Video: Fans Boo Lack of Pizza; Madness Must End, Here’s How

Toronto Raptors fans booing the lack of pizza is becoming an issue. Time to come up with solution, here’s one to start.

So there was a smattering of boos as the Raptors failed to score a 100 points as Greivis Vasquez got stripped of the ball with the Raptors at 98 points (video below). As we all know this is a silly promotion, that much has been well-established. An alternate solution is needed and to start things off, HogyG has proposed a nice enough solution:

Please for the love of the basketball gods, change the Pizza Pizza give away from winning a free slice when the Raptors score 100, to winning a free slice when the Raptors hold their opponents to 95 or less. We have a head coach and team that hangs their hat on defence, so it would only make sense. It’s embarrassing to hear the fans cheer for pizza instead of their team. It’s even uglier when they boo the team, especially in a win, because they didn’t make the century mark. People who do that should be ashamed to be at a game. If a slice of pizza was that important to you, maybe you should have spent the money you had for the ticket on dinner instead. Though maybe it just proves the old adage of “Never get between a Canadian and something for free.” So, if people want to be that crazy over a slice of free ‘za, then lets at least harness that potential into something better. Think of the frenzy those fans would be in cheering on the defensive end, especially as it got into crunch time. I can almost hear it now, it would be empowering.

What are your ideas?

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