So there was a smattering of boos as the Raptors failed to score a 100 points as Greivis Vasquez got stripped of the ball with the Raptors at 98 points (video below). As we all know this is a silly promotion, that much has been well-established. An alternate solution is needed and to start things off, HogyG has proposed a nice enough solution:

Please for the love of the basketball gods, change the Pizza Pizza give away from winning a free slice when the Raptors score 100, to winning a free slice when the Raptors hold their opponents to 95 or less. We have a head coach and team that hangs their hat on defence, so it would only make sense. It’s embarrassing to hear the fans cheer for pizza instead of their team. It’s even uglier when they boo the team, especially in a win, because they didn’t make the century mark. People who do that should be ashamed to be at a game. If a slice of pizza was that important to you, maybe you should have spent the money you had for the ticket on dinner instead. Though maybe it just proves the old adage of “Never get between a Canadian and something for free.” So, if people want to be that crazy over a slice of free ‘za, then lets at least harness that potential into something better. Think of the frenzy those fans would be in cheering on the defensive end, especially as it got into crunch time. I can almost hear it now, it would be empowering.

What are your ideas?

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49 Responses to “Video: Fans Boo Lack of Pizza; Madness Must End, Here’s How”

  1. Rtz

    People were booing for the no call…but I do really like the idea of holding opponents to 95 points or less. #RTZ

    • conman_15

      Then fans will start booing meaningless baskets by the opposing team when a game could be out of reach. Not much classier IMO

    • OakTree

      So, I guess the idea behind having a point target is that the crowd will cheer when the Raptors get 100, and the announcers will explain it (basically, it’s publicity).

      It would be much simpler if it were just free pizza for attending a home win, but then Pizza Pizza wouldn’t get the same publicity, because the target would be reached at the end of the game instead of during the game.

      The same holds true for the defensive target. The publicity wouldn’t be as good, because the goal isn’t reached until the end.

      I think it would be more fun if it were free pizza for some random event in game, with less of an impact on the final result.

      Some ideas for random events that get the fans free pizza:

      – 4 point play, or three free throws (gotta make the free throws, though), by a Raptor.
      – A Raptor takes a charge.
      – 30+ foot shot by a Raptor gets a whole pizza.

  2. Mike

    No, the pizza give away stays how it is…damn right we boo when they don’t get to the century mark. This is Toronto mate-it’s what have you done for me LATELY. Vasquez is an ass clown he should have passed that or found a way to convert.

    • Shadow Of Christ

      You tell em Mike! But don’t call Vasquez an A– clown, he got fouled and no call, especially that late. Refs probably thought we was running up the score

    • Saskatoon Raps Fan

      What they did for u lately was win the game by 15 points. The fans booing at that game should be embarrassed.

      • Mike

        Spoken like a true Saskatchewan..listen, you guys out there could never understand the ‘Toronto state of mind.’ Who cares about the 15point win. What we care about is having our cake and eating it too.

        • GetLicks

          Born and raised in Toronto all my life, been going to raptor games since we played at skydome, and I think it’s a dumb promotion cause of what ppl have turned it into. I care about wins, not a $3 piece of shitty pizza. Cheering is annoying, but the booing is embarassing. It needs to be pizza if we win, period. Otherwise, scrap it. Ppl in this city have lots & lots of money, and this just makes us look like whiney b*tches.

  3. Shadow Of Christ

    Um… If you’ve been to a live Raptors game, which I and I’m sure a lot of other posters here have as well, I would think you’d agree that especially when the team is up big, hearing “We Want Pizza” chants adds a whole new level of excitement, whether you think it’s embarrassing or not.

    I for one think that it’s mad funny! I was at the Milwaukee game a couple of weeks back, and some nearby kids were really into the game, but got a bit restless the more the Raptors were up. So I started a pizza chant. That got them reengaged. When we scored 100, they went nuts! Then we started making up new things to cheer for: scoring 110 points, If DeRozan scores… Mind you, I’ve never seen these kinds before in my life.

    Just cause a few fans think it’s embarrassing doesn’t mean that you need to suggest that Pizza Pizza should ruin the fun of fans that don’t think that way. The added caveat that the Raptors have score 100 and win mitigates the pizza chants anyway. What more do you want?

    The players know what’s up. They’re aware of the deal. They wanna send the best basketball fans on planet earth home knowing that they can get a free slice the next day. A new level of player-fan interaction. And if the other team doesn’t allow it to happen, then we have the right to boo them. Plain and simple.

    Also, so far as I know, we’re the only team in the league that has any such promotion. So quit all this mess that “cheering for pizza is embarrassing” and “pizza pizza should change the promotion”. Have some fun for goodness sake!

  4. DanH

    Pizza if they win. So simple. The score doesn’t matter. The stupid 100 points thing made sense when the team lost 3/4 games and the fans needed something to cheer for.

    • Shadow Of Christ

      It should stay as is. You think Pizza Pizza can afford to give away 19800 pizza slices 41 times a season? That’s over $2.43 million dollars annually. Think before you speak.

      • Dan

        Think before you speak – you’re saying the Raps are going to win every home game? Gotta love the know-it-alls who don’t know much

        • Shadow Of Christ

          Pizza Pizza is a business. When you present a promotion, you also have to present the positives and negatives of the promotion. That, my friend, would be a negative, as there is always a possibility for any team, including the Raptors, to win every home game. Teams have done it before. There was even one season where the Raptors won 30+ home games.

          Soooo… Who doesn’t know much?

          • Alex Bill

            How many home games do they cross the 100-point plateau. Without having any of the numbers handy (at all. so huge grain of salt here) I’d guess the number of home wins exceeds the number of home 100+ point nights 4-8 times a year (we’ll say 6 for now). So at 18,000 people (their average attendance currently) that’s 108,000 more slices than under the current system. I have no idea what percentage of fans actually redeem their tickets for slices, but let’s pretend it’s very high and the number of extra slices is an even 100,000. I don’t know how much it costs them to make a slice of pizza (you can’t measure by the retail cost, because these aren’t slices that would otherwise be sold), but I think it’s fair to say that by changing the promotion to a far less embarrassing “Home Win = Pizza” Pizza Pizza would only have to shell out a couple of hundred thousand more, and would gain some more positive promotion in the deal as well.

          • DanH

            In 2009-10, the team scored 100 or more points 29 times at home. They won 25 times at home.
            In 2010-11, the team scored 100 or more points 18 times at home. They won 16 times at home.
            In 2011-12, team scored 100 or more points 7 times at home. They won 13 times at home.
            In 2012-13, team scored 100 or more points 14 times at home. They won 21 times at home.
            In 2013-14, team scored 100 or more points 11 times at home. They’ve won 12 times at home.

            Only in the most recent season did the Pizza Pizza offer change to a win and 100 points – previously it was just 100 points. So of the first 4 years, twice the team scored 100 points more than they won at home. Twice the reverse. The risk is there either way.

            There is just as much risk of the team scoring 100 points as there is of them winning. The current promotion avoids that risk, but the original one did not, and if that promotion could be justified (which ended with them paying out 29 times that first season), then why not a simpler, better one where the fans don’t boo the team when they win.

          • Minks77

            So make it 95 and the win. The cost of the slices isn’t that big a deal. It’s a promotion designed to get people into stores where they are likely to buy additional slices/drinks etc and to build the brand. The actual cheese slices? Just a cost of doing business. It’s their lowest ticket item and how many do they really give away? Maybe 10%? I’ve been to tons of games with many different people and no one has ever gotten a slice in return for a ticket stub.

            The way it’s set up now is stupid and needs to change. Cheer the team on in a win. Pizza Pizza should be encouraging a more positive association with their brand than this.

      • DanH

        Oh, and also, 19800 is not realistic. A very small percentage of fans actually go get their pizza. Let’s be real generous and say 30%. That’s roughly 6000 fans. Then look at what they’ve historically given away (in 09-10, 29 times). That, by your math, is $522,000. Of course, they don’t actually lose 3 dollars per slice – those customers wouldn’t be there for a slice if not for them being free, and the employee and rent costs are the same whether the promotion is on or not, so it is literally just ingredient costs. As such, they only lose the cost of making the slice (probably, what, a dollar? If that?). So more like $174,000. Now, if the team won 41 home games, that number would go up to $246,000. HUGE DIFFERENCE.

        Then of course is the reason they run the promotion – maybe someone in the group wants a drink? Maybe they want dipping sauce, or to have more than one slice. They run the promotion because they figure they make money off it, be it through the actual game nights or the advertizing. And the more often you have 20,000 fans screaming pizza after a win the better for both.

      • RobertArchibald

        FWIW Pizza Pizza loses nothing on this promotion. The Franchisee loses money. They’ve already ordered their ingredients without knowing if the Raptors will win or not. This is why they don’t give out the slices at the game, but make the ticket redeemable at any location. Hurts the private owners, not the company as a whole.

      • Loyal Raptors Fan

        All this fuss from a bunch of fickle fans… Probably the same group of fans who don’t like the team logo, name; probably the same group of fans that want the Raptors to tank; the same group of fans who wants MLSE to change the name to Huskies…

        I agree with Shadow… Shut up, have some fun, enjoy the game… If you don’t like it, don’t watch the game. Plain and simple.

        You all disgust me!

  5. Raptorozans

    For marketing purposes this idea might work better for Pizza Pizza to make it 96 points or less, so that the first two digits of 967-11-11 number get some plug.

  6. AnonymousNFResident

    just give them a free size if they win….so there are no conflicting goals…sure pizza pizza will go for it… and how many people actually redeem for their free slice???

  7. robertparish00

    Here is the thing. In garbage time after the losing team has symbolically “tapped out” you don’t pile it on. You support your team, and if your players accept the other team’s surrender, you should be cheer that you got the win, not boo you didn’t get pizza.
    You would think the years of losing would teach fans some humility.
    Solution: scrap it.

  8. Ion66

    I’d like the losing team to get shawarma. I picture something like the very end of the Avengers movie.

  9. JessJuice

    If you spend that much on a ticket you should be there to watch the game and cheer for the team not cheer louder for pizza than you do for defence. To boo your own team because you have to spend $3 on pizza I think is just ridiculous.

  10. Bendit

    If there really must be such a promo…make it dependent on the margin of victory….10, 15pts. whatever. There is then no bias on the off-def aspect of the game.

  11. RapsExpat

    Yeah – the promotion definitely would cause some fans to boo if they just miss 100 – this is not the reaction we want at the arena, but unavoidable realistically. Solution – change the promotion! Whether it’s holding the other team down, or winning by 5, whatever.

  12. Brian

    If the Raptors WIn..Fans get their pizza, simple as that. This will prevent the boos at the end of the game when they win but fail to score 100 points.

  13. Will

    They should just change it to free pizza with every win. If Pizza Pizza thinks it’ll cost them too much, then change their offering to free pizza with the purchase of a drink. To cheer for anything other than just a win is stupid. It makes the fans look stupid. It makes players look stupid and disrespectful when they try to give it to the fans. And it makes the team look stupid for setting up such a promo.

  14. mike, prague

    Great idea! It gets the crowd booing the other time to try to alter the chances of the opponents getting 95 instead if complaining about the own team

  15. RobertArchibald

    Just a copy and paste of my post from last night to show that fans will boo no matter what the promotion. Need to get rid of it as a whole.

    I’ve liked this idea for years but don’t see it happening. Think of a blowout like tonight. If the Magic were at 98 points and were down 15 with 30 seconds to go, fans would expect playoff-like D. The Raps would give them the easy bucket (which teams do every game) and the fans would boo all the same. Best thing to do is get rid of any promotion that has to do with in game play. Hell, charge an extra $1.50 on every ticket and give everyone a slice every game no matter what the score is.

  16. Andre

    They should give the pizza if the Raptors win and if they get 100 points. So at least they will cheer when they win and lose! LOL

  17. Raptors Argentina

    Pizza Free if the team win, make 100 points o a 7 points diferencial. A short diferecial would keep the people on the game thinking in Win.

  18. Tanks-a-lot

    How much is a pizza slice worth?
    Only the cheese is expensive. all of the rest of a slice is worth pennies.

    I’ve worked at an independent pizza shop so I know that the promotional value that Pizza Pizza is getting FAR FAR FAR outweighs a free slice’s cost to any franchise of Pizza Pizza’s.

  19. Roger Payne

    PIZZA! We talking about PIZZA?
    Not the game. Not the game that I love. That I sweat and die for. No, we talking about PIZZA!.
    What we talking about man? This team is here working hard trying to get wins, trying to get into the playoffs, trying to get players onto the All-Star squad, but we here talking about PIZZA!
    PIZZA? PIZZA? PIZZA? We talking about PIZZA?

    Seriously though, why the hell is this a discussion? Toronto sports fans have always been corny; accept it. Even Jack Armstrong called them out for trying to relive the 80’s and bring the wave back. It’s already embarrassing enough to see that at Jays games and Bills-in-Toronto games. But they’re having fun, they got into the moment and wanted something extra. It’s part of the fun, but it really wasn’t that big of a deal.

  20. Philoveritas

    I was behind the raptors bucket at the game and I will tell you that I personally was booing the non-call on that supposed steal. When the clock ran out people were cheering the win. I have never even gotten free pizza with an eligeable ticket stub in the past(not a big fan of pizza pizza anyways). But if the draw of free pizza keeps some fans in their seats in garbage time than I am all for it. Less rush to the door to compete with…I was far more disappointed at the bonehead fans who were chanting M.V.P. when Lowry was shooting the Techincal(which of course he missed) than I was for people chanting ‘Piz-za’ in place of ‘De-Fence’.

  21. Bryan Colangelo

    All-Pizza-Pizza Raptors-only team with Extra Cheese

    Challenge: Construct the worst possible team of former Raptors that could still average 100 pts.

    C: Andrea Bargnani
    F: Keon Clark
    F: Marco Belinelli
    G: Vincenzo Esposito
    G: Mike James

    GM: Bryan Colangelo, Maurizio Gherardini

    • jjdynomite

      You have to switch out Keon with Hedo. While Hedo brought “BALL” and, not-so coincidentally, shitty pizza commercials, Keon brought the felonies. And he was actually fun to watch. The rest of your team fits the bill.

  22. toaster

    Have maybe 10 or 20 “PIzza Pizza” promo game like fan night, etc. Win and you get a slice.

  23. Daemon

    Even the “cheap seats” will run about $50 a ticket (depending on the opponent). Not all fans are rich, so getting a free slice of pizza is a real treat. A lot of young fans attend the game. How many other places give them anything for free?

    Personally, I like to keep my ticket, instead of trading it for a slice. But I love how the promotion keeps the fans into the game until basically the end. Anything that gets fans to cheer more should be encouraged.

    If I didn’t like people chanting, “Pizza!”, I would never discourage them from doing it. They have a ticket, so they can cheer or boo whatever they like. Some fans cheer for the Raptor’s opponents. Should we tell them who they’re allowed to cheer for? Nonsense. They have a ticket, they can make that decision on their own. Just like you can choose to not chant, “Pizza!”.


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