This week on The Doctor is In with Phdsteve, I have called in the boys from the world wide roundtable to talk ball and we have a discussion about all the action in NBA and NCAA while continually tying it back to the Raptors!  Joined by my brother Mike (who knows college basketball), Greg Mason (the brain from the south), and Blair Miller from The Fifth Quarter Blog we discuss the trends and story lines from the week that just went by:

  • Victories over Dallas, Philly and Brooklyn!
  • Vince came back and why people insist we talk about him.
  • TRoss goes for 51
  • Jonas comes of age in Brooklyn
  • Are we really still talking about trading Kyle Lowry?
  • 2Pat: steal + hustle + shot = victory  WOW!
  • DeRozan’s injury and what that means moving forward
  • NYK and BKN have woken up and there is now a race for the Atlantic Division
  • Big week and road trip ahead.  Den, Port, Utah, Sac, LAC.


  • @PaulDawkins17 asks: Who are reasonable targets for Masai to pursue in free agency or offer sheets?
  • @tweetputter asks: Steve – you’re the doctor, prescribe @JValanciunas exactly what he needs to become a top 5 C by 2016.

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  • K.J.P

    I can’t agree more with what you said about VC. People are saying that his number or jersey should be retired or hung up (not even coming back to Toronto). That would make me so sick to my stomach, I couldn’t even imagine. I don’t think there has been a single player that I would hang up in the rafters for this franchise yet. The closest I would consider would be Alvin Williams? Mo Pete? We have had no lifers in Toronto yet, so it’s not easy. To think that it would be a person who quit on the team and WANTED to leave this city anyway he could would be disgusting.

    • GetLicks

      I’m not suggesting he should have his number retired or anything, but don’t you think that both parties (fans, organization & Vince) should at least bury the hatchet? If we move on in a positive way, we don’t have to talk about him so much anymore.

      • GetLicks

        I made a ton of mistakes and bad choices when I was that age, but it doesn’t define who I am as a person. I feel like VC did his part in messing up, but he shouldn’t be chastised forever.

    • CashGameND

      the story with Grange really made him out to be a saint. That he changed his mind on the trade. That management was out to get him. That he always tried, he never stopped trying as a raptor or gave any less effort at any point. But aren’t there quotes from him at that time that say otherwise? That he wasn’t trying? And something crazy about him sharing a play or plays with the opposing team out of a timeout? I would really love to see an article that puts all the history together from then & now. Who is really to blame, am I hating vince for no reason? or did he really do these things.

      If he did in fact not try his hardest cause he didn’t want to be here. If he did ask for a trade (i don’t care if he changed his mind, once you make that decision theres no going back). Did he share a play or plays with opponents out of timeouts? what else was there.

      If he did almost any of this stuff its almost unforgivable, idc what you did for a team, when you snub them in a bad way like that you can’t ever expect to earn their respect back with anything less then a big apology, and maybe returning the team & doing something great for them.

      and the idea that the team needs history. I’d rather they earn history with players who are loved & never snub the team or the fans. I don’t want a fake or glorified history just because sportsnet made a niece piece that made things seem not so bad. Why didn’t they ask him specific questions about this big issues? Maybe they didn’t want to know the answers, or at least have us know the full truth.

  • shawn

    what are you fucking talking about? you are fucking hater you fucking asshole piece of shit you fucking cunt richard peddie lied to vince carter by not bringing dr j why lying to your franchise player yes did vince carter give up on the team? absolutely but the raptors should retire his jersey what kind credibilty it gives to your franchise who will want to come to toronto to play. t mac quit orlandoand went to houston in 2004 the magic orlando honor him and what kind of respect that we have has a organisation. how much money he made the owner and raptors team? just look at that instead of prejudging his caracter at the end of day vince carter will go to the hall of fame period your just a hater falt out hater im a disabelief

    • 2damkule

      it was nice to know ya?

    • Ogi

      Lol completely missed the message eh?

  • 2damkule

    i like to think i’m pretty even-handed in how i feel about vince. i recognize what he did for the franchise, for basketball in the country, and that for a time, was one of the top players – and top attractions – in the league.

    what bugs me more than anything, and is something seems to get glossed over quite a bit, is that the team that he grew disenfranchised with was a team that was put together to a large degree to try to either make or keep him happy. it’s not a stretch to suggest that decline of the team was started by the moves he wanted, so it’s frustrating to hear about how both he & the team have to share the blame in how it went down, when a good chunk of the blame for how the team itself was constructed can go to vince. of course, any team with a GM who has half a brain (note: this obviously excludes babcock) wouldn’t let a player dictate the moves made, so there’s a certain amount of fault that goes to mgmt just for letting the team get to that position in the first place. but for the most part, the vince apologists seem to cling to the notion that the team let him down personally in terms of the team they built around him, when it was him that was having way too much input into the team construction in the first place that was the ultimate downfall.

  • gayle velasquez

    — this comment has been removed by the Dr. Sorry Gayle Velasquez. Consider this your warning.

  • Marz

    I think people are using too much emotion behind their arguments of whether or not Vince’s jersey should be retired. The reason why it shouldn’t happen is simple: Vince didn’t do enough.

    You shouldn’t retire a player’s jersey simply because he did more for the franchise than others. The player should have contributed something significant. Something more than “putting Toronto on the map”. The player doesn’t necessarily have to win a championship (see: Stockton, Malone). But multiple finals appearances is a good start!

  • rick

    To tell you the truth guys after years of hating Vince I’m starting to warm up to his point of view. The franchise was in absolute shambles back then. Rob Babcock who, and I mean this when I say it, didn’t even have thd competence of a 5th grader to manage a team imo, kept doing one head-scratching move after the other. He signed Rafer Alston whom Vince hated ( and we all know how that turned out), made terrible draft choices, and in a very short time was literally running the team into the ground. I do concede that Vince could have handled the way he left better, but his frustration was more than justified. I don’t see his actual leaving his fault, rather the pathetic management at the times fault. I think the real villian is bosh, whom I really hate as he didnt even care enough for the franchise to tell them his feelings, rather to the contrary, was more than happy to screw the franchise and sign with Miami and leave the raps with absolutely nothing. And I have no reason to believe Vince would have done it. Forgive him folks, he gave his heart to the franchise and acted out of pure, justified frustration.

    • Guest

      Vince Carter hated Rafer Alston? First time I’ve heard this. Was this ever documented somewhere in an interview wtih Vince Carter himself or is it hearsay?

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  • raptors phdsteve

    Dear Shawn,
    After your most recent tirade, you must realize you are no longer welcome to post here. However, when you are ready to return to posting nicely, you can make a charitable donation to the Raptors Foundation charities Tweet me a pic of the receipt and then I will unblock you from future podcast posts. Until then, anything you post here will be deleted.

    • CashGameND

      shit got real real

  • OakTree

    I think you guys are missing the point about VC.

    Let’s say, hypothetically, that it was entirely Vince’s fault, that he completely screwed the team, and put management in a no win situation. That’s a valid opinion. Fine. We get it. Probably not entirely accurate, but it’s an opinion that a rational person can have.

    Thing is though, at some point, if you keep booing the guy, and keep using the same thing as an excuse, it really just becomes abusive behavior.

    You guys want a forum of rational discussion on this site, and I completely agree about that. You want your kids to be able to read the comments section.

    Well, I kind of want the same thing at Raptors games.

    Whether VC was right or wrong is entirely beside the point. It doesn’t matter anymore. I’m tired of seeing Vince get booed. I want to take my kids to go see Vince, so they can see one of my childhood heroes, and I don’t think I should have to endure an abusive atmosphere at the ACC to do it.
    You’ve got to try to get some perspective. Outside the Raptors’ fan base, VC getting booed every time he plays in Toronto comes across as mean, small and pathetic.

    That’s the reason for the PR push from the Raptors organization. It’s not about whether VC was right or wrong. They just don’t want the guy to get booed anymore. It looks awful.

    When you’re trying to land free agents, you can’t have fans acting like that at games.

    So please, stop having the “was Vince right or wrong” discussion. It’s so old and tired that it hurts. Start having the “should fans feel free to be abusive towards Vince at Raptor games” discussion. The answer is pretty obvious, and has been for a long time.

  • raptorspoo

    Jose Calderon’s jersey should be retired way before we even consider Wince.

  • Daemon

    Does everyone know why it’s so important for Vince to be forgiven by Raptor’s fans? It’s not because he wants to come back and win a championship here. As always, Vince is thinking about Vince. His true motive is he wants to be retired in a Raptor jersey.

    Vince’s best years were in Toronto. When people watch highlights of his career, the best footage will show him in a Raptor’s jersey. How pathetic would it be if he had to retire as a Net, and was forced to use highlights of his time there? He was a shell of his former self. He wasn’t even the best player on that team.

    Now Vince expects us to forgive & forget, because he forgave and forgot about us. No way!! People forget how much of a cancer he was to the Raps. Vince expected to choose the GM for our team. That’s unheard of! If he chose the GM, how often would the GM disagree with little baby Vince? It’s an obvious conflict of interest.

    I still haven’t forgotten the Slam Dunk Champion telling his fans he won’t dunk anymore. He demanded a trade to get out of Toronto ASAP, which guaranteed we would get nothing for him. Even if he wasn’t giving away our plays, he was definitely dogging it. After he was traded to NJ, Vince admitted he wasn’t trying his hardest in Toronto. He proved it by almost matching his career best in points, as soon as he arrived in NJ. However, baby Vince reverted back to his old self soon after. Even Jason Kidd accused him of not trying.

    I’m proud of this city for not letting others decide who our heros are. Heros don’t demand top money, and then coast until they can get out of town. I’m glad there are many others like me, who never forgot when Vince stung the entire city.

    He should apologize to the fans in NJ, maybe he can be their hero. Toronto doesn’t want him! Let him retire as a Net, that’s where he wanted to be. Actually, he wanted to be anywhere but Toronto. If he retires as a Net, I’ll gladly watch his highlight reel from NJ. It would be the first time, in a long time, Vince made me smile.