.

  • robertparrish00

    I think Vasquez was the only player that was told the start time.
    Great comeback and fun game, but when Casey was drawing up the few final plays I knew it would fall short. It feels like Casey thinks if he runs an iso in the final pivotal play of the game…he isn’t at fault if they lose, its on the player. Quick Sterner who gets paid the most…give it to them.

    • asifyouknow

      I don’t like iso unless you got Michael Jordan or Kobe……lol…This team runs a good pick and roll, that should be the gig, get it in or get a foul…..

  • AB4EYE

    This game was a perfect example of how Kyle makes the team go when we were down 30 his line was 3-for-14 for 7 points with 3 Assists and 2 TO before hitting 6 of 8 shots in the 4th,

  • CashGameND

    If you can get solid picks for derozan do it now and give his minutes to 2pat salmons and Novak who needs to get traded or given playing time. At least those 3 consistently stick to the team concept. It’s funny demar can be an Allstar if he plays the team game but when he wants to play like he’s trying to show that he’s an Allstar he ruins this team

  • raptorspoo

    Quote Tim: “I told you so!”
    LOL… everyone wants back on the tank bandwagon but the ship has sailed… this is why Toronto teams stink

  • Joshua

    Its a sad time change is coming i want more novak

  • Hassan Mehmood Khan

    I think we should acquire a veteran big and let jonas learn from him

    • FREEJV

      We already have Magloire but what we need is a veteran big or coach like Ewingwho actually had a postgame which are hard to find.

    • Doc

      Albeit he isn’t “big” per se, but Hayes is a solid veteran presence for JV to be around. Prior to his health issues, Hayes was a stellar big man in this league. Lots learn from him. What JV needs and like some have alluded too (ie Hakeem) is that he needs a dedicated coach to help improve his craft. I imagine Masai will ensure that’ll be a priority this summer.

  • Tanks-a-lot

    Yes, he was General Greivis today and I was very happy to see that.

  • Saskatoon Raps Fan

    Demar seems to be pressing way too hard. Probably trying to justify the all star talk. I’d start Patterson over Amir right now. I think Amir + 2pat front court is a little undersized for a starting front court

  • asifyouknow

    I remember Steve Novak being a killer in New York, with all the “defense” Casey talks about there is still a need for a guy who can come in cold and still hits a few big three pointers, good coaches find a few minutes for people like this, players that might not be the great defenders but can put a dagger on a lead or help you get back in a game. Oh and guess what? That is what he did today..I be darn Casey…lol

    • FREEJV

      Casey would rather play Julyan Stone cuz of his “defense” lmao. Nick young Taught Julyan and Casey a lesson.

    • AB4EYE

      He defense is beyond terrible that’s why he can shoot over 43% from 3 but the only place he ever got any PT over 6 teams was NY who players terrible defense unless your name is Tyson Chandler and even there is was still under 20 MP a game. Its also one of the reason’s he’s never started as his defense gets exposed badly by better players going 0-5 as a starter in his career while owing a -89 in those 5 starts.

      • FREEJV

        you guys are overrating all this “Novak doesnt play defense” stuff. Derozan also doesnt do shit on defense why is he out there 40 minutes a game bricking shots…. explain that for me pls and do not use the word allstar in your explanation…

        • AB4EYE

          DD blows too but he still does more than Novak and is far younger with room to improve.

          Heading into today career PER36
          SN vs DD
          14.0 vs 17.5 PPG
          3.7 vs 4.0 REB
          0.8 vs 2.2 APG
          0.6 vs 1.0 SPG
          0.2 vs 0.3 BPG

          DD also shoots a better percentage

  • doncity

    The team looks a little tired right now – no need to panic… Even if the last week was disappointing I like what I see and I don’t have unrealistic expectations. Just because we lost a couple games doesn’t mean every player on the team is trash and just because we had a good stretch doesn’t mean we’re going to go undefeated the rest of the way.

    The team is still one or two pieces away from being a solid contender. Night in, night out T-Ross is not an adequate replacement for Rudy Gay, as he seems to have trouble creating his own shot. When Ross and Amir aren’t on their offensive games that puts the pressure on DeMar to score in volume and without some help the strain is going to show.

    As for JV, this is just his second full year in the NBA and you can see the grind is starting to wear him down. He looked beat up and tired today and that’s just the way it is with an unforgiving pro schedule to face. We really need Psycho-T back in the rotation to soak up some contact down low and score some cheap buckets off offensive rebounds.

    The good thing is Masai cleared some cap space with his moves so there’s room to add another scorer in the offseason through free agency or trade. I was thinking Michael Beasley might look good in a Raptor uniform depending on how much he’ll command on the open market. He loves LeBron but he’s already taking a huge haircut this year playing on the Heat, no way he leaves a decent contract on the table this summer if its offered – and I’m sure someone will step up, he’s just got too much talent and athleticism.

    Go Raps!

  • Alex Vostrikov

    welcome to raptorland….. one good stretch of games, few good wins, and raps are spit away from winning championship. few losses, and the team is spit away from D-league level.
    Torontonians tend, and myself included, to over value our own players, in all sports. raptors have NO all stars (lowry is no different, he is just playing for the next contract, which is understandable)… have 2 role players playing starter minutes (ross… and yes, amir, you are the second one), have no system in place, have no tradition.
    is it really demar’s fault for being the face of the franchise? he happen to be the better player on a borderline team, and every one expects to much from the guy. wake up, he is no kobe in mid 20’s.
    lowry is good as gone. pay the guy 12 mil a year x 4, and he might stay. only in Toronto you can get over paid to stay. he is good while his HERO mode is working and he is hitting LONG shots. otherwise, average point guard. I don’t believe he will fit with better players than him.
    amir is great guy, with motor up his behind. by no means he is 3rd guy on an average team. I don’t care how much he runs and fight… the guy hardly grabs 7 rebs a game. shoots 3 at terrible average. scores ONLY on put backs and occasional pick and roll. maybe good defender, but isn’t he gets overpowered way to often?
    I understand that he is low maintenance player and liked individual….. but no where near 30 minutes a game player.
    Val….. the best thing that happened in Toronto. but wont stay for to long. he is the perfect fit for teams with system in place. he wont out jump, out run, out shoot any one. but he has fundamentals, that not many bigs have in nba. give him to spurs, and within short time he is great replacement for Duncan.
    ross…… energy-high volume shooter off the bench. nothing more, nothing less. 3 and D player? you wish.
    playoffs? this year at best. next year, when most of team settle, Toronto is back in basement, developing and preparing players for good teams.

  • monocled_gentleman_scholar

    Wait! Is the tanking option still available?? Come back, tank! Come back! We’re sorry we ever doubted you!! We miiiiiss youuuu…..

    • raptorspoo

      LOL… I think we’ll have to be scoring in our own buckets to do the type of tanking needed~

  • Tanks-a-lot

    The Miami Heat just recently had a slump. Lets see how this group responds to their slump.

    That Bobcat team has the Raptors number. It’s a funny thing the NBA.

    John Salmons isn’t going to get you a comeback, but he will help to keep a lead. That’s all I meant by missing him for the Lakers game. Sheesh.

    • ac1011990

      Raptors and heat aren’t even supposed to be mentioned in the same breath. Heat are in a slump but the thing is no one really cares because they have proved they their the real deal and the team to beat. Raptors on the other hand have proved nothing at all. I don’t know why people call this a slump, like winning has become the new norm for us. Raps played some really good games and gave it everything they had, it’s hard to keep that pace the whole season. If they sustained this level of play for the whole year and into the playoffs then these past few games could be called slumps, right now it’s just a mediocre team doing what they always have.

      • Tanks-a-lot

        I don’t know about the Heat this season. They seem a little less special this year.

        I think this is a slump. We’ll see though. They are still being evaluated. How they respond to adversity such as better prepared teams that look at the Raptors as a threat is part of the process of meshing as a team. For example, DeRozan is now being treated as a #1 option and he is struggling. That’s good for him to learn how to figure out how to deal with that sort of adversity.

        • FLUXLAND

          I’m pretty sure the Heat could care less about the regular season – they are bored.

          • Tanks-a-lot

            LeBron isn’t Jordan until he at least wins 3 in a row. (IMO). Even then, nobody ever said that the Bulls were bored during the regular season.

            The Heat are not the artificially stacked Bulls of the 90’s due to Jordan’s 3 million per year contract.

            • FLUXLAND

              I’d say the Bulls were never bored because MJ, unlike LBJ, wanted/wants to win at everything every second of the day. (“As a competitor, you look for challenges in everything you do and
              every minute that you live. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I enjoyed the challenges; I look forward to them every night.”)

              Also, Jax ensured to present him with new challenges at any sign of boredom – say something like “hey, how about we win every game this year, no one has done that”

              (And for me, LeBron can go ahead and win 6 in a row, he will never be MJ. He’s jut a football player pretending to love basketball.)

        • Shadow Of Christ

          RE DeRozan: He can’t be something he’s not… he needs to get back to taking the shots in his range in rhythm; don’t force the issue or panic when doubled… I think the pressure is starting to mount, and he doesn’t know how to handle it yet.

          RE LBJ and the Heat: When you can single handedly lead any team to 60+ win season, you get pretty bored… LeBron can’t wait till the post season gets hear

      • Jose

        Right on. Perennial winning teams go into slumps. For the teams like Raptors winning 3 in a row is considered success.

        • ac1011990

          Ya to me this is considered a hot streak. I think they are going into games and playing down to the competition but they aren’t in a position to do that. The heat are in a slump, raps are just doing what they always do.

  • tonious35

    Still got 50 games to go and I am not panicking, but with these loses smacking my head back to reality, we need to make some very very shrewd trades and make use of our not so high 1st round picks and use 2nd round picks to get some better players than what BC and Blind Kelley couldn’t see in the last 6 years…Hope this roster can prove me wrong, but this team still has the bad habits that are stopping this team from getting over the 10 games over 0.500 mark.

  • GoingBig

    Problems to solve
    There’s a problem with the starting front-court – JV and Amir – Coach has to solve it
    DeRozan, when shots aren’t dropping, both he and the coach have to recognize it – in-game. DD can pass more then or drive more.
    TRoss – needs more than the three. Driving to the basket – the coach has to remind him to do that

  • Shadow Of Christ

    The definition of hitting a brick wall… The Toronto Raptors. Call it being tired, crashing down to earth, playing down to their opponent… whatever. What happened is that for the 3rd time in a row, the Bobcats have had our number. Period!

    I’ll call it being tired/nonexistent, as I’m still trying to figure out how the Raptors ONLY managed 11 first quarter points! PATHETIC!!!!!!

    Wednesday’s game will tell us where the Raptors are heading… The sit at yet another crossroads that goes thru the Mavs. If they want to win, park the 3 point shot and start taking that rock to the hole!

  • Louvens Remy

    I think we need……….ANOTHER DRAKE NIGHT!!