Stating the unspoken.

Ask yourself — why are you reading this?

I know why I’m here. I love Raptors Republic. This website is hallowed ground for long-time fanatics, newly christened enthusiasts, and everything in-between. I’ve been on both sides — I was the lurking reader and now I’m the humbled scribe. In my mind, this blog is the premier site for all-things Raptors related, from analysis, to reaction and most importantly, discussion.

Discussion is the structural I-beam of sports entertainment. We love watching the athletes compete, we enjoy the chessmatch between coaches, we soak in the commentary and we read the analysis (hopefully), but more than anything else, we want to react. We want to go the bar and shoot the shit about Ross’ potential and speculate on Ujiri’s schemes. We want to leave scathing critiques of Demar’s midrange game. We want to scribble prose poems about Lowry’s scowl. That’s why discussion exists — our passion supplies opinions, and our narcissistic self-importance demands attention. Believe me, as a blogger, we’re the nadir of this dynamic.

We’re all in the same boat — whenever we drop a line in the comments, we lead with a self-importance that lends credence to our words. We react because we feel a right to react. We speak because we should be heard. This site is like a democracy — everyone gets a vote because our opinions are equally valid.

In my mind — and in the minds of the editors — the comment section is a host of discussion. When we give our thoughts on an issue, we try our best to support our stance, we aim to inform, we manicure our presentation, and most importantly, we set the table for discussion. If you agreed with our points, I’m glad to know we’re on the same page. If not, drop us a line and tell us where we went wrong. Your input is encouraged, because after all, you took the time to digest what we had to say, so it’s only fair that do the same. This goes for everyone here. You lend us your ears, we loan you ours.

However, this is all predicated on decorum and respect. We’re not asking you to adhere to the rules of Victorian ladies’ tea — Big Brother might have censored our profanities, but if you want to lash out at Amir for chucking three-pointers, feel free to color with all the crayons in your box. We understand that you feel strongly about the Raptors. We know that you’ve spent your hard-earned money and invested your precious time on this accursed franchise. That’s why you’re here! We just ask that you respect us writers (especially Blake, he’s a delicate flower) and your fellow commentors. The fabric of discussion is woven with two things — opinions, and respect — be careful not to tear it. Don’t ruin it for everybody else.

There’s been a spate of spiteful comments of late. I’m not here to point fingers but you know who you are. The comment sections are infested with trolling, name-calling and at times, personal threats. The pervasive atmosphere is not one of respect — rather, it’s one laced with bitterness and sarcasm, and it needs to stop.

It needs to stop because it’s threatening to destroy a core piece of what makes this forum so great — the discussions. Trolling and personal attacks not only makes discussions worthless, it also drives away potential participants. We give you respect and read what you have to say, it’s on you to not abuse that respect. It’s on you to cut out the petty shit. It’s on you to avoid attacking other commentors. It’s on you to make this place what it could be.

We’re not interested in creating an actual commenting policy, because quite frankly, the idea of having to police you guys is a bit silly. Just talk ball and leave the insults in the holster.

As a general rule of thumb, please heed the wise words of forum moderator MangoKid:

Treat this place like you’re at bar with your buddies and shooting the shit. You’re not always gonna agree with each other, but you have one common goal – a passion for the Raptors. Each person has an idea of how to better them. No one is right, yet no one is wrong, but at the end of the day, you don’t take anything to heart and you move forward.

Thank you for your co-operation,

Sincerely, your RR staff

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  • steve

    Hatecha bro

  • Louvens Remy

    You’re a piece of AWESOME poo! Love ya billy lou

    • DDayLewis

      This was an elaborate set-up to call Blake a delicate flower.

      • Louvens Remy

        Sometimes, I can hear his tears all the way in Vancouver. Poor guy.

  • TheR3dMenace

    If I’m getting shitfaced in a bar watching Raps with my buddies, decorum amongst my friends is usually the last thing you’re going to find. I think you’re looking more for the watching a game at your in-laws over the holidays type of vibe.

    • DDayLewis

      “We’re not asking you to adhere to the rules of Victorian ladies’ tea —
      Big Brother might have censored our profanities, but if you want to lash
      out at Amir for chucking three-pointers, feel free to color with all
      the crayons in your box. We understand that you feel strongly about the
      Raptors. We know that you’ve spent your hard-earned money and invested
      your precious time on this accursed franchise.”

      You’re missing the point. Just don’t turn this place into a string of personal insults.

      • TheR3dMenace

        My joke was about how a bar with your friends is exactly place you’d be likely to find a string of personal insults.

        • Abused Raptors Fan

          They’re also your friends. You have a personal relationship with them that allows for such insults. But saying the exact same thing to a stranger is a bit different

          • TheR3dMenace

            Exactly why the bar with buddies analogy is ridiculous. Don’t try to sell a fun-vibe, good times atmosphere when what you want is Sunday roast beef dinner at your mother-in-law’s house.

            • ItsAboutFun

              ha, I appreciate William Lou’s intent with this piece, but I feel the same way whenever I read that “treat it like at the bar with buddies” thing. Man, I’ve got friends who live hours away, and we miss the regular banter so much, that we even refer to our get togethers as needed shin kicking fun.

  • raptorstand

    I don’t know , if I’m sittin at the bar with my buddies and somebody that doesn’t really understand basketball starts sayin what we need to do is trade all of our assets so that we lose all the games so we can draft a good player out of college next year, I know everyone of my friends would tell the dumb fuck to shut up and ignore the stupid prick. Buts that’s just me and my friends, on here the stupid guy at the bar seems to get a pass, maybe that’s what RR needs to look at . Just sayin.

    • Thomas Smith

      To who this post is addressed to it will fall on deaf ears. You can’t reason with the irrational. It is like hoping a smoker will quit if only you educate him about the health risks. It is a futile effort because one moves to his own beat.

      • Reggie Evans

        I think it’s more directed towards the normal people to not feed the trolls or petty folks.

    • DAYGO

      Really? You read the post and this was your response? Really?

    • ac1011990

      That’s why your probably one of the most annoying ones on here, ya I probably shouldn’t have said that but I think it’s true. Some people probably think I’m annoying but I have the common sense not to go around calling myself a true fan. You think just because someone else has an opinion it’s wrong. Your extreme homerism makes you think that you know more about basketball but your just like the rest of us.

      • raptorstand

        This from a tanker, I read your post , took it in , and I’m hurt and wounded that you would call me annoying. I love opinions, I love strategy, I came here just at the point went the tank was at its peak, and I couldn’t fing believe what I was reading. Toronto Raptors fans actually openly advocating for the team that we both supposedly follow to lose. Now I sincerely had never witnessed such treason in sports fans in my life. Yes you tankers schooled me on the merits of your thinking , but to me it was hogwash. I still get run down for openly cheering for my team by the likes of you. Annoying ?? Shit I haven’t even started.

        • Abused Raptors Fan

          I don’t necessarily agree with the “T***ing” perspective, and realize some of them are the worst offenders, but judging them publicly for thinking that and going out of your way to do so in the process is exactly what this post refers to. My largest problem is the pathetic personal attacks/insults and uninventive mom jokes that appear on almost every single article

          • raptorstand

            I got run down by these people for wanting my team to win, I’m really enjoying this year , ultimately, abused . winning is my answer to all the tankers

        • ac1011990

          Ya in my opinion you are probably the most annoying, when you continually tell people to hop on the bandwagon after every win that puts you in the annoying category in my books. Just because you and other people love the idea of a starless deep Cinderella type team taking the league over by storm, doesn’t mean other people have to. You keep laughing at people for wanting that elite talent that could take the raps over the top. You only love opinions that fall in line with your own, from the so called “true fans”. Even in your above post you act like your way is the right way, and anyone else with a differing opinion is a “stupid prick”.

          • raptorstand

            I never once called anyone here a stupid prick. He gave a hypothetical and I said what would happen if a tanker was sitting with a bunch of Raptor fans that cant stand losing. So you don’t think our young talent aka Tross and JV cant grow into being elite talent, the kid just threw down 51 lol and JV went toe to toe with Garnett who has destroyed us in years passed and won. That’s the thing that really bugs my ass, you tankers have went from openly calling for losing and then you run down our young players by calling them not elite enough , lololololol the first sentence of this rant just might fit you ac1011990 , but I never said it.

            • ac1011990

              Ross is probably my favourite raptor, but he has a ton of work to get to elite status, so does Jonas. And no I don’t think they will turn into elite players, I don’t know how many times you’ve asked me that, but the answer is no. If either of them do, that’s great, I’m just giving you my opinion. And sure il be a stupid prick but your still annoying and I’m still wondering how much you get paid to cheerlead for the raps wearing your skirt and screaming we are beasts.

              • raptorstand

                Me and you completely agree on one thing, the first statement of your last sentence.

    • Edword

      All hail the mighty raptorstand, He whose wisdom is eternal, whose knowledge is unmatched, whose insight is surely as bottomless as his penis is lengthy (it’s unending!). Let there be none who disagree! Let there be no discussion! Let he who dares to think differently on this good republic be cast out and punished for the dumb fuck that he is! Praise raptorstand!

      • raptorstand

        That’s funny right there , I don’t care who you are.

        • ac1011990

          Haha that we agree on

    • David Graham

      Thumbs down cos the button won’t work

  • Timo In Waterloo

    Good post. I read RR for the news and opinions but have trouble with the vitriol in the comments and forums. Hopefully this call for decorum resonates with the followers.

  • Ion66

    I’ll just be happy when the phrase “fools gold” becomes as dated as “come at me bro!”.

  • Ion66

    I’d also ban the use of LOL, lmao, or rofl to start a sentence, or end one that isn’t witty. Keeping in mind that tact is for people who aren’t clever enough to understand sarcasm.

  • RobertArchibald

    A much needed post to this site, though I don’t believe it will change the habits of certain users. The name-calling doesn’t bother me as much as the trolling. Certain posters (FREEJV, AB4EYE) feel the need to chime in on every single comment which has driven me away from even reading them. Perhaps instead of a cry to change their ways, a block button could be instituted instead? With forced login in order to post? (no guest posts). Might be an overreaction but it might also drive away some of the posters that aren’t here for discussion.

    • Ian Reynolds

      I second the forced login. Even people that use the same names, but aren’t registered, should have to, because that way you can click on their names and see their aggressive histories.

      I was here a few years ago, and eventually quit coming by because the comments turned into a cesspool of people named BCMAURIZIOGOTS2GO!!!!!!!

      • 43-39

        then you guys and tim w. should go back to the picket fense gestopo delete ways

    • FREEJV


  • Ian Reynolds


    • DDayLewis

      None of us here at RR want the burden of policing, and realistically, people can make second/third accounts pretty easily. We just hope that everyone can play nice, which seems impossible

      • Ian Reynolds

        haha that seemed so diplomatic until the last line started.

        • DDayLewis

          This whole post has (unfortunately) turned into an excercise in irony

          • Doc

            Nice try though William.

            Guess this means I’m still employed here then?

            • DDayLewis

              What would we do without you?

  • fuck tankers, ya bish?

    ya bish?

  • Guest

    A tad hypocritical, no? Not you personally, of course. But when RR publishes regular articles from Tim W., whose negative posts closely reflect those of the biggest trolls on the boards, it’s hard to identify a particularly clear dividing line.

    • DDayLewis

      You’ll notice that Tim doesn’t engage in personal attacks, he’s merely set in his beliefs.

      • raptorstand

        Yea Tim doesn’t engage in personal attacks, he just uses his moderator hammer to ban people who are insulted and ashamed of the people who openly advocated for the Toronto Raptors to lose. Yea that Timmy is a real sweet guy.

        • DDayLewis

          Go through his posts. You’ll see that there’s a clear increase in hostility before it gets to that point. Nobody is a saint, but 80% of the feedback on Tim’s writing is a personal attack towards him personally, which should not be the case.

        • Edword

          where’s the proof that the mods have banned anyone? i notice it says
          they aren’t policing our comments in this article and it certainly
          doesn’t seem like it since the comments section are full of personal attacks against him.

          for the record, i’m against tanking, but not because i think it’s treasonous or whatever… i just don’t think it’s as effective as the alternatives. still, tim supports the shit out of his articles with stats (though i disagree with some of the uses of those stats), and he’s firm in his beliefs without calling people dumb fucks or stupid pricks.

          it’s a discussion, if only people who agreed were allowed in it then you’re better off joining a party… oh god this is what that other guy said about how this is the raptors version of calling people libtards.

          • DDayLewis

            People have been banned (rare cases) and comments have been deleted, but it has to go pretty far for us to do that.

          • raptorstand

            He gave a hypothetical situation of guys in a bar. I just told the truth on what would happen if a tanker was sitting with a table of Raptor fans that want the team to win, lets put it this way , he wouldn’t be taken seriously

      • Guest

        I’m glad you can clearly see a line between “personal attacks” and being “merely set in his beliefs”.

        If your line is “no profanity directed at someone in particular” that’s fine. But there are plenty of things short of that which I suspect you also don’t care for.

        I encourage you to go read his most recent “game diary” without rose-coloured glasses on. Many of his attacks on the raptors – not individual commentors, true – are not even based in facts or stats. I don’t agree that his positions are all supported by stats as Edword suggests. Posted after a raptors win? C’mon.

        Such posts seem either intentionally inflammatory to get page views (which based on the number of comments is not an altogether successful strategy) or intentionally ignorant to the views of more than half of your readership.
        Either way, rather than defending him, why don’t you consider whether having a resident “troll” really helps set the tone for the comments section or this site in general.

        I don’t post often enough to have a vested interest (hence Guest) on banning, logins, etc. I also echo the criticisms you are making about the way some people communicate. I just think that having people involved in this site defend someone whose conduct appears to be the precursor to the same thing you are chastising is a bit inconsistent.

        • raptorstand

          You must be a lawyer , every point bang on. great post

        • DDayLewis

          A couple of things:

          1. RR doesn’t resort to inflammatory posts to generate views. We have almost zero mandated editorial direction and all the posts are the views of the writer. There’s no agenda – what we write is how we feel.

          2. I’m not here to defend Tim, or any specific writer. If they wish, they can speak for themselves.

          3. I reread the post and I see two points that might anger fans – criticizing Demar ‘ s over reliance on the midrange, and Tim’s opinion that Ujiri hasn’t done anything. Am I missing Anything? If not, is that as horrible as some of the comments below? That’s his opinion, and he’s not “attacking” anyone.

          • Guest

            Thank you for the continued, civil discussion.
            I’d say that you have missed things, for example the comment about nobody outside of Toronto having heard of Demar. That is one example – Not portrayed as his opinion, but rather suggested to be fact. Also pretty clearly wrong.
            But let’s put aside the level of vitriol against Raptor players in that one post (and I would suggest there have been worse both in Mr. W.’s posts and comments). I’m simply asking you to consider how productive it is to have articles with unlimited criticism. It’s not limited to, say, the direction managment took at the beginning of the year. It’s critical of everything. The players, the team, the management. Each. Shot. Selection. Without reprieve. After a win and especially after a loss. Not in a “breaking it down” kind of way, but rather in a whiney, passive agressive fashion.
            Take that and consider what it may look like if it were some teenager or young 20-something posting comments in a comments section. Voila – the precursor to each nasty argument which seems to have arisen around here lately. Voila – the echo of the personality of some of the posters who are being named for being the worst “offenders”.

            To some of the other posters who would easily detract from this comment under the guise that I have “missed your point”, I disagree. I’m not excusing idiots. But I am talking about substance over form. While none of the writers attack anyone personally (that I know of), I am suggesting that some of the written posts on RR (which we all appreciate nonetheless) too closely echo the comments posted by the very people you are pleading with to tone it down. If you don’t want a fire, don’t pass out matches. Some people will be more responsible than others and you can’t spot the pyromaniacs based on the colour of their hair.

            • DDayLewis

              Right back at you. This is

              His point about Demar’s All-Star candidacy was as follows:

              “DeRozan’s name hasn’t been mentioned by many outside of Toronto. Lowry?
              Sure, possibly. But I don’t see DeRozan making it over John Wall, Lance
              Stephenson or Lowry.”

              It has since been pointed out that Derozan’s name has indeed been mentioned by several major media outlets prior to Tim’s assertion (ie: Inside the NBA), which Tim could have, or could not have caught wind of, but you claim that Tim disparaged Demar by saying “nobody outside of Toronto having heard of Demar”. The difference is subtle, but if you’re going to criticize Tim for getting something wrong, it should be fair that your inaccuracy on this matter be pointed out as well. Regardless, it’s a throw-away comment that was factually inaccurate, but hardly vindictive.

              I agree that constant negativity can be tiresome. Personally, I’m also disappointed by Tim’s insistence on repeating the same lines about the team, but as long as his critiques are fair — meaning supported by some evidence — it’s his prerogative. I’m not the editor, so I have no say in his editorial direction.

              On that same vein, I agree that Tim’s points can (and often do) be portrayed as kindling for an argument, but some of his commentors skip over responding to his claims, and go right to personal attacks. I’m really only willing to defend him on the latter. He’s not the one who takes it too far. As for certain legions of commentors who lionize his point and carry the flag for him, that’s on them. It’s likely that if Tim were gone, his ideas would still exist in the minds of many.

              But at the same time, you bring up a great point in “If you don’t want a fire, don’t pass out matches”. On that note, I would really just like to re-iterate that we have no intention of stoking flames to get pageviews. I’m not privy to the data, but my general understanding is that this site is like any other team-specific sports blog — when the team is successful, pageviews increase. We’re not running Tim Wood Bleacher Report-style articles, nor would we ever.

              • Guest

                Mostly fair enough. I would not necessarily agree that your elaboration on Tim’s comment solves the issue, which on its own has similarity to comments made by trolls.

                Take “Lowry now has a triple double. I’ve never liked Lowry’s decision-making (he still takes too many threes when the team is struggling rather than getting the ball inside) but he’s been phenomenal tonight.”

                Yeah! A compliment for Lowry in the face of a triple double. Oh wait. Two criticisms, in one sentence. Sure one is about ball and may be rooted in stats… but what do you know? A random commenter posted that he hated when Tim writes because he’s so negative. Personal, unnecessary, not very nice, but totally understandable.

                In light of that, I find it hard to discern whether the recent comments incivility would still be a problem if the coverage were more favourable. I hesitate to suggest this site should be more “homer” even though I bet more people like those posts. I’m simply saying that the credibility of an open letter harkening to people’s better sides is detracted from somewhat if you’re also posting things that invite negativity.

                It’s also true that the ALLCAPSCREW has been here before and will remain even after we’re all dead and gone and the Raptors have championship banners in the rafters. So maybe it has nothing do with anything posted here and I’m totally wrong. I don’t have stats on that. Sites like CBC sure have their own share of (read:more) personal attacks. Then again they don’t have the dichotomy that makes this site great, covering Lowry’s decision making through to civility and everything in between. On that note, thanks to you (and Tim and everyone else) for their contributions.

                • DDayLewis

                  “I’m simply saying that the credibility of an open letter harkening to
                  people’s better sides is detracted from somewhat if you’re also posting
                  things that invite negativity.”

                  Well said and I totally agree. Like you said, it’s just hard to discern between the author’s motives, and his true feelings. IMO Tim goes too far from time to time, but his continuing saga with the commentors, and vice-versa, has probably made everyone more jaded than they started.

                  You’re welcome. We appreciate our audience and we try our best to put out a semi-decent product for y’all.

  • Jclaw

    This has unfortunately become both overdue and much needed. The forums are a great way to be exposed to different perspectives on the team we are passionate about. I’ll toss out a basic idea. If you find that a thread is being overtaken by a two person conversation, take it to personal messaging. If it takes more than three or so posts to prove your point to the same person, that might be the time to move the conversation elsewhere. I don’t think I’m saying anything new but hopefully people will agree.

    • 43-39

      gestapo tatics again

  • jjdynomite

    DDayWill, I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. RaptorsRepublic is a FAN site, where like-minded individuals gather to discuss the makeup of the NBA team known as the Toronto Drakes and revel in its successes and debate how to improve on its failures. This is not Basketball Prospectus (RIP) or New York Times, where a basketball teams’ and players’ situations can be deconstructed clinically. I repeat, this is a FAN SITE.

    So, when you have trolls posting inane, unsubstantiated comments like, say, JV is a scrub/the second coming of Zan Tabak (cough, FLUXLAND, cough), or that the Raptors are simply lucky as their gameplay is irrelevant, since better opponents only let the Raptors win (cough, AB4EYE, cough), and, of course, professional troll-writers who post articles highlighting the flaws of the Raptors roster, prospects and future, and minimizing the team’s talent and skill — even the past two weeks AFTER WINS — (cough, Timmy W., cough), you, the RaptorsRepublic gatekeepers, are allowing the discourse of this site to be debased.
    While you, DDay, might consider this enabling a “wide range of opinions”, or whatever noble thought, the reality is you are inspiring the flame wars by allowing humourless garbage — like as mentioned in the second paragraph — to be posted. Do you think the African-American Ta-Nehisi Coates of the Atlantic lets KKK members comment on his blog when he posts about race? No, their posts are deleted and/or their accounts are banned. Whether you want to go that route is your call, but I’m just pointing out the dynamic that you guys are letting happen through your passivity and claims of objectivity.

    • DDayLewis

      What are you implying when you say that this is a “fan” site?

      I’m just asking for people to stay away from trolling and personal attacks. We’re not interested in lording over the comments and policing every single thing that comes in. We’d just appreciate some civility. Is that so much to ask?

      • jjdynomite

        Come on, DDay, don’t be obtuse. A “fan” site is a site dedicated to SUPPORTING the team. When you have posters — and writers — wholeheartedly slamming that same team, by offering not even constructive criticism — and sorry, but repeatedly saying a team should be tanking when they have earned 20+ wins and are leading the Atlantic Division does not count as constructive — the site by definition transitions into being flame-worthy.

        Imagine taking a college class, and having a guy at the back, let’s call him Tim, stand up at the end and say, “this class sucks, it’s offering nothing of value”. However, the rest of the students are actually enjoying and learning something from that class. Unfortunately, Tim is not asked to leave. Nor does he quit. And he keeps coming back. And every day, as class nears its end, Tim gets up, and says “this class sucks, it’s offering nothing of value”. Ultimately, the rest of the students, angered by this continual, one-note, unhelpful disruption of the class, start to get angry.

        Now do you get my point?

        P.S. Tim also submits essays that lazily conclude like this: “I remember when I knew every single player on every single roster in
        the league. I guess the difference now is that I have a life. And two
        kids. I can’t even watch games when the kids are at home/awake, now. It
        kind of limits my game watching opportunities.”

        (see: “How I spent my Friday night”, Raptors Republic, January 25, 2014).

        Now who is disrespecting who again by posting this drivel? The readership or the writer? Or the rest of the staff at RaptorsRepublic that allows this to be published?

        • DDayLewis

          I’m not being obtuse. I asked you what you meant and you defined what you meant. If you’re interested in debating the merits of Tim W’s columns, I refer you to the conversation I had with “Guest” below.

          I will say that there’s fault on both sides, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ask for a little more civility from certain commentors. Comments like:

          Tim, You have two kids to raise. Your wife has three. Bet she’s doing a great job on two of them.

          Wonder how long until Tim’s kids will sue him for emotional abuse?Wonder how long until Tim’s kids will sue him for emotional abuse?

          What is that for? What part of him giving his opinions on the Raptors warrants comments like that? Have the writers ever dissed your family? Like I said, there’s wrong on both sides, but that just means both sides can stand to improve, and the fault is by no means equal.

  • Brian L

    “FAQ” haven’t seen that name pop up in a while.

  • where’s FAQ?

    You mean we should keep it more like what you wrote in rr’s other site, here?

    and where is FAQ, anyway? He posted around these parts for a lot of years and I miss reading his occasional Raptor-dedicated quirk.

    • DDayLewis

      I can’t lash out at people who cheer for their own players getting injured?

      • Stef 511

        Well … that’s somewhat disingenuous Will, because that’s not what you did.

        Basically, you lumped every long-standing loyal Raptors fan who, after many years of cheering hard and ending up disappointed and disgruntled, and who then got behind what looked like a new path that the new President and GM seemed likely to be pursuing to once-and-for-all take a patient and systematic run at the BIG prize, in with whatever imagined group of shitheads that YOU believe exist who would actually cheer, not only for the team to lose games (nobody ‘cheers’ for that even if losing is a nasty part of that particular ‘short-term-pain-for-long-term-gain’ formula), but who would also cheer (actually cheer) to see one of our own players badly INJURE himself. Think about that for a moment. When have you ever seen anyone – here or anywhere else – no matter how big a ‘tanker’ he or she might be, suggest anything as gross and obscene as that?

        What you did then was, you took that fabricated notion, treated it as fact and extended it enough to justify calling (basically) all pro-tank Raptors fans, quite insultingly, “assholes”. Repeatedly.

        Today, some of us might wonder why we all have to endure the rantings of one the daily posters here who can’t seem to post anything without including his obnoxious revelling and gloating about what a great fan he is and how everyone who doesn’t think exactly like him is not a real fan, etc etc blah blah.

        But …

        you may well have encouraged that stupidity with your ‘asshole’ post. Imo, anyway.

        • DDayLewis

          You might have missed this chunk of the article:

          And that’s not to say that if you support tanking, you’re not a fan.
          That’s too big of a leap to make. It’s perfectly acceptable to endorse
          tanking, but tanking is a macro strategy predicated on trading present
          value for future assets. Losing is a by-product — an ugly means at the
          chance to roll a loaded dice — it is by no means the ends.

          My quarrel isn’t with people who want the team to tank, it’s about the way some people went about supporting the tank, ie: by delightfully cheering for losses and for players to get injured. Perhaps I should have made it clearer in my piece, but those are the people I was going after, not tankers in general.

        • DDayLewis

          I just pasted in the article to further the discussion.

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