“Dwyane Wade was a late scratch from the Miami Heat’s starting lineup against the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night because of nerve irritation in his left foot, leaving his status for the All-Star Game in doubt.”

That’s from USA Today. The news that Wade could miss the ASG is obviously relevant to the Raptors, as Kyle Lowry was unjustly left off the roster.

While there are other candidates (Lance Stephenson and Al Jefferson in particular), Lowry is the best choice. Two things stand in the way, however:

1) It would be the most Lowry thing ever to decline the invite as a replacement.
2) The league will probably decide Joe Johnson deserves to be a Double All-Star.

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  • greg

    Also, who do you think would start in Wade’s place?

    • BlakeMurphy

      If they went by best PG in the East, Lowry, but probably John Wall. Or they go Hibbert and slide the forwards up a spot.

      • mike, prague

        Kyle Irving is already the starting PG isn’t he? Wouldn’t they more likely insert a SG for Wade? … or Hibbert


    start derozan and give lowry the spot. However adam silver will do his thing again and hate on the raptors by starting a different player and another replacement.

    • Just Is

      It’d be more likely to slide George into the SG spot and start Hibbert.

    • BlakeMurphy

      FWIW, the coach chooses the starter, not the league. League chooses replacement. Vogel would almost certainly give Hibbert the starting nod.

      • Chewwy No Matthew

        And add Stephenson as the replacement

  • Quest

    hibbert will start. and they should add lowry since the east only has 3 pgs

  • QAcy4Pres

    I would want Lowry to deny the invite. Fuc* em…. They snubbed him in the first place.

    • Chewwy No Matthew

      If he get’s the invite, it would be stupid for him to refuse it. Doing that would only hurt him as he has to fix his reputation as a difficult player. refusing an all star invite would be dumb on his part. It also would help him in negotiations for his new contract.

      • Roarque

        Why do you want to help Lowry in his negotiations for a new contract? What team would you be helping with that strategy?

        • se7en

          He was merely pointing out it would be dumb from Lowry’s perspective to refuse the invite.
          He does not actually say he would want Lowry to take the invite…

          • Jets

            I think the story everyone is missing here is how selfish wade is being. The fact that he’s hurt and hasn’t decided to sit out yet is ridiculous. Pat Riley must be pissed.

            • Chewwy No Matthew

              I agree with that. Wade doesn’t play back to back’s on many occasions due to being banged up yet he will play in a meaningless all star game that he has played in numerous times? Stinks of selfish.

        • Chewwy No Matthew

          Dude, that’s not my point. Lowry has a reputation for being difficult and a hothead. This year he has been professional and has played like a stud. To refuse an invite would only make him look like he hasn’t changed at all. It would look great to have two Raptors in the all star game for the second time ever and Kyle would be representing himself, the team, the fans and the City of Toronto. Everybody would love to see him play in that game, not refuse it.

  • john

    It’d be awesome if Lowry rejects the invite. Would remind me of this clip from Oz (prison show), where Kareem Said refuses being pardoned.

  • Puzzles

    Pretty sure if Wade does miss the game Lowry will be the choice for replacement. He, along with Dragic and Davis (not any more), have been talked about non-stop in discussing all-star snubs. Sorry Lance, but Lowry deserves it more.
    Imagine how great it would be to have two raptors in the ASG. That is just…wow. Probably won’t happen many more times.

  • Will

    I hope he gets invited and then declines too. He needs the rest.

  • Guest

    LOL I can imagine Lowry declining the invite…

  • robertparish00

    Good, I don’t think Wade deserved to be there anyways. The game should be for full time players.

    • illy

      real talk

  • Josh

    HEADS UP: Marc Stein of ESPN tweeted that DeRozan was quoted as saying thatLowry is already on vacation, but would be on the first flight to NOLA if asked to come as a replacement.