The result we all expected, yet lamented.

Before I go on, I want to state for the record that this is good news, and I would like to congratulate DeMar DeRozan on making his first ever All-Star team. He has been fairly productive this season and he is the leading scorer on a third-place team. Regardless of the context surrounding the aforementioned statement, it is still a huge accomplishment and we should feel happy and proud of DeRozan. He has come a long way from being the jumper-less slasher in his rookie season, to becoming the offensive force that he is today. Congratulations DeMar DeRozan for making the 2014 NBA All-Star game!

However, if you’d allow, I’d like to get up onto my soapbox just one more time for Kyle Lowry, who in my opinion, was the biggest snub in the Eastern Conference (Blake’s got an indepth post dropping tomorrow, so this is mostly just for us to vent).

Look, there are some circumstantial reasons that could potentially explain why Lowry was omitted. First off, the reserves are selected by each conferences’ head coaches, and Lowry hasn’t exactly shied away from clashing with coaches (notably in Houston with Kevin McHale). Reputations endure, as do grudges.

Second, Lowry’s raw per-game numbers aren’t that spectacular. 16 points and 8 assists per game doesn’t necessarily jump off the page at anyone, well anyone without a brain that is. I find it hard to believe that coaches still put too much stock into raw numbers, but if they do, that could potentially explain Lowry’s absence.

Third, perhaps NBA coaches simply split the Toronto vote between Lowry and Derozan. Perhaps some of the coaches looked at this team and decided that a near .500 club only deserved one All-Star representative, and it just so happened that DeRozan received a lion’s share of the votes.

Finally, maybe some coaches genuinely felt that a guy like Joe Johnson deserved it more than him on merit alone. Apparently, they’re still in 2009 and my mind isn’t splattered all over this keyboard (but then how am I typing?).

Obviously, all of the above is pure crap because All-Stars should be selected on merit, not circumstance. Was Lowry one of the best guard in the East? Undoubtedly, yes, and any NBA observer — not just Raptors fans — would agree. Lowry is better both on, and off the statsheet than either DeRozan and Johnson. Have a look for yourself — it’s not even close (per game averages and advanced stats courtesy of Basketball-Reference):

numnussAnd sure, numbers aren’t everything — there’s something to be said about the intangibles that lay outside of the boxscore — but as a Raptors fan, you know that Lowry gives you everything you’d want in terms of intangibles. He plays great defense, he’s a steady floor-general, he supports his teammates, and he leads the league in charges taken. If we’re going on merit alone, Lowry makes the team, no doubt about it.

But unfortunately, the formula for All-Star includes more than merit, and it is for that, and a million other reasons, why the title of “All-Star player” means jack little, because in my books, a player like Kyle Lowry is a million times the All-Star that Joe Johnson is.

Before we go, one more time for DeMar DeRozan. Don’t be like me — don’t forget about his accomplishments because you’re fuming over Lowry’s omissions. I warms me tremendously to know that a player like DeMar was rewarded for all his hard work over the years. I hope recognition simply motivates him to keep working to improve, and I am proud to have DeRozan represent the Raptors at the All-Star game. It’s been a long time coming, Congratulations, DeMar!

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  • BlakeMurphy


  • jjdynomite

    I know you’re typing in a fit of pique due to Lowry’s omission, but Will, please fix our lone All-Star’s name to: DeMar DeRozan. That’s his birth name, MulTi-CaPs.

    • DDayLewis

      Thanks man. It’s a lazy habit.

  • One relaxed fella

    Great for DeMar and Raptors in general. However, the truth is and we all know it, the best Raptor this season is Lowry and he’s the guy that has the biggest impact on the floor. He’s the reason why people watch Raptors games on League Pass from all over the world (kid you not). It looks like DeMar is in because of his athleticism and his PPG stats which is sad.
    On the brighter note, Raptors deserve this. Lets just enjoy that. Jonas in the rising stars game, Ross in the dunk contest and DeMar in the all star game. When you think about that, 21, 22 and 24 year old getting some recognition in the league. That is sweet. Raptors’ product all the way. Not traded, not signed in the free agency. Drafted.

    • wait a ,minute

      Drafted…….by Bryan Colangelo

      • moe

        it kind of reminds me of what Burke did in Toronto before he got fired.

      • Louvens Remy

        Masai had a hand in it too.

  • Captain_Dog

    Mother ****ing JOE ****ING JOHNSON made the ASG over Lowry AND Stephenson?!?


    • pmcc17

      very f***ing well put. Absolute horses**t. Lowry the best PG this side of a healthy Chris Paul.

  • Quest

    “Kyle Lowry-16.8 PPG,7.6 APG and 4.3 RPG with a PER of 20.4. Yet Joe Johnson averaging at 15.7 PPG,2.8 APG and 3.4 RPG gets in over him.” – kevin bryant…

    nuff said

  • BlakeMurphy

    Joe Johnson: 15.7pts, 3.4rbs, 2.8ast, 0.5stl, 55.3 TS%, 14.9 PER. Kyle Lowry: 16.8pts, 4.3rbs, 7.6ast, 1.6stl, 58.7 TS%, 20.4 PER

    Per me:

  • c_bcm

    Joe Johnson. What a joke

  • Ion66

    I wonder if our start had anything to do with it? In the Rudy era, this team was not producing assists, whereas DeMar was playing well from the get go. Post Gay trade, I would pick Lowry over DeRozan, but I don’t know if people around the league look at it in a “since the trade” way. Just something I was pondering.

  • GetLicks

    Watching the TNT coverage of it all, it’s amazing how little these guys watch the Raptors. All of them were making the case for Joe Johnson & Teague, when asked if Lowry should get in it was an immediate NO from all of them. Look at Lowry’s numbers compared to both of those guys, he’s substantially better across the board. Whatever, he may not get the respect from the league but we all know what’s up. At least he can rest and come back after the break with an even bigger chip on his shoulder.

    • GetLicks

      I also don’t understand all the love for Stephenson and why ppl consider it such a huge snub. He’s been playing well no doubt, but put him on almost any other team in the East and there’s NO WAY he puts up those numbers and plays as well as he has been.

      • vino

        he is not on any other team, and he’s playing great! definitely should have been an All-Star over

        Joe Johnson

        • GetLicks

          IMO you shouldn’t get to ride coattails to the ASG just cause your team has the best record, it should be more based on your role and importance to your team. Stephenson over Johnson, but NOT over Lowry.

          • Minks77

            I love Lowry but born ready is a beast on a different level. Lowry and Stephenson should be AS. JJ shouldn’t and I feel Demars been better all season over milsap who’s numbers in January have been terrible.

            • moe

              born ready still gets exploited on defense and the dude chases stats,

    • vino

      got some respect for Chuck

      • johng_3

        I don’t know about that. He gets annoying as hell. I rather listen to Jalen and Bill

    • johng_3

      I literally lost all if any respect I had for Shaq’s basketball knowledge when he was asked whether Lowry deserved to be in the game and he said negative 9.

      • Andrius

        They only watch games on TNT, no time for League Pass in ATL, too busy getting camera ready on Weight Watchers

    • wiley

      You can’t ignore the fact that demar is averaging 4.8 and 3.7 for rebounds and assists. Don’t pretend that those state are nothing. He doesn’t only score.

      • GetLicks

        When did I say that? Lol. I think he deserves to be there and I’m prob one of his biggest supporters on here.

    • Guest

      Listening to Kenny try to defend the Joe Johnson selection was amusing. No matter how you look at it (recent performances, team record, advanced stats, etc.), Joe Johnson should NOT have been even considered ahead of guys like Stephenson, Lowry, and even Afflalo.

    • Andrius

      😀 they clearly haven’t watched Raps. They gonna be hella surprised when they stump on these teams during the playoffs. “What they gon say!?”
      ‘Started From The Bottom’
      Funny how these past two weeks Kenny and Chuck were saying they will reward winning, if it was Chicago or any of the New York’s team sitting comfortably in the 3rd spot in the east after a 6-12 start they would be talking 3 All-Stars, now we can’t even get two. I guess Joe Johnson has those “BIG” 15 ppg, cos he’s on a “Great” team…
      Man clearly other coaching staffs aren’t as good as ours, decisions speak for them selves. Still All Star gonna be fun each day a new Raptor.

  • Saskatoon Raps Fan

    I told myself going into this that this was best case scenario. No Allstar leverage in contract talks, not to mention Lowry is the kind of player who is going to go out and destroy everybody as revenge.

    But still…damn that pisses me off. Seriously? Joe Johnson?

    • ScottSegal

      I’ve gotta admit, the businessman side of me did consider this a positive come contract talks, though I’m not buying Kyle playing at this level consistently.If I felt he would/could, I’d hand him a blank cheque.

  • mickey glenat

    I can’t believe it, such a shame, I am really angry about this, Joe Johnson maybe 5 years ago

    • mickey glenat

      Forgot congrats Demar, you and Lowry should be there

      • Thornbury Th

        Congrats to DD. I thought KLOW was an absolute lock and Demar would likely not make it in. But now I KNOW Lowry is going to make all these opposing coaches pay for this snub. He is gonna beast for the rest if the season. Chip? No. Boulder on his shoulder

  • Brian L

    Also the votes were tallied last Sunday which would discount Lowry’s recent few performances…

    • lewro

      good on lowry. stepping up w/o demar in the lineup and not for all star votes. gives me some faith that maybe he’s not totally playing for a contract. if he approaches every summer like he did this one then he is worth $40M – hopefully slightly less if he wants to give masai some room to add pieces. and by slightly i mean $4-8M. what an unfathomable reality! in my world, slightly less means 2 weeks paid vacation instead of 3 and we are fortunate to even have jobs and live in the first world. anyway, sorry, this is a bball forum, not a political forum.

  • Guest

    A little off topic here but can you believe Damian Lillard made it over Mike Conley…

    • Junior Qamar

      Lillard is better than Conley

      • Louvens Remy

        Lillard is slightly overrated. HE isnt better than Conley.

      • Guest

        No he’s not. Conley is leading one of the hottest teams in the league right now and had it not been for the Gasol injury, they would’ve been right around 4/5 seed. Lillard is young and talented but based on the present and not the future, Conley has been the better defender, play maker, and leader between the two

    • johng_3

      Lillard is so clutch. He makes the most game winning 3s

  • Tinman

    Well deserved for DeRozan, he has improved in all aspects of the game. He has spent hours in the gym, working on his game. That work has paid dividends and will continue to do so.
    Sucks that Lowry’s omission takes a lot of the shine off of it. But I get the feeling it is gonna motivate Kyle. Hope he continues to play smart.

  • GrizzBear

    I think Joe Johnson might be one of the lowest scoring averages at 15.7 to ever get into an all star game, who doesn’t too anything else significantly well or even above average. It’s actually insane that he was selected based off a handful of clutch performances in the 4th quarter…and overlooked was the 95% lacklustre, uninvolved and basically a ghost on defence, ball he has played this season.

    It’s actually BS. Lowry not being selected is a crime, but it grinds my gears far more that he lost out to this horse sh*t. Can this somehow be voiced to the NBA lol? A damn crime and a slap in the face to common sense + Raptor Nation! It is senseless!!!!!!!!

  • Zubair

    Although I don’t wish injury upon anyone BUT let’s hope someone jams a finger in the next couple weeks, so our boy K Low can play! He deserves it on his resume one way or another, and it’s clear the East coaches are trippin…

    • wrooster

      Why is everyone so upset about Lowry not making the All Star team. I hope he plays for the Raptors next year, and this helps make that happen. Regardless of which team offers him the most money, Toronto is the team that appreciates him the most and it’s the team where he can have the most success. Maybe that will be more important to him – who knows?

  • lewro

    maybe this keeps the price to re-sign him a tad lower? maybe he plays even better with a chip on both his shoulders? i just hope that fans continue to chant mvp for lowry bc he deserves to hear our appreciation (now more than ever). not that he is kd/lj but he is OUR mvp – Kyle “Charge” Lowry

  • Gman

    Who smells the Russian Billionaire’s payola here?!!!!
    Probably not, but wow…I wouldn’t let Joe Johnson carry Lowry’s shoes.

    I wouldn’t let Johnson chew Lowry’s food.
    park his car…
    babysit his kids
    play with his dogs squeaky toy…

    C’mon this is cathartic. What else wouldn’t we let Joe Johnson do fellow irate RR members?!!!!

  • Carbon

    Wouldn’t been mad if Lowry didn’t get picked cuz of Stephenson but JJ seriously?…

  • cdub

    the closest pick in the east was between Johnson and Lowry per Awoj

  • Hassan Mehmood Khan

    lowry will explode and destroy the league in anger , Everyone just about to see the real lowry

  • Stef 511

    I feel bad for Kyle Lowry just like all of us but it kinda goes to show that you can’t just show up for eight or ten weeks or-however-long-it’s-been, no matter how good those weeks have been and just *expect* to get selected as an All Star. It sucks but … if he’s really and truly an All Star, he’ll keep playing at this level and he’ll be there, next year, most certainly.

    The important thing, the really great and important thing right-here-right-now is, DeMar DeRozan, our DeMar DeRozan from the Raptors has been selected to be on the 2014 All Star Team!

    Damn, that sounds good.

    • jjdynomite

      Really Stef? So Joe Johnson shows up in the 4th quarter of like 10 games and HE gets in? He’s only the posterboy for an overpaid underachieving team, in the world’s largest media market. Guess that’s what the coaches prefer.

      • Stef 511

        Hey, you’re preaching to the choir. I know Kyle Lowry should be there over Joe Johnson but … what are ya gonna do? It’s always part popularity contest and they seem to look further back than just the last couple months with these things. I’m just happy DeMar got in. It could’ve been zero Raps, after all. If Lowry keeps playing at this level, if this really is who he is, he’ll be in plenty of All Star games.


    so much BS!!! I’m upset right now, but props to Lou on congratulating DD first and foremost.

  • rapierraptor

    Bullshit. Get ready for a whole new level of Lowry in beast mode.

  • rapierraptor

    I guess the coaches didn’t catch the Brooklyn game. Jesus, what a joke.

  • Tanks-a-lot

    Coaches showing that they are just as bad as fans when voting for all-stars.

    At least the fan voted Kobe Bryant pick makes sense in terms of a total career deservedness

  • Rah

    The way this gets sorted is if our Raps consistently win. This disrespect to Lowry is because he plays for Toronto. Their are people that cover the league that still think the raps will fall to eighth or out of the playoffs. We’ve been bad and soft for too long. WE can see the difference, but it’s going to take a little time. I know it’s not fair but it’s how it is when you’re not in a major basketball city.
    The thing is though.. I really believe that the raptors are going to be a perineal playoff competitor for a long time. I just watched an interview with Tim and Ujiri. I’m impressed and excited. This might be the real deal 🙂

  • Will

    I guess all the East coaches were upset about Lowry kicking all their asses. Keep it up and go for most improved player.

    Congrats to DD. Keep up the hard work. Don’t get satisfied.

  • TorontoNope

    I think most people who voted on this probably watched more Bucks games than Raptors games, and the reality is that Lowry is the all star on this team, but really the only way to realize that is by actually watching the games. Toronto campaigned for Demar, they picked Demar. They weren’t gonna pick two raptors. Also before the Rudy Gay trade Lowry was solid, but not an all-star, which worries me when I hear people talk about re-signing him here.

  • moe

    I wouldn’t be this angry if it was affalo/teague (been really seller keeping hawks afloat)/ lance but JJ? this is beyond BS. hopefully wade sits out ( he shouldn’t be risking a game, he needs rest anyways) and Lowry rightfully gets to play

  • Andrius

    Get Lowry into 3-Point contest or Skills challenge!
    That would be a nice gesture.

  • Ion66

    Hopefully we can sign Lowry for a good price. It’s not like he’s an all-star or anything! 🙂

  • Louvens Remy

    Where’s the Tim W rebuttal piece calling DeMar a mediocre All Star?

  • ScottSegal


  • Hound

    I will be in Denver tonight for the game. I will be yelling ALLSTAR every time Kyle has the ball!!!!!!!!