This week on The Doctor is In with Phdsteve, I have called in the boys from the world wide roundtable to talk ball and we have a discussion about all the action in NBA and NCAA while continually tying it back to the Raptors!  Joined by my brother Mike (who knows college basketball), Greg Mason (the brain from the south), and Blair Miller from The Fifth Quarter Blog we discuss:

  • The Raptors as a .500 team and why there really is no need to overreact to a horrible week
  • Some of the trends in the week that was 1-3 like, for example: too many 3 point attempts, not enough free throws, tired legs, & not enough Amirsborough
  • Why the team plays better when Jonas plays more
  • A 3-2 week over the next 7 days? Or should we just stop talking now given our track record!
  •  How good is Indiana? Are they now the team to beat in the East?
  •  How good is Kevin Durant?
  • Who the heck is Creighton?
  • Is there parity now in the NCAA and what does this say about the upcoming draft talent?
  • Should the Raps trade out of this draft?
  • Is it still Kosher to talk about trading Kyle Lowry?
  • For those interested, stick around after the outro for a quick 1-2 mins on Joel Embiid

Don’t forget to visit his site The Fifth Quarter Blog : and follow him on Twitter @TFQuarter

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (55:36, 53 MB). Or just listen below:

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14 Responses to “Rapcast #188: They are who we thought they were (The Doctor Is In)”

  1. disqus_fKKlUSliLH

    Here me out before calling me a crazy conspiracy theorist.

    Raptors ownership has been going on a public relations/marketing campaign to convince Raptor fans that Vince Carter is suddenly a misunderstood guy that we should forgive for his past transgressions.  As a marketing professional, it is quite evident that this is a deliberate effort to somehow enshrine him upon his retirement.

    Campaign activities:

    1.      Drake – while most fans who actually pay attention to the game see him as a nice sideshow it is clear that the new MLSE brass sees him as a tool to bridge the gap with the casual fan to gain interest in the team. Ownership sends Aubrey out adorned in Vince Carter clothing to present the idea, I’m cool and I like/forgive Vince, so you should too.  The lemming mentality is that casual fans will hop on board because Drake is the ‘it-guy’ right now, similar to the ‘YOLO’ & ‘No new friends’ phenomenon.

    2.      Aggressive PR campaign – Using ownerships large team of broadcasters, Rogers sends out teams to reinforce this message during Raptor games i.e. Matt&Leo’s love-in last night & Halftime i.e. Grange & E.Smith.  This lends further credibility to the messaging Drake delivered on “OVO Night’ and works to convince fans that it’s silly to hate a player who essentially spit in our collective faces only a decade before.

    3.      Television Campaign/Print Campaign – Masked as journalism, Rogers presents the “Re-imagining of Vince Carter”(also on Sportsnet magazine), television propaganda at its best which is deliberately built around altering the perception that fans hold of Carter who were old enough to remember the sulking, whining, and deceit that Carter displayed in his final years.

    4.      Online Campaign – Top 10 lists of Carter’s finest moments are presented and analyzed at length to produce good feelings of euphoria for the ‘good ol days’

    All these things are interconnected, this is a campaign deliberately constructed to change public perception of a man who quit on this franchise and forced his departure out of Toronto while decreasing his trade value by actively letting everyone in the league know he wanted out.  The objective, in my opinion, is one or both of the following scenarios:

    1.      To bring Vince back for a retirement parade next year

    2.      Upon Vince’s retirement, to have him accepted as our returning prodigal son and have him enshrined in the Hall of Fame as a Raptor

    As a paying customer of this franchise, from my days of distributing newspapers to buy tickets at age 14 to a season ticket holder at age 33, I see what MLSE/Rogers is trying to do here.  I’ll concede, It’s a great campaign.  I ask my fellow true fans to not be fooled by this campaign, all of these things are interconnected.

    • raptors phdsteve

      as I said in the podcast, Vince isnt worth 1 minute of my time to talk about in the pod- and likewise, he isnt worth the time for your comment or a reply. save your breath and spare the readers and listeners.

      • GetLicks

        So we’re just gonna erase all memory of Vince Carter as a Raptor?

        I get it. I understand why fans still don’t wanna forgive. I still
        remember where I was when that shot in game 7 went long and clanked off
        the rim. I remember how disappointed I was in the years that followed,
        and how jaded I became at how he seemed to just turn his back on us.
        Hell I was at the game where he (on the Nets) tied it at the end of
        regulation with a shot from pretty much half court, only to win the game
        on a reverse alley-oop on the last play of OT when EVERYONE in the
        arena thought we had the W. I was there, and I booed/jeered til I lost
        my voice.

        My dad is originally from Montreal, and there was no
        way in hell I wasn’t playing & watching hockey from the time I could
        breathe. But Vince was the guy who made me (and millions of other kids
        in this country) fall in love with basketball, buy a jersey, watch the
        games & put up a Raptor bball hoop in front of the house. He’s a
        huge reason why so many Americans are talking about how much the game
        has grown in Canada, and has them drooling over all the talent we’re
        producing. Yes the way he left still makes me uneasy, but I can honestly
        say I’ve forgiven all that stuff. I think it’s important to bury the
        hatchet, close the book on all this & move on with good memories. If simply for the fact that he’s the main reason why basketball has taken off in this country. I honestly believe we have the talent to be top 3 in the world within the next 5-10 years, and this would not have been possible without Vince Carter.

        • raptors phdsteve

          not about that. you can like him or hate him, I dont care either way. I simply dont want to talk about it as it has nothing to do with the 2014 Raptors. Same for Bargs, Damon, TMac, Bosh, and all the other former franchise players etc. Lets focus on whats happening right now and talk about all the players who are currently on the Raptors.

          • GetLicks

            Kevin Durant doesn’t have anything to do with the 2014 raptors, but you talked about him. And to be honest, all those names you mentioned don’t even deserve to be compared to Carter. The fact that some ppl think Bargnani & Bosh are booed for the same reason as VC is hilariously delusional and so far from accurate. All 3 were booed for different reasons, and I think Carter is the only one still worth talking about.

            I’m all for supporting our current players and backing the team going forward, but I think the VC topic is more relevant than it’s been for a while. You could see it last night even before SN aired the documentary. He was booed, but for the first time in 10 years there were audible cheers for him. Quite a few people were wearing his jersey to the game too. I really do think it’s important that we bury the hatchet. Yes he needs to apologize, but maybe he’s waiting for us to reciprocate feelings of a reconciliation. The only way we can move on (where he isn’t a negative topic), is to make things right. Whether that’s a 1-game sendoff or he spends a year here I don’t know…but I do think it’s important and the right thing to do.

      • disqus_fKKlUSliLH

        Ur podcast had little appeal, was trying to help you out by igniting some discussion, your welcome.

      • Steve Gennaro

        your rude comment Shawn has been deleted. Consider this a fair warning. Difference of opinion is fine, but rude language like the kind you used in your comment will not be tolerated. Next time, you get banned.

    • Jose

      Yup, VC Hall of Fame campaign at full swing for sure. Personally, I would not mind bringing him back to TO to spend his last season here and retire as Raptor.

  2. Alex Vostrikov

    enjoy watching the team play…. like most of fans, the past few weeks.
    still, like every one else, not sure what will happen next year…
    crazy to think that raptors turned into playoff team, almost over night. I simply against the idea that todays starting five are good enough to compete for years to come. to me, biggest problem is PF.
    amir is amazing team player, but as a ‘starter’ he has more ups and downs, than any one on the team. maybe its not his fault that he doesn’t get involved as often, and this way disappears at times. same with val. raps are MUCH better when the two are more involved.
    and, if lowry leaves, this team is back to ground zero.
    I still think, lowry is more valuable than derozan by a mile. sg’s with average D, are everywhere. just not every one gets a chance like derozan.



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