The new dunk contest is pretty awesome.

Before I divulge the results, allow me to first explain the format of this year’s dunk contest.

First off, the six contestants were divided into two teams — Lillard, McLemre, Barnes for the Western Conference, Ross, George and Wall represented the Eastern Conference. Second, the dunk contest itself was partitioned into two rounds. In round one, each team was given 90 seconds to complete as many dunks as possible, and the winning team was decided by a panel of judges (Magic, Dr. J and ‘Nique). The winning team held the right to dictate the match-ups in Round Two, where paired dunkers faced off in three separate head-to-head battles. The result of the second round was also decided upon by the judges. At the end of the night, fans were given the opportunity to vote for the “Dunker of the Game”.

On to the results. The Eastern Conference won Round One in a landslide (video for the East, West). Ross, Wall and George collaborated on a number of dunks and they likely scored extra points for completing most of their attempts. The same could not be said for the Western Conference team, who whiffed on a number of attempts. The panel of judges voted unanimously in favor of the Eastern Conference.

The win gave the East the decision to dictate match-ups in Round Two, and opted to set-up the following pairs — Ross vs Lillard, George vs Barnes, Wall vs McLemre.

Ross won his pairing by using Drake as a prop. Led by Drizzy, Ross entered the court in a boxer’s robe — which technically makes Drake his ring-girl — and positioned Drake beside the basket holding the basketball. Ross missed his first two attempts, but nailed the through-the-legs windmill slam on his third try. Here’s a video of their match-up:

The Eastern Conference would go on to win all three match-ups in Round Two. George beat Harrison Barnes in a fairly uneventful outing and Wall pulled out a disgusting double-pump reverse over the mascot-thing to defeat “Shaq-Lemre“. Wall took home “Dunker of the Night” honors for his efforts. Their battle is below:

Oh, and here’s some schadenfuel for everyone who was miffed over Joe Johnson making the All-Star team over Kyle Lowry. All in all, a pretty fun night in my opinion.

UPDATE (12:17 AM)

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  • Buschfire

    Some great dunks tonight, but really that was a horrible format. It was really not a good way to showcase each players athleticism. There should have been a final where each player goes up against everyone else like in the traditional format getting scores out of 50…

    • DDayLewis

      Some of the dunks were really fantastic, especially in the freestyle round where the contestants didn’t rely on props, but I thought the format itself was pretty decent. There wasn’t any lulls throughout the night, and no one really got showed up, nor embarrassed, which probably deterred superstars from competing in this contest in the past.

      • Statement

        I think you’re the only one that thinks that way. it sounded like there was an audible rumbling of discontent by the crowd when they realized that there was gonna be no more individual dunking at the end. I have expected to hear booing.

      • Louvens Remy

        You’re obviously a social media baby with no attention span. I say that with love.
        That shit was horrible and took forever and in the end, NOTHING happened. We got to see a warm up and 8 dunks.

        • DDayLewis

          I might have caught the dunk contest whilst watching Netflix. It made for a pretty enjoyable experience.

  • arsenalist

    So….is Ross still the dunk champ? I’m really confused. My PVR ran out right before the battleground thing started.

    • DDayLewis

      Uhh…sort of? There’s technically three dunk champions and one “dunker of the night”. It’s a bit weird that the three finalists didn’t compete against one another to determine one true winner.

    • j bean

      Good thing Charles isn’t a judge. Off camera one of the panel says “Ross is a nice player”. Chuck says “you know he plays for Toronto and Toronto is in another country”. Then he says something about “the good old US of A”.

      • mike, prague

        (Most Americans) = (Naive dumb dumbs) … so so blinded by stereotypes and the media

      • Ad

        Ya i heard something along those lines ln as well. Its like they took his mic while he dissed us

      • cdub

        Charles also stated the Wizards will be the 3rd best team in the east after blowing Beal and Wall which I took as another diss of TO. Hes still the best guy on the panel because the panel is that bad.

      • RobertArchibald

        He’s also stated that Toronto is his favourite NBA city. I don’t think he said anything terrible about Toronto or Canada but that’s my interpretation. Feel we need to get over this defensiveness when it comes to the city and country.

    • jjdynomite

      You should always set your PVR to record the subsequent show for any live sporting event, Arse. Of course, I’d be hard-pressed to call this an event.

  • Bryan Colangelo

    John Wall’s dunk was a thing of beauty.

    The problem with the dunk contest is that the dunkers themselves rarely show much personality or emotion. I mean, yeah they have gimmicks and props, but where’s the ‘charisma’? Where’s the energy? It’s almost like they’re making it look too easy.

    It’s weird when you compare the dunk contests of recent years to Vince’s career-defining performance. Is wasn’t just that his dunks were good β€” it’s that the guy obviously loved dunking. He yelled through his first two dunks like he was in-game and dunking for a championship ring. His energy was contagious and what turned it into a real show.



  • rc

    the format was super lame. there was a group dunk by the east, and group dunk by the west, and then only one individual dunk per player. that’s it. just one dunk per player??

  • Statement

    Personally I thought the new format has some kinks.

    I do like that the dunkers only get 3 chances so we don’t have to wait forever for them to hit a dunk that the whole building knows coming cause they’ve tried it 50 times. However, there was only 1 individual dunk per player?
    That was dumb.

    The group dunking looked like they were just fooling around at a shootaround initially and really took away the spotlight from each dunker.

    Actually, the more I think of it…the more I feel it sucked (though to reiterate I do like that we didn’t have to waste so much time waiting to hit a dunk). The east team should have gone against one another to crown an individual winner.

    Also….stupid Giannis.

    • RobertArchibald

      I agree waiting for a dunk to be out down is annoying and takes away from it, but limiting to 3 attempts is not the solution. Guys won’t try anything difficult for fear of missing all 3 attempts. Would rather see them get one minute and take as many attempts as they want.

  • Bloom

    That format was terrible, I hope they scratch the team thing from the dunk comp. I would rather have individual rounds 3 attempts each, or even tournament style you lose, you get eliminated, till there’s two left and fan voting for the winner. Is it really that hard to get right?

    • Louvens Remy

      No fan voting. Who really gives a shit about what the fans think at this point? Just let the judges just up to 50. whoever has the most points wins. Done.

  • Andrey


  • mountio

    Horrible format all things considered.
    I did like the concept of the freestyle round and letting the dunkers work together. You also get many more dunks in a short period than before and give the guys a chance to warm up and get loose (which is a good thing).
    However, thats where the positive ends. The battle was WAY to short (1 dunk each????). Even if it went down to the wire and each team won two each before a 3rd was won, that would be have been two dunks for 4 of the guys and we wouldnt have got to see John Wall again (who made the best dunk of the night).
    At a minimum if you keep this format, you need to make the battle round first to 5 … which would squeeze in a few more dunks
    But, I would vote for something like a final dunk off after the battle round between the top two (lets say Wall and Ross or Wall and PG last night). I would guess that some guys were leaving dunks they had planned for later and never got a chance to pull them out.
    Too bad and a big waste of some great dunkers….

  • mike, prague

    Wait … why didn’t I sense any sarcasm in the sentence “The new dunk contest is pretty awesome.” It was horrible! And that’s an understatement. I do like the team idea to some extent and I do like freestyle phrase, but by no means should it end in one round. The dunk contest should have one winner, just one. The elimination also is alright, because without it nobody could win right? The system isn’t totally crappy, but it needs a serious face lift. I’m going to build upon what the NBA has already thought up and suggest a format that I believe would make everybody happy.
    1. Six dunkers are chosen by the NBA do go head to head in the Slam Dunk Competition (3 from each conference)
    2. The Fans vote online, who will go against whom in the first round, always East vs. West like it was this year, just the fans choose who goes head to head. Voting close a few days prior to the contest
    3. Now to the actual contest. The freestyle round stays the same as it was yesterday with the judge s choosing who was better. The winner choose who starts.
    4. In each head-to-head battle the dunkers take turns dunking in order based on the decision of the winner of the freestyle round. Each head-to-head battle has a maximum of three rounds, where in each round each dunker has three attempts to pull of a dunk successfully. After each round the judges decide which dunk they liked more. The best of three dunks wins. In the end there are three contestants left.
    5. The in the final round each of the finalists have 3 attempts to pull off one dunk that will be the one that be the one they will try to steal the show with. The finalists will dunk in a randomly decided order. A fan vote or the judges will then decide which dunk was the nicest and the winner of that will win the contest for his conference and will be become The Dunker of the Night award (man I hate that name).

    I think this would satisfy everybody, giving the contest a new flavour and also making it a bit more fun and competitive. Agree on this with me?

    • urbanmonk15

      see my other post for a better format … this one would be too long

  • robertparish00

    That video of Ross practicing for the dunk contest must have been his second round dunk, but with the new format we didn’t get to see it. Best part of new rules….3 attempts. Still I like where the crown the champ in house.

  • DryDry

    Yawn. The dunk contest had a boring snooze-inducing format.

  • Will

    They should’ve either had the three east guys battle it out or they should’ve gave everyone in the battle round 90 seconds to do as many dunks as they can.

  • Quest

    yes the saturday night was lame save for the 3pt contest, but sunday is what we have all been waiting for! DD in his first AllStar game baby!

  • urbanmonk15

    room for improvement sure .. but some good things as well … all the kinks will get worked out in time for the 2016 TO all star game im sure πŸ™‚ … we need Four east and four west players though

    Loved the introduction of the team round at the beginning in order to determine the battle order and the decision of who would go first and who would go second in the east vs west battle round. this also allowed the players to get loose and have some stress free dunks that warmed up those legs. the right to go second is key as to knowing the level of dunk you have to bring out or whether or not you can save your bigger dunks for later :). However the east vs west thing should have been decided here though. the east wins ok, they get the 100 000 for charity and now we move on to the battles with east choosing to go second. cool πŸ™‚

    if at that point we had had FOUR east and four west contestants. we could have had three rounds for the eventual winner. the east vs west thing has already been decided. now the east players go second and the west players go first in the first level of the battle rounds. the next or second round “regardless of conference” we would have the four contestants pair off and battle. and the third and final round regardless of conference would see the best two square off. one dunk. more pressure. more excitement in the crowd. that way the best two can get three dunks that actually matter and we can have a real champ not this dunker of the night thing that didn’t work.

    we all saw terrence had more and i’m sure pg did too . I think wall did his best dunk because even if the rounds played out to the eventual winning side wall would only have gotten one dunk anyways. that’s the math of it folks. if the east won two and the west won two and it was first to three then the final dunk would occur in the fifth battle and wall doesn’t get a second dunk. this is why he did his best dunk and pg and terrence saved their better dunk.

    anyways really really liked that they only got three attempts though. saved us from the birdman 48 attempts issue.

    from a homer perspective I also think that it is true ross needs more passion after or during his dunks. true he is smooth and cool., but the veins in vinces neck and the energy he exuded during and after his dunks was contagious. that’s why wall was cool too, he partied it up after his dunk and his energy and how much he enjoyed the dunk came across.

    overall not disappointed in the dunk contest .. excited to see it become amazing for 2016 πŸ˜€

  • AnthonyF

    I am always embarrassed that I fell for it and watched it again. Like the two years DD was rooked, last year Ross easily won yet got only 58% of the vote and yesterday where his dunk clearly was better then Lillard’s, but Damian is the new poster child and marketing darling of the NBA. Getting tired.

    Nice to see since being named an All-Star Joe Johnson has kicked it up a notch, topped off by a brutal 3-point showing.

    Want to bet he plays more minutes then Demar?

  • Mexiballer

    The format was bad. I wouldnt call that a contest.

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