Let’s hope one of the events is swimming, because he’d definitely dominate the 50M freestyle

In other NBA All-Star news, Jonas Valanciunas will play on Team Hill alongside Lillard, Beal, Drummond, Barnes, Jones, Alphabet Hands, Waiters and Antic. Terrence Ross will defend his slam dunk title against Harrison Barnes, Damien Lillard, Paul George, Ben “it’s spelled” McLemore and John Wall.

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9 Responses to “Demar Derozan to Compete in the Skills Challenge”

  1. arsenalist

    They need to spice these pre-dunk competitions up a little. Give me a 3-on-3 game till 11, winner keeps ball, I’ll tune in to that.

    • Marc

      ones and twos? there’d be a lot of hoisting going on (which is probably a good reason to do it because less chance of injury)

    • Andre

      I have said this so many times, they need to have a one-on-one competition! I love to see John Wall vs. Kyrie or Steph Curry vs Chris paul. They can have 2 divisions. 6’5″ and under, and 6’6″ and over. What be awesome.

  2. mike, prague

    Demar? Though he been good, I’d much rather give it to Kyle, considering the fact that he was snubbed off the All star team and that he has been better than DeRozan. Nothing against DD, just saying that Kyle deserves some spot somewhere more.

  3. 2damkule

    i’m…confused. what skill of DD’s is going to be showcased, exactly? mid-range jumper? ability to draw fouls? this just seems all sorts of f’d up.

  4. Andre

    am i missing something here? Why is derozen in this competition with 7 PG ? They must really hate kyle lowry.. damn


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