Raps make this, and it’s a 2-point game with the And1. Yeah, we played like crap for most of the game but with Adam Silver and Kevin Johnson in the crowd, the officials just had to send the crowd home happy. Disgrace.

Watch the full video of the play (SAC commentary), or the GIF below (let it load):

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  • illwill

    Fuck these refs foreal!!!

  • Zig Biv DeVoe

    Disgraceful call, I’m utterly disgusted right now.

  • FTR

    We just lost to the refs again.

  • MisterM

    With 58.9 seconds left in the 4th, while DDR is shooting FTs, Rudy and Malone are talking to ref Smith about the call on the prior play. Smith seems to point to himself as if to say “that was on me” and goes on to mumble something to Malone, that Malone seems quite pleased with. I’d reckon to guess that Malone was placated by Smith and was told that a forthcoming call would go their way to make up for it.

    When I saw this exchange I IMMEDIATELY knew we were going to be taking a BS call. I actually paused the game, pulled out my phone and recorded the exchange. He should be FIRED immediately. Total, total BS.

    Still no excuse for the Raps coming out the way they did today.

    If a mod posts an email addy I’ll send in the video. What a piece of home cooking BS. Silver should be ashamed that he was witness to such a farce.

    • brian d

      youtube it!

  • brutalnbarefs

    8 on 5 again. The refs make sure Toronto stays down again.

  • Tanks-a-lot

    that phantom foul by JV on Cousins for JV’s 2nd foul.

  • Robert Hendricks

    what a bunch of crybabies

    • FREEJV

      do you even lift brah? looks like you overdid it on the beer brah

    • illwill

      what a FAT baby

    • 2damkule

      aw, isn’t that cute. a sacto supporter has ventured over to offer his insight. how sweet.

      • raptorstand

        Shit I thought it was Flux or Timmy , something they would say.

    • Yogi

      Even USAToday has chimed in on the robbery that took place last night.


    • Chantelle

      You’re a long way from home. You’re acting like a crybaby while calling others crybabies…makes sense.

  • VanAC

    Even the kings fans wanted a game at the end. Horrible. We want to be entertained, not angered by terrible calls.

  • Tanks-a-lot

    Maybe if Kyle stops trying to get fouled by jumping into people he would get the real calls.

    It should have been a no call, IMO.

    • 2damkule

      i know, right? like, why take advantage of a poor defender jumping on a fake, and doing what pretty much every other talented offensive player in the L does. clearly, trying to draw fouls is just a total lose-lose proposition, because those refs, boy, they’re gonna want to punish guys for pulling that kind of shit. yessirree. btw, i could understand a no-call…especially in that situation. but calling the offensive foul, wiping the points off the board, is a big time stretch & individualized interpretation of the rules. or, just another sad case of a ref wanting to be part of the game, part of the story. you really have to be looking for a reason to make that call.

      • Tanks-a-lot

        Jumping sideways into players and then throwing the ball wildly doesn’t get the respect of the Refs.

        • arsenalist

          As a ref you should be able to analyze each play on its own merit. It doesn’t matter if Lowry tries to draw fouls at the three-point line. It should not affect the ref’s judgement, but clearly it does. That’s not Lowry’s fault, it’s the refs.

          • Tanks-a-lot

            I see Lowry do it in other games and it looks WAY WAY WAY too contrived. It also can lead to injuring other players. That particular contrived foul on Cousins by Lowry was especially egregious and could have been injury inducing to either Cousins or Lowry.

            that shit ain’t needed

  • 2damkule

    the sad thing for me is how it shows just how little understanding of basketball physics this official actually has. anyone who’s played knows that KLOE’s body action under those circumstances is entirely natural…coming hard to the left, catching, stopping, elevating & shooting like that is going to cause a bit of a natural ‘kick’ forward of the lower half – it’s necessary in order to get enough on the shot, kind of like a pendulum effect in order to keep from getting off-balance.

    the call, however, suggest that he stuck his legs out in order to interfere with the defender, or to try to draw a foul, which is pretty obviously not the case. that is, in 90% of cases, a foul on the defender (for not allowing lowry to land – if you watch the vid, he’s coming down in the same spot from where he took the shot, and the defender invaded his space)…in 9.999% of cases, it’s a no-call. and in .0001% of cases, it’s an offensive foul.

    in all honesty, i’m not surprised by the call. what surprises me is that it wasn’t violet palmer.

  • morgan c

    Bullshit call.

    At same time, refs had it out for Lowry (and to a lesser extent, DeMar and Casey) all game long. He was talking to them and they clearly didn’t like it. Inexcusable call, but Lowry has to know his rep and stay calm. I’m not saying that was relevant on this play, but here’s betting if he hadn’t already drawn a tech and the ref’s ire earlier on, he gets that call / no call at worst.

    Refs were terrible. But we weren’t “robbed.” The Kings dominated us. Worst Raps’ performance of the year, with our without Gay. Anyone who watched the whole game could see that. We couldn’t handle Cousins, let everyone into the lane, and just fouled all game long. Missed open shots. Terrible terrible game we deserved to lose.

    • Yogi

      Terrible game for sure. But I would be more inclined to say we were dominated by the refs. Sac shot 51 free throws

      • morgan c

        They did. But most of those were legit calls. Even Leo said so. They took it to us and were the more aggressive team. The team that plays inside gets the calls. We settled for a lot of jumpers, whereas Thompson and DMC took it to us inside. Again, refs were bad. But we hurt ourselves with our play.

        • Wiley

          Leo is a piece of shit too. He was making an excuses for everything, including the foul on Lowry.

  • NonameGuest8019

    The reason for the bad call comes down to one fact…..the kings had to win that game in front of the new commish NO MATTER WHAT.

    Look at the facts:

    1 – Last year and the year before Sacramento was (and still may be) on the verge of loosing their franchise to another city. Last thing they need is to give David Silver a bad first impression.

    2 – Had the Raps won in front of David Silver in Sacramento, it would make the small spotlight that the Raps are getting just a bit bigger and none of the US franchises want. None of them wants it to become public that a Canadian team commands one of the bigger sports markets when compared to a lot of US cities with pro sport franchises.

    At the end of the day to them its all just a part of the ENTERTAINMENT BUSINES. That’s why you wont be seeing any Canadian team winning anything meaningful in a US dominated sports market. There is just too much at stake to actually let the game be played fairly……….at the end of the day its all about the money.

  • thegloveinrapsuniform

    was it tony brothers? o violet palmer?

    • Yogi

      It was Michael Smith

  • thegloveinrapsuniform

    I guess DC saw it as a good call, otherwise he wouldve gone nuts.

    I really cant see how you can keep your shit together, if you’re the coach, in a crucial moment of the game, and this call happens right in front of your eyes. I wouldve liked to see DC walking to the locker room along with Lowry right after that call. No way they wouldve won that game anyways with that amount of time left.

  • Matteemo

    In my opinion, as bad as the Lowry call was, the 3rd foul on JV was even more instrumental in changing the outcome of the game. Replays show JV backing up, getting out of the way and avoiding any contact. The foul results in him sitting for the rest of the quarter and most (if not all) of the 3rd. JV had 12 pts 11 rebs in only 21 mins (extrapolate to 21 pts 19 rebs per 36 min). Comparatively, Cousins had 25 and 10 in 38 mins…

  • Matteemo

    I would like to see someone from the organization (maybe Casey or one of the assistants) stand up and vocalize their opinions on the officiating. Then once they are issued the big resulting fine, I would like to see all the members of the team pitch in to pay it to show their unity and support. And in doing so, send a message to the league that our team isn’t going to roll over and take this kind of treatment any longer.

  • Nerius

    Interestingly though this call already got attention of the mass media that is not even sports related. I saw this already on a couple memes-and-babes-kind-of-sites where it was called “the worst offensive foul call ever”.

  • Tamberlyn Richardson

    Thought I’d chime in…. I see 2 separate issues:

    1) Raps need to address their lack luster starts vs. teams they deem beneath them. I would imagine it’s a mind set and I’ll put it on the vets & DeRozan to lead the team so it stops happening. Obviously Amir’s ankle is an issue so perhaps following a well needed All Star Break rest he’ll return to his usual self which will help ignite our defense out of the gate. Lowry is trying but he can’t do it alone.

    Casey also needs to take some responsibility or make a statement by either sitting someone or the entire starting line-up if necessary if they don’t play defense out of the gate. Or call consecutive time-outs early instead of waiting for half time to address the mind set. And could we just once see Casey make a statement by getting a tech? I kept thinking last night I bet Pops would have lost his mind on that call if not long before that point.

    2) The Refs: Yes the Raps hadn’t shown up for three quarters but when they did, should they be punished by having to beat both the Kings and the refs? The call was abysmal and the fact it’s receiving wide play even outside sports pages speaks to how obvious it was. I’m wondering what New GM Adam Silver’s response will be since his presence at the game beside an owner friend will automatically tie him to how badly it reeked, whether he is innocent or not. He sent a message to Joakim Noah fining him $15,000 for his outburst at the refs for biased calls, ironically enough also in Sacramento so shouldn’t he send an equally strong message to the zebra’s for their ineptness?

    Some of you commented on Leo defending the refs and I’ll admit I do see Leo’s point. We played so horribly for three quarters we didn’t get any benefit of the doubt and frankly the Raps shouldn’t expect calls just because they are a better team. My issue is once the Raps did show up the refs did not reward Toronto for their effort. In the pivotal fourth quarter down 20 points the Raps outscored the Kings 29-17 (a number which should have been at minimum 32 or 33 for Lowry’s three plus the potential and one). What is disgusting is 11 of those 17 Kings points came at the line from 13 fourth quarter free throws. When a team scores only 3 field goals in a quarter how are they still getting to the line and the team who is defending still not getting many calls it highlights there was more than just that obvious foul a foot.

    If you recall the Brooklyn game in the last minute of play Kyle got called for an offensive foul on an obviously moving DWill by the ref who seems to abhor Toronto the most: Violet Palmer. Only the steal and score by Patterson saved that game from a similar ending. You can even debate the call in Portland when we did not receive a call for a drive (either Lowry or DeRozan) also in the last minute of play but on the very next play Lillard got the call for an identical play.

    The Raptors need to address the issue by not allowing the refs to have a say especially against teams they could beat with effort. If what happened last night doesn’t drive that home I don’t know what will. The problem is what happens if the Raps are playing Miami or Indiana and do hustle for 48 minutes and the same thing occurs? For a fan base who is once again excited to have a team playing for a post season berth the frequency of which these game deciding calls are being made is disheartening. Every team loses a game on a bad call occasionally but it’s happened so often to Toronto we are starting to develop an inferiority complex.

    Or maybe all we need is someone, anyone (player or coach) to pull a Noah or a Mark Cuban on the refs.

    • Roarque

      No comment on the “fact” that two of the three refs working the game have one games experience this year? How can you call yourself an NBA ref when you’ve only refereed one game?

      • Tamberlyn Richardson

        Yeah, that was extremely odd. Not sure how often that happens but it does seem suspicious. I try not to focus solely on the zebras because when I was tweeting about it some responded I was just displaying sour grapes. Which is why I highlighted the fourth quarter since it was the most glaring.

        Generally when a team is getting 2 to 1 fouls out of the gate you eventually see the refs even it out especially if the team they are penalizing start playing better or attacking. That never happened last night so that would be on the head ref. Since HE was the one who called the foul on Kyle (not the too inexperienced refs) it makes him look guilty; i.e. HE was the one who was committed to making sure the Raps lost.

  • JB_S

    sixth man of the year award goes to the ref.

  • Joaquin

    casey needs to call his ex-boss cuban up and get the referee analytics. i bet you the the ref that called the offensive “kick out” foul on lowry has not called an offensive foul during the last minute of a game, if anything it would be his first ever offensive kick out foul during the last minute of the game. refs robbed the fans of a fantastic finish to a game. refs should be impartial and be allowed to make mistakes but last night’s game was terrible wrt the referees.

    don’t get me started on leo rautins, there is one thing to play devil’s advocate but my gosh, grow a set of onions and call it like how you feel, stop interrupting devlin or trying to correct devlin. thank gosh you don’t have any major role with basketball Canada. if that was your boy andy, i bet you’ll be going ballistic. call me a chump for having a pro-raptor announcer but aren’t most local nba announcers “homers”? why else do you think chuck swirsky is still loved by raptor fans.

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  • asifyouknow

    This game was lost in the first half !!!!! nothing to do with that play,,,