In an interview with Jim Rome, DeRozan talked about a multitude of things including his All-Star selection, being labelled as a dunker, finally winning in Toronto, and even Drake. Something that stuck out was him giving a shout out to the fans and talking about how the name in front of the jersey is serious business for him and the team:

The city embraced me, made me feel at home. The only difference [between Compton and Toronto] for me is the cold.

I worked so hard this summer just to bring back the city of Toronto the joyfulness that they always want. We have one of the best fans in the NBA, they come out and support us every night. Everybody on this team fights, not just for us, but for this city because they support us so much. We lay everything on the line every time we step out there on that court.

Have a full listen here.

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  • c_bcm

    awwww shucks. we love you too demar. Keeping working hard, keep improving. We see the improvements in your game, keep it up bud.

  • Louvens Remy

    Love that guy. That stuff can’t be measured. Fans pay for everything. The least you can do is lay it all out for the fans. He’s the anti-Vince.

  • Quest

    this guy is amazing. everything about his personality is great

  • GetLicks

    Respect! For anyone that’s followed this team from the early years, it should be crystal clear why they’re easy to like and support. I also love how he always says ‘we’ in his interviews.

    • Thomas Smith

      Who remembers watching City TV when they were selecting the name for the franchise? It has been a bumpy ride but it looks like we finally have a core group of players that want to be here.

      • GetLicks

        It’s been a longggg time. I remember getting my first raptors hoop for my driveway when I was like 12-13. Didn’t know I’d be almost 30 before I’d see a talented group of guys that love reppin my city.

        • ezz_bee

          I know exactly what hoop your talking about… my best friend down the street got the Grizzlies version. Vancouver Grizzlies!

        • What the

          And also 3 of our starters are “reppin” in a Allstar event,could have been four but Kyle is in a contract year so mybe they were looking at that…Tross31 will win the Dunk contest in 2014,15 and 16 .

  • consmap

    Lol the guy behind DeMar in the picture is like: “Oh, damn.”

  • Mike

    i love u

  • Guest

    All-star player who likes the city and tries? Yes please.

  • hotshot

    I don’t know if I like Toronto being compared to Compton…..

    • What the

      ok i”ll tell you part of the story when somebody/BC takes care of you and your sick family member and takes you out of Compton,you feel you owe a lot to him and the city for doing so.

  • OzRapsFan

    He’s a good guy, even though I have no affiliation with either Toronto or Canada whatsoever, I bleed this team and hearing him talk like that gives me one of those proud lumps in the throat.

    • ikonn

      That’s interesting? Why do you bleed for the Raps from down under if you have no affiliation at all? I like the Hawks and the Magpies but I don’t bleed for them. Not criticizing, just curious.

      • OzRapsFan

        Because I like basketball and they are the team I chose to follow and I’ve followed since inception and they are my team. Simple

        • Bigbadjv

          No shit, I know zero other Australian raptor fans!

          • OzRapsFan

            I know 3 others total, all on twitter, but yeah the NBA is about as popular in Australia as surfing is in Greenland and the Raps would be way down on the list of teams people would follow down here.

            • Bigbadjv

              I’ve got a few mates who are all huge nba fans, they all just fail to comprehend the whole Toronto thing is all

          • RAH

            I’m a Huge Raptors fan. Been following since might mouse. And I live in Perth, Western Australia…. We are out there 🙂

            • Valantime

              There’s definitely a few of us! I’m from Melbourne 🙂

      • What the

        My friend THE ALLSTAR name ((((DemAR)))) didn’t just pop up out of nowhere and end up on the Raptors team. BC, MasterP and JayTriano also MU was here when it all went down. my boy is here for life and blood is life. Big ups to Master P and BC

  • Guest

    Hard to believe he hasn’t experienced the playoffs yet. Hopefully raps make it this year, I’d like to see how they react in those types of situation…

  • Mexiballer

    We’re behind you Demar.

  • ddyyz

    wait, the only thing that’s different about Toronto and Compton is the cold? $/!?:/)????

    Now that funny $hit.

  • Me Ted

    I absolutely love this guy. Pure heart and skill.

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  • SRM

    I remember when they help a contest for the logo when the team first launched! I love this city I am a proud Canadian, these guys represent us well 🙂

  • AK

    I F*cking love DeMar, anybody who bashes his game can suck a ****. Toronto has been going through so much bullshit for the past 10 years, including the trading of VC and the relocation of Bosh. DeMar has given us hope, obviously with the help of out squad. To all the fans out there who vanish after team takes back to back L’s, get ur shit together. Keep the support up………SQUADDD

  • dave9t5

    It doesn’t get mentioned enough, but DeMar declared for the NBA draft after only 1 year of college in order to provide a better quality of life for his ailing and suffering Mother. That said everything at the time about the dedication and motivation and mind-set of that 19 year old. And it still does to this day. It meant that no matter what the state of DeMar’s game was, that he could be counted on to be thinking about improving step-by-step and always thinking towards the future. Great to see him reap the results of his dedication and hard work.

  • Rocky

    If the season was in the summer toronto would be a hot place where everyone would wanna play like miami.