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  • Quest



    masai told him while he was hugging “way to raise your value”

    • BOSS


    • FREEJV

      whoever disliked my comment can go to the retirement house with Violet Palmer

      • mike, prague

        You should be banned for suggesting such things. Wishing people a fate worse than death is just damn wrong.

  • Kyle

    judas kissed jesus on the cheek then threw him up on a stick bro

    • Chacha166


    • Love this comment….best of the year!!!

  • rocky

    Love the post Arse! Did anyone replay the Salmons lay up with under a minute (to go 102-103) – specifically Amir and AK47… if you are not lying, you are not trying… love it!

  • Louvens Remy

    Michael Corleone had no problem killing his brother Fredo. Goodbye Kyle. (I can’t find my emoticons—-Jokes baby, jokes)

  • lewro

    hey arsenalist, i gave you a hard time after one of your columns during the pre-rudy trade. this post and the your most recent podcast have shown me how much you love the team. i was totally on-board for tanking during the gay era but this is a different team and a new age. i am happy for you (and for me/the team/RR) that your faith and commitment are being rewarded. I really appreciate what you do.
    as an aside, i like to listen to raps related audio when i am at work; is it possible to subdivide the “lastest web articles” section to categorize audio/video content separate from text-based content?
    Thanks again.

    • arsenalist

      Thanks for the kind words.

      I’m not sure there’s enough audio content linked in Latest Web Articles for it to be split in two. Usually, the title of the article is enough to give away whether it’s audio or not.

      • lewro

        Thanks for your response. I do find other podcasts, video content that are not included in the web article section (particularly on tsn). i know you guys are busy (and do A LOT!) so the suggestion is more of a reflection of my laziness. thanks.

    • Guest

      Winning really does solve EVERYTHING huh?

  • Louvens Remy

    Watch your back, Kyle. Don’t get shot on the way out the door.

  • Will

    Hopefully Masai can use his smooth talking skills to get Lowry to resign at a reasonable price.

  • Skip2MyLou

    I will be visibly upset for weeks if he isn’t a Raptor next year

  • Andre

    Masai was thanking him, thats all. Makes his job easier

  • I seen a knife under his shirt sleeve…just saying…LMAO