Report: Raptors to Bring Back Purple Uniforms

According to a report, the Raptors might bring back a purple throwback jersey next season.

You know you love them and would want them as a throwback.   It doesn’t matter what mix of gold, black and whatever Drake pops out with, it would be nothing compared to the Raptors bringing back the the purple uniforms.  Fans have grown to love them because of their ugliness, crudeness, and general lack of design sense.  Come to think of it, that jersey typifies most of the 17 years of this franchise. Hopefully that is on course to change, but that doesn’t mean the jersey wouldn’t be welcome back.

According to a report by Uni Watch, a purple Raptors jersey was actually seen by their source who has broken jersey news before.  You can check out the full list of what the source saw, but this little titbit might peak your attention:

And there was a new edition of the Raptors’ original purple uniform — a throwback for next season, perhaps..?

Take it for what it’s worth, but this guy has been right in the past.

So yeah, I’ll take one.

Do check out the fan-submitted rebrand options from the summer:

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