Jonas in, Terrence out.

The NBA announced this afternoon that Jonas Valanciunas has been selected to attend the Rising Stars Challenge. The full list of invitees are listed below. Despite his recent 51 point performance, Terrence Ross was not named amongst the sophomores, although Ross will be in New Orleans to defend his slam dunk championship.


For the sake of comparison, here how Ross’ numbers stack up against Harrison Barnes and Dion Waiters. I’d argue that Ross should make it over Dion Waiters, but that’s just me. The players were selected by the NBA’s assistant coaches.


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14 Responses to “Jonas Valanciunas Selected to the Rising Stars Challenge”

  1. mountio

    I was surprised when I read it .. but honestly, when you look at the list, its tough to argue Ross over many of these guys. If any, I guess T Jones, Sullinger and Waiters. But, hes certainly not a slam dunk ahead of any of them…

    • jjdynomite

      Agreed mountio. T-Ross probably would’ve been picked if Jonas wasn’t picked and/or Ross was a rookie, not a sophomore. Celtics are the only team with two representations, but one is a rook, one a soph.

      Speaking of which, I know Olynyk’s Canadian, but man, what a weak rookie class, especially if you consider Bennett went #1, Porter #3, CZeller #4, Len #5, etc., etc. Just terrible. Good thing Shaq and Chuck are picking the rosters or a split by year would be a blow-out in the 1st Q. Says it all when Mason Plumlee (rook on BKN) is picked over his bro Miles (sophomore on PHX), the latter who is having a far better season.

  2. ckh26

    Assmuppet first class Dion Waiters over T Ross ? Now thats a snub ! Betcha Cleveland would trade waiters for a rack of basket balls and coupon at Walmart .

  3. Guest

    Harrison Barnes and Dion Waiters over Terrence Ross? Debatable but I definitely thought the 51-point outburst would be enough to overshadow his unspectacular numbers

      • Guest

        My point exactly. He just scored 51 points recently so I would think that would give him a slight edge over the other two. Especially Dion Waiters…

        • mountio

          The fact that Harrison Barnes had a great playoff run is going to be a major factor (as well it should be)

  4. Abdi

    When I first heard that Ross was not in the rising stars game I was mad that he didn’t get in. But now learning that there a set number of sophomores can be in this game I don’t think he should be in this game. Ross has been good this year and had one great game but this is a great sophomore class with maybe three all-stars and guys with big time roles on playoff teams. You can argue that Ross should be there instead of Dion but if you pick one over the other it not really a big deal. It to bad Ross is not going to be in. Congrats to Jonas for making it. Hope Demar and Kyle get in the all-star game tomorrow.

  5. Abused Raptors Fan

    Anthony Davis will probably make the Allstar game yet still play in the Rising Stars game like Irving and Griffin did. You’d think they’d replace any 1st/2nd year players who make the Allstar game, especially since they’ll likely barely play anyway


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