You know you love them and would want them as a throwback.   It doesn’t matter what mix of gold, black and whatever Drake pops out with, it would be nothing compared to the Raptors bringing back the the purple uniforms.  Fans have grown to love them because of their ugliness, crudeness, and general lack of design sense.  Come to think of it, that jersey typifies most of the 17 years of this franchise. Hopefully that is on course to change, but that doesn’t mean the jersey wouldn’t be welcome back.

According to a report by Uni Watch, a purple Raptors jersey was actually seen by their source who has broken jersey news before.  You can check out the full list of what the source saw, but this little titbit might peak your attention:

And there was a new edition of the Raptors’ original purple uniform — a throwback for next season, perhaps..?

Take it for what it’s worth, but this guy has been right in the past.

So yeah, I’ll take one.

Do check out the fan-submitted rebrand options from the summer:

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  • Frazzle.

    Would be incredible to see the raps sporting throwbacks, loved those kits.

  • coolhand

    A dream come true. Yes, they were hideous then but they’ve aged nicely and now have a certain kitschy charm.

  • sig

    Fuck yes, I’m sick of goddamn red in the NBA.

  • GetLicks

    A lot of times when I pick the raptors in 2k, I choose the purple alternate. It’s the 2nd-gen purple jersey (the one without the raptor on it) but I’d love if they put these in the game. It is kinda weird seeing all our current guys in purple tho. Like another guy said on here, they were a bit of a joke at first…but they’ve aged nicely and have a certain charm to them now. Would love it if they brought these back.

  • Joaquin

    i suppose the suit lining of’s own, drake, is helping revitalize the throw-back…..a picture of mighty mouse?!? why not the OG raptor like vincenzo esposito.

    • arsenalist

      Good point. Done.

      • Joaquin


  • Thornbury

    I was thinking something was up when I saw them all wearing purple shoes over the last couple games. Now I am sure

    • RobertArchibald

      Purple shoes are for black history month.

    • Jeason Steeler Gagnon

      I was really hoping it would be so, but it was for Black history month!

  • Copywryter

    Once a year perhaps. But otherwise this team needs to leave the past where it is.

  • Elite SportsTours

    I think they should switch up to Blue and White #Huskies Style like the Leafs and Blue Jays!



  • Darien


  • robertparish00

    Hope its the purple fronts, black backs with red around the numbers.