This is going to be a bit of a theme this week so may as well get it going. So according to ESPN the Knicks are still interested in Lowry but haven’t really upped their offer from before:

The Knicks are offering packages including Iman Shumpert, Raymond Felton and Beno Udrih, sources say. They have been reluctant to include sharpshooting rookie Tim Hardaway Jr. or a future first-round draft pick in any deal. One of those two pieces is believed to be a prerequisite for Toronto to consider giving up Lowry.

Ujiri apparently wants two of a first round pick, Shumpert, and Hardaway Jr., and by my count that’s not what’s on offer here so not sure what the Knicks are expecting from Ujiri here other than outright rejection. The interesting part is how Atlanta has come into the picture:

League sources say a scenario in which Teague ends up in Toronto, Shumpert goes to Atlanta and Lowry winds up in New York has been discussed.

Aah, you had my curiosity, now you have my attention. This proposed deal would also see the Raptors receive one of Atlanta’s many first-rounders, satisfying Ujiri’s craving for draft picks, which will no doubt be protected.

Jeff Teague is two years younger which might fit in better with the Raptors’ contention window, but Lowry is the better player at the moment. Teague has three years left on a 4yr/$32 million deal which is reasonable and something the Raptors would likely jump to sign Lowry to if it was possible.

As deadline day nears, teams will get desperate and you can trust the Knicks to be one of them. The best part about deadline day this time around is that the Raptors are in absolutely no pressure to act, other than perhaps looking for a backup big. Ujiri basically has to lean back in his chair and wait for the phone to ring as the offers improve, however marginally. As the man himself said:

“I’ll be right here (waving his cellphone) waiting and we’ll see what happens. I never know what to expect.”

If the Raptors do somehow end up getting Teague in a Lowry-swap, this observer would not be too upset. I also have full faith that whatever trade is executed, it’ll be the Knicks that end up getting the short end of the stick. This would also be a pretty unique trade since Atlanta and Toronto are fighting for the third spot in the East. Certainly don’t see that too often.

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22 Responses to “Report: Knicks Offering Shumpert + Warm Bodies for Lowry; Teague Possible”

  1. Thomas Smith

    I would love to get Teague and secure the point guard position with a capable individual for the next three years. His contract is fair too.

        • Mapko

          Actually not for Shumpert. For a chance to get a rid of J Teauge’s contract. I guess they changed their mind on him.
          Problem is Shumert & Teague make a lot more than Kyle. Novak (?) somewhere.
          Better yet: Is there a way for Milsap to end in To?

        • santayama

          Combination of high on Shumpert and low on Teague. They save some money and hands things over to Schroeder, their pg of the future. I like the deal lowry-teague straight up (selling high, buying low). The pick is the cherry on top.

        • WhiteVegas

          Atlanta wouldn’t do this deal in a million years. It’s just stupid NY media trying to come up with crazy scenarios where they get Lowry for Shumpert. I guaran-freaking-tee NY would take Teague for Shumpert and a 1st in a heartbeat, no need to involve Toronto. Why anyone thinks Shumpert is worth Teague, let alone a 1st round draft pick, is beyond me. Atlanta isn’t also run by Dolan.

  2. Abdi

    NY is giving up basically nothing and get Lowry I don’t like trade. This feel like selling low on Lowry. We get THjr who pretty much a jump shooter that it. His is a rookie but he more like a sixth man then a future starter. Teague is okay. Has too many turnovers not enough assist. Also not a good shooter anywhere outside the paint. His fast and is good at drive to the basket and plays okay d. I get the look ahead to the future but a 2018 pick is look to a head. There too much risk with a pick that far in the future. NY could be good by then and that pick is in the 25 range. This deal feels to good for NY and it feels like a sell low deal for T.o. Don’t do this

  3. Ian Reynolds

    Atlanta has the right to swap firsts with Brooklyn this year and next from the Johnson deal… so if one of those picks came back with Teague it’d likely end up being something along the lines of us sending out Lowry, and getting Teague and a 16-20th overall pick…. not really a huge enough difference maker to lose the better player over.

    I still think Lowry is going to cost too much to us in the offseason, but I don’t know about Teague at 8 million. If we could lose one of the Fields/Novak/Hayes salaries in the move, then I say go for it.

    I do believe Teague isn’t going to be as good as Lowry is currently, so if we were to take him on we’d need to shore ip other areas at the same time. As I said it’s unlikely the pick would push us to the next level, so I’d be more interested in packaging it to improve our draft position, or using them and/or the Knicks to take a bad contract off our hands. If we can’t do that, then I’d prefer to send Lowry to Atlanta, Teague to the Knicks, and have us get the combination of picks/Hardaway/Shump, giving us more assets than we currently have. Weakens us this year in the playoffs but we’re a second round team at best regardless, so the more assets we have, and the less money they cost right now, the better.

    I know suggesting harming our record this season could potentially open me up to a lot of abuse, but the way Lowry is playing right now, he’s only getting more and more expensive. I’d rather someone else pay him too much.

    Related to Shump – he still has good trade value around the league, it seems, as he’s always being mentioned in talks about guys like Faried. I feel like if we took the Shump and picks package, for example, we could move him for a better player than Teague.

  4. Saskatoon Raps Fan

    Don’t like it. I don’t like the raptors giving up the best player in the transaction. Shump is garbage and I’m not all that high on THJ. Every year someone in New York gets really overhyped. Looks like its THJ this year. Also, Teague is younger than Lowry and has less of a history of fighting with his coaches, yet Atlanta wants to get rid of him and they’re even willing to give up a 1st round pick to move him? Something’s wrong there and I don’t see why we should want him. Lets hold onto Lowry and go win a playoff series

  5. Dean

    Teague would be a nice piece but I would want a true PG that distributes more than scores for the makeup of this team. Teague is definitely more of the latter.. I also think that Lowry is going to be commanding 11-13 mill/year after this year with his leadership and play.. So to get Teague at 8 mill/year over 3 more years could save them a bit of money but it’s still a little bit more to swallow then Ujiri probably would like. As far at the Knicks go.. There is no way I would be dealing Lowry unless Hardaway Jr was included in the package. For me, Shumpert is a big turn off.. Sure the guy can defend but he never stops shooting and is a simply selfish basketball player, he would come in here and completely ruin this team’s chemistry..

    • 2damkule

      i think we need to stop pipe-dreaming about these mythical halcyon days when PGs existed almost entirely to set up teammates. the game has changed, and there are a lot more benefits to having a PG who’s a threat on a number of levels. the term ‘pass-first’ PG is kinda/sorta fading from memory…but by all means, if you can find a PG who fits your criteria (who ‘distributes more than he scores’) who’s actually available & attainable, let the world know.

      oh, and while i think KLOE will sign for more than most, i don’t think it’ll get into the 11-13$M/yr (avg) that you’re suggesting, though it’ll likely get into the $10/yr neighbourhood. it’s not really a question of whether he’s WORTH that kind of money, it’s a question of which teams have that kind of room available to sign him that NEED a pg, and who have no other viable options (i.e. a pick, or a prospect, etc.). TO may be in a pretty good position to re-sign him for fair market value, but mainly because there won’t be a whole lot of suitors.

      • Dean

        Agreed on both comments… I was merely speaking on technicalities in regards to Teague being more of a scoring PG than a passing PG.. Like I said, with DeRozan being an All Star, Jonas being one of the better up and coming bigs in this league, and what T-Ross has shown of late it just makes more sense to have a more pass first PG since it would fit the make up of this team better.. You bring in a guy like Teague who is probably the 1 or 2 scoring option in Atlanta now since Horford is down and you make him a 3rd scoring option at best on this team… Don’t see how that will work out well for both sides into the Raptors system..

        I definitely agree there are not too many true PG’s these days as the true definition of a PG in today’s day and age is far different than decades ago.. The position has evolved drastically from even 10 years ago when a PG was asked to mostly facilitate and break down a defence by passing not scoring.. I think Teague’s ability to score is a definite asset.. His speed and quickness would definitely get open shots for most of our guys, although his jumper has improved from his days at Wake Forest it still lacks consistency, as well as his commitment to the defensive end of the floor is a little bit of a question mark to me as well. With the immense improvement this team has shown on that end of the floor and I think Lowry is a big reason for that improvement on the defensive side of the ball as well.

        As far as Lowry goes I think market value and his play remaining consistent he should command 10+ mill/year no question.

  6. WhiteVegas

    This trade makes zero freaking sense for Atlanta. Give up a 1st round draft pick and a young reasonably priced PG for a piece of crap in Shumpert. Not gonna happen.

  7. jlongs

    An overpaid Lowry next season is still worth more than any of these offers. Because what we are losing if we trade him isn’t just a good player. We’re losing a leader, an anchor, and imo the chance to be relevant in the playoffs, short of losing to Miami and Indy.

    Take Lowry away from the team now, and I say if we make the playoffs, we face Miami or Indy first rd. And get swept. Keep him and we have a good chance of winning at least a round.

    The worst that could happen is we overpay him, he starts sucking, Masai trades him. So unless it’s a REALLY good offer, keep him. These offers aren’t worth it at all imo.

  8. vino

    Tegue + 1rd is okay by me. Depends on the protection of course…

    as for other Raps needs:

    Toronto Raptors have expressed interest in acquiring Denver Nuggets
    power forward Kenneth Faried before Thursday’s trade deadline, league
    sources told Basketball Insiders. Denver is listening to offers for the
    24-year-old, but nothing is imminent. – See more at:


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