All-Star Saturday Night: Terrence Ross, John Wall and Paul George Sweep the Podium In the Slam Dunk Contest

The new dunk contest is pretty awesome.

Before I divulge the results, allow me to first explain the format of this year’s dunk contest.

First off, the six contestants were divided into two teams — Lillard, McLemre, Barnes for the Western Conference, Ross, George and Wall represented the Eastern Conference. Second, the dunk contest itself was partitioned into two rounds. In round one, each team was given 90 seconds to complete as many dunks as possible, and the winning team was decided by a panel of judges (Magic, Dr. J and ‘Nique). The winning team held the right to dictate the match-ups in Round Two, where paired dunkers faced off in three separate head-to-head battles. The result of the second round was also decided upon by the judges. At the end of the night, fans were given the opportunity to vote for the “Dunker of the Game”.

On to the results. The Eastern Conference won Round One in a landslide (video for the East, West). Ross, Wall and George collaborated on a number of dunks and they likely scored extra points for completing most of their attempts. The same could not be said for the Western Conference team, who whiffed on a number of attempts. The panel of judges voted unanimously in favor of the Eastern Conference.

The win gave the East the decision to dictate match-ups in Round Two, and opted to set-up the following pairs — Ross vs Lillard, George vs Barnes, Wall vs McLemre.

Ross won his pairing by using Drake as a prop. Led by Drizzy, Ross entered the court in a boxer’s robe — which technically makes Drake his ring-girl — and positioned Drake beside the basket holding the basketball. Ross missed his first two attempts, but nailed the through-the-legs windmill slam on his third try. Here’s a video of their match-up:

The Eastern Conference would go on to win all three match-ups in Round Two. George beat Harrison Barnes in a fairly uneventful outing and Wall pulled out a disgusting double-pump reverse over the mascot-thing to defeat “Shaq-Lemre“. Wall took home “Dunker of the Night” honors for his efforts. Their battle is below:

Oh, and here’s some schadenfuel for everyone who was miffed over Joe Johnson making the All-Star team over Kyle Lowry. All in all, a pretty fun night in my opinion.

UPDATE (12:17 AM)

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